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  1. Kodak 2D Back
  2. Graflok conversion on Anniversary Speed Graphic possible? And recommended?
  3. 8x10 Century 4/4a, same backs?
  4. Sinar/Hopf ground glass?
  5. Gifted Items: Education Please
  6. Century Master Studio camera question; what is the bellows made of, and how to treat?
  7. Making Custom Back
  8. Good bag/case for carrying LF 5x7 ?
  9. Speed Graphic with 30cm Heliar
  10. 90mm f8 in recessed lens board?
  11. Q about "Linhof Kardan 4x5 Bi-System Camera"
  12. Graflok back on Anniversary Speed
  13. My amazing Craigslist Speed Graphic find (sorry, pic heavy)
  14. Wehman opinions
  15. 5x7 camera for portraits
  16. Built myself some lensboards....wow - that's a lot of work....
  17. How to set Fresnel glass and the ground glass of Speed Graphic?
  18. 5x7 a significant jump over 4x5?
  19. Ground Glass Dark Around The Edges
  20. A 'compact' camera
  21. Cambo 8x10 and 3S-Kangrinpoche Fresnel Screen question
  22. Repairing my Eastman
  23. Any Flash Powder users?
  24. beautiful mobile 30"x30" studio camera
  25. universal iris for V8 dorff
  26. yongnuo yn-560 III question
  27. Flash powders, an education.
  28. Seeking more info on Burke & James Watson 5x7
  29. Technika to kardan lens board adapter?
  30. B&J Rembrandt 5x7 looking for basic info
  31. 4X5 reflex viewer at night
  32. Bellow Distance of some of the 210mm Lenses
  33. Wanderlust - 90mm FL 4 x 5 camera with pinhole and helicoid
  34. What is it?
  35. Some questions about the Busch Pressman 4x5 (D)
  36. Seneca Improved 5x7??
  37. Camera Builders
  38. Camera of the Century!
  39. safe stain and varnish for a lensboard?
  40. Bellows compatiblity
  41. Early Eastman 2 View Cameras - Why did the 2D get worse?
  42. Flash problem
  43. Are Telephoto lenses good for portraits?
  44. Dim screen after tilting both standards upright on an inclined rail
  45. Arca Swiss Model B
  46. Wista SP 4x5 - what is the best type of tripod head?
  47. Where can I buy a ShenHao FCL57-A 5x7 camera ?
  48. Cambo sliding split back gasket?
  49. Shen Hao PTB45 + Super Angulon 38XL using 6x9 back
  50. Polaroid 545 and Wanderlust camera
  51. In need of a focusing screen (4x5)
  52. Condensation inside LF camera
  53. Quick Question- what is 'standard' lens for 20x24 format?
  54. Ebony SW45 vs. SH TFC-45 II B with heavy lenses and full extension
  55. Which camera to choose... For portrait, landscape, close ups, wet plate and digital
  56. 11 x 14 Camera for rental/borrow in London or UK (student help!)
  57. Horseman 45HF for 6x17
  58. What to use to clean bellows?
  59. Head Rest and Posing Stands
  60. adding front swing to deardorff 8X10
  61. Chamonix F1 Specs
  62. Sourcing hardware to make adapter boards?
  63. Polaroid back, films and Chamonix 045F1
  64. Vibration App, etc
  65. 4x5 Wood Field Camera Identification Help
  66. Horseman L45 with horseman 6x9 roll film back
  67. help with Williamson F24 aerial camera
  68. Calumet C2 bumpers
  69. Is This the Sinar Norma Case?
  70. Broken 45AII - repair questions
  71. Strange film holder--what is it?
  72. Which 4x5 camera for field work with a 90mm lens?
  73. Littman versus other Polaroid Conversions
  74. How Do You Set Long Exposure?
  75. Eastman No 2
  76. Burke & James 4x5 Press focusing screen
  77. Weight of 2x3 Crown and Century Graphics
  78. Linhof 4x5 Serial Number Assistance
  79. Back came off camera
  80. Seeking advice on restoring Kodak view #2
  81. Wide angle technique on a Master Technika 2000
  82. Can You Help Me Identify this LF Camera??
  83. Looking to buy a 8x10 Bosscreen WITHOUT grid lines??
  84. Old Deardorff V8 rebuild rear standard question
  85. 16x20 Empire
  86. Does a Linhof MT fold with a Xenotar 150mm on ?
  87. Nagaoka serial numbers
  88. Tips for Yellostone?
  89. Back on V8 is Loose
  90. graflex
  91. technikardan 45 fresnel question
  92. 8 x 10 field camera with BOTH rear rise/fall and shift??
  93. Advice regarding 8x10 camera, Wonderview 8x10 Monorail
  94. Linhof what the what???
  95. Do I still need my dedicated 6x17 camera or is a back enough?
  96. Sinar P30 Jubilee model
  97. Tripod suggestions
  98. This might be a dumb question but is their a cheaper lens board alternative for my f1
  99. strange French metal flat bed 4x5 camera
  100. A Cambo Ultimate 23, now what else do I need? Newby questions.
  101. Linhof technika iv
  102. Fatif 40 4X5: a thing of beauty
  103. shen hao hzx45 IIA with a spring back??
  104. Bail for Deardorff V8 back?
  105. Toyo 810M - GG dimensions needed
  106. agfa-ansco universal serial numbers?
  107. Looking for Boss Screen
  108. Elwood Enlarger
  109. Zone VI and sticky focusing
  110. Ernemann Ermanox
  111. Focussing loupe ruminations
  112. Adapting/replacing the back on a 2x3 Technikardan?
  113. camera suggestion for portrait, still life and lens.
  114. Linhof 6x9 vs. Linhof 70 cams - interchangeable?
  115. Sinar 8x10 multipurpose standard?
  116. quick question about Seneca Improved 8x10 and lens compatibility
  117. HELP: Current Batteries for Pentax V Spot Meter w/Zone VI Modificatio?
  118. Focus problem with speed graphic
  119. Correct use of Fuji film holder?
  120. Fuji PA145 instant back
  121. super technika front standard does not lock in place?
  122. Grafmatic confusion.
  123. Wista Compendium Shade Question
  124. Tachihara Compendium Problem: SOLVED !
  125. Dick Phillips?
  126. 8x10 Enlarger?
  127. 25 degrees tilt enough?
  128. One question: How long are the back springs for an 11x14 view camera?
  129. Seiko shutter lensboard question
  130. On camera portrait vignette seen on EBay Studio Deardorff
  131. New production 8X10 field camera from Poland???
  132. Scotvill 5x8
  133. Symmar convertible 210mm or Symmar - S MC 240mm
  134. History of tripod hole
  135. Adapting Lens Boards
  136. Looking for 6x7/6x9 Mask for 4x5 Ground Glass
  137. Observation: Pentax V Analog vs. Pentax Digital 1 Deg. for B&W Calibrations
  138. Wide angle bellow Canham
  139. Found Old Ilford 4X5 Film with an Expiry Date of 1954.
  140. Early Deadorff V8 8X10 full restoration project (with photos!)
  141. Sinar shutter
  142. Need help with Linhof Technica tilt problem...
  143. Help requested for Bertram BCI Type Press Camera
  144. Linhof Technika question, date of manufacture
  145. Gowlandflex- junkyard find
  146. Finally Got a Field Camera!
  147. Identify this camera
  148. what back fits a deardorff 8X10?
  149. Need help: 5x7 wooden camera~
  150. Focusing Cloth $12.99 at Target
  151. 90mm on a Zone VI???
  152. Monroe Camera
  153. 1st LF 4x5...newbie alert (Chamonix 45N-2 vs Shen Hao HZX-IIA)
  154. Razzle rangefinder calibration
  155. Working 4x5 ~ Cardboard ~ Monorail Camera
  156. Which Polaroid back for 4x5?
  157. Cambo Wide with Polaroid 405 back Fuji FP-100c
  158. tripod for 4x5 view camera
  159. ..open questions regarding use of chamonix f1..
  160. Can any one point out historic locations of Deadorff factories?
  161. Ebony SW45 with 150mm - how close can you focus?
  162. Telephoto Cycle POCO 8x10"
  163. linhof finders
  164. First LF camera, Busch Pressman D QUESTIONS!
  165. Camera help
  166. Cheap 12x16
  167. Question about the ground glass on WISTA SP 4x5 field camera
  168. Researching Field Cameras
  169. Adhesive Holder Issues
  170. Linhof Bi extension rail troubles
  171. Where is Infinity?
  172. cracked toyo CX focusing lock
  173. 4x5: Linhof Kardan ST-E vs Linhof Kardan Bi-System--Differences?
  174. Internal reflections TK45
  175. Budget $1500.00, KEH
  176. Where should I begin? Interested in LF/Tintypes
  177. Finally got my LF camera after 25 years of indecision!
  178. Linhoff Question for Bob Salomon
  179. Which affordable 4x5 (or6x9?) camera should I buy?
  180. Experience with 11x14 Holders from Filip Habart from Prague?
  181. Sinar board with min. 4cm extension (for a 155/6,8 Grandagon-N)
  182. Linhof Technica III Rangefinder Adjustment.
  183. New light trap material
  184. Looking for product specific documentation for Sinar F 4 by 5 [i.e. manuals, parts]
  185. sinar binocular magnifier and binocular hood
  186. Can Fuji Quickload holder take Polaroid 55?
  187. Schneider Symmar 150 5.6 W/ Synchro Compur - Lens Board Help.
  188. Question about B&J folder, possibly 5x7 with unusual reducing back
  189. Woody Agfa Ansco
  190. Cleaning, upkeeping holders
  191. Reputable sources for economical/used monorail?
  192. Can you help me identify this 8x10 camera?
  193. tachihara/wista/ikeda/anba/toko... all the same? which is the "original?"?
  194. Speed Graphic took a fall
  195. 5x7 Phillips Camera NOT the modern RH Phillips camera - Lens Board
  196. Gear consolidation advice required
  197. Need help with Crown Graphic Special, anyone in Denver area?
  198. Premo no.10 camera wide angle acessory rail
  199. Bellows extension Question, 300mm lens with 5x7 format
  200. Advice buying my first large format camera.
  201. Help identifying folding camera
  202. Cheap Fresnel
  203. Speed Graphic - going hand held, what's slowest shutter speed?
  204. Question about a Vageeswari 5x7 camera
  205. My New 60-year old Noba
  206. Graflex Xl question
  207. Buy a museum quality camera or not
  208. Introduction & request for advice
  209. Wista dx, dx2, dx3
  210. how can i know different appearance between p and p2?
  211. Request clarification of large format.
  212. Digital proofing in studio?
  213. studio wet plate camera info needed
  214. Wista long bellows
  215. Can you add a locator pin to a tripod?
  216. Another new production Czech 8X10 field camera???
  217. Precise durable thin stick on metric ruler/measure/tape? Where to buy?
  218. Need Help in Identifying Old Camera
  219. Testing for pinholes
  220. Deardorff 8x10 shortest lens / shortest bellows
  221. Anybody recognize this camera?
  222. Sinar P 4x5 with 5x7 back??
  223. I'm tired of replacing high priced Technika bellows, again and again!
  224. Did the Russian FKD View Cameras come in 9x12cm size?
  225. Century Studio Camera questions
  226. Hi all, new owner of a Linhof Master Technika (?) and I have some questions
  227. Long long shutter release for 14" Commercial Ektar?
  228. Another "This or That"
  229. Expensive lessons...
  230. Who is now servicing Cambo gear in the USA?
  231. toyo 45a vs wista vx ?? which is better?
  232. What is the lightest 8x10 generally available (new or used)?
  233. Choosing a camera to shoot film now, digital later
  234. Sekonic L-558 vs L-608?
  235. sinar p locking lever broken
  236. Linhof 120 back
  237. Need help with fresnel & ground glass on Charnonix 45n-2
  238. Time to Update the Ground Glass Thread?
  239. Horseman Bino Mirror viewer usability? Diopter changing?
  240. Zone VI 8x10 Questions
  241. Looking for Compendium lens shade for Chamonix 8x10
  242. Does anybody own a Wista 810DX?
  243. Improvising a Spot Meter using a DSLR?
  244. Mini speed graphic 2x3 questions.
  245. Beseler 4X5 Enlarging Camera
  246. Linhof help needed
  247. CLA Sinar Norma
  248. Extension rail for Korona Panoramic View 7x17
  249. New 8x10 Cameras from Italy for under $1,000?
  250. Ernemon (1922-1923 era) Film/plate holders Standards Document