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  1. Need some measurements from an 8x10 Arca A, B, or C
  2. Thread size of old US non-tapered cable release?
  3. Crown Graphic Ground Glass Alternatives
  4. Questions about my Synchro Compur behaviour
  5. Getting more image circle than I should?
  6. Leica buys Sinar
  7. Graflex Crown Graphic Special Prism question
  8. What shutter can I use with each lens?
  9. Usability of the Chamonix Saber vs. Polaroid conversion
  10. Chamonix back issue
  11. Does anyone know this ?
  12. Linhof Tech V: Syncing modern flash via right-side flashmount?
  13. Mammoth Wet Plate / Trailer Camera
  14. Graflock Back - Need Holp
  15. 4x5 on monopod?
  16. Century Studio Stand and my wife
  17. 8x10 camera and ispection develop
  18. My new 8X10!
  19. Sinar Lens Shade - Standard Bellows?
  20. Does Shen-Hoa viewing hood fit Toyo 45 ?
  21. Calumet C2 6*7 film holder; how to safely slip in ?
  22. Does the 75mm Nikkor SW cover 5x7?
  23. Wista 45SP mystery screw
  24. How do you change the angle of the Linhof anatomical grip??
  25. 8x10 on a Budget
  26. After two years of dragging around a Deardorff, I find this absolutely amazing.
  27. Question for recent purchasers of the Shen Hao 8x10
  28. John Nesbitt Field Camera Anyone?
  29. First real outting with my Chamonix 4x5
  30. Wista SP front rise problem
  31. Bellows for Toyo Super Graphic?
  32. How do you deal with snow / inclement weather?
  33. looking for an 8x10 SatinSnow groundglass without grid
  34. Need English translation for German "WW Balgen und Tubus"
  35. Compendium Lens Shade for Ebony?
  36. Super Speed Graphic Filter Question
  37. Can someone help identify the brand of this 11x17 Large Format Camera?
  38. Kodak CC 40C or 50C filter
  39. Phillips Compact 8x10 sold for $9100
  40. 5X7 Linhof Technikardan 45s?
  41. difficult and expensive to get 4x5 back for Toyo half-plate field camera??
  42. I want to change from a 4x5 view to a 4x5 folder...recommendations
  43. Arrangement of Fresnel screen and ground glass on metal Wista SP
  44. Shen Hao TFC 810A for landscape
  45. 8x10 Deardorf Base Plate Screw Hole too deep
  46. deardorf company
  47. Sup Graphic graphic question
  48. Vignette on Linhof 4x5 reflex finder
  49. Technika owners -- do you use the rear movements?
  50. How much play on the focus track?
  51. compendium shade options for Deardorff V8
  52. Cams for Horseman VH-R
  53. Looking for some technika IV parts
  54. Sinar P 8x10 bag bellow for Toyo 8x10 camera?
  55. Arca Swiss Basic with wide angle lenses
  56. Viability of 5x7?
  57. Toyo-View Bellows
  58. Wista 45N manual
  59. Korona Home Portrait 5x7
  60. Fatif 8x10: How to value it (and other less available items)
  61. Are the rear frames of Sinar bellows of differing sizes?
  62. Linhof Technika 4x5
  63. Skinning Tchnika IV- materials used by Linhof
  64. Need parts for a Wisner TF
  65. Sinar F2 rear standard angle of tilt indicator issue
  66. ULF backs on auction site
  67. How to take a pic when the ground glass is too dark to see!
  68. Chinese cameras..The Good, Bad & The Ugly?
  69. Half Plate Ensign Special Reflex Shutter Question
  70. Enhanced Focusing Screens (ex: Boss Screen) for removing hot spot on GG
  71. Would tis be a good 1st LF starter for $500?
  72. Linhof Tech III Viewing Hood Leather Replacement???
  73. Linhof Technika III back
  74. chamonix accessories 4x5 .. what to buy?
  75. No love for Horseman?
  76. LENS/PRICE ADVICE: What's good price for Nikkor SW 75mm + SW 150mm?
  77. Copal 1 installing f stop scales
  78. Edges on 9X12cm and 4X5" holders
  79. 8x10 back on a 5x7 camera
  80. Which Ebony camera to buy?
  81. Toyo Service in Canada/Help with 810M Problem
  82. My Canham 8x10 has stinky bellows!
  83. Plaubel 8x10
  84. Sinar F2 lens standard on a SinarF1?
  85. what is your choice? Ebony SV810 or Lotus Rapid Field 810?
  86. need new bellows made for 8x10 century universal
  87. Newer Sinar focusing screen frame fit a Norma?
  88. Century Universal Question.
  89. Help Date My Century Studio Camera
  90. Is 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 considered to be the same as 6x9?
  91. What paint to use on a new wood camera?
  92. Really big flange
  93. fresnel on Deardorff back
  94. Kodak 2d 5x7
  95. Where do all the Graflex backs go?
  96. Stiff rotating back on Toyo 45C
  97. Calumet C-1 improvement
  98. Need Help 5 X 7 Glass Plate Film Holder
  99. Need help
  100. Modified CC402
  101. 4 x 5 film holders ABCs
  102. Questions about Horseman 810
  103. AWB Wind Stabilization kit - can I get a picture of one?
  104. Deardorff 5x7OS bellows
  105. Storing exposed film on the road
  106. What would be your step up from a Press camera?
  107. Has anyone used this 3S-KRPC dark cloth?
  108. Can use Fujj instand film with vertical shots?
  109. New Norma user intro
  110. Left or right DDS inserion?
  111. Linhof Master Technika how much ?
  112. Phillips Explorer Back Question
  113. Tachihara users - rear standard help
  114. What's this threaded extrusion on my Sinar back?
  115. Problem closing Toyo 45Aii
  116. Fresnel on Chamonix F1
  117. Looking for a 4x5 Field Camera - Suggestions?
  118. Sinar history
  119. 120 Film back for Toyo 45CF
  120. My First LF Camera? Same old thread...
  121. Lenses for a Calumet NX
  122. Linhof Tecknika serial number
  123. 5x7 Technika V question: front standard swing/shift lock
  124. Gaoersi 6x12 Roll Film Back questions
  125. Sinar Norma 5x7 back on Rittreck View?
  126. 4in square lens boards, what do they go to?????
  127. No. 4 Xerographic camera, FREE
  128. bogen hexagon tripod plates
  129. what is the model of this studio camera?
  130. what is the model of this studio camera?
  131. Wista SP/VX with 110 SSXL
  132. Difference Between Arca 6x9 Film Backs vs. Other Modern Backs?
  133. Original Graflok or Toyo Graflok back
  134. Goerz anschutz shutter diagram
  135. Looking to buy a LF camera as a gift
  136. LF gear for rent
  137. 5x7 linhof
  138. First 8x10
  139. Are film holders still being made?
  140. Identify this LF Camera
  141. what kind of 8x10 film holder I need for this spring back?
  142. Focal plane shutter curtain Graflex SLR versus Speed Graphic
  143. Chamonix wet plate?
  144. How to lock the film back tight on a Linhof Technika?
  145. Arg!!
  146. Century no.2 studio camera + stand ( please help me identify)
  147. Shooting at f/32 and I'm still frustrated with DOF/ Focus
  148. what's this shutter?
  149. Buying advice for first LF camera
  150. Buying advice for first LF camera
  151. Chamonix 11x14 with heavy lenses?
  152. A thread to find the camera I need
  153. 16x20 handmade camera
  154. Monorail Standard Alignment
  155. tell me about 2x3
  156. Ball head or geared head for a 4x5 camera?
  157. George Tice's cable release?
  158. Using Fujinon SW 90mm f8 with Wista 45N to recess or not recess?
  159. Re: Manfrotto 055CXPRO3 Carbon Fiber Tripod.
  160. Vintage lenses on modern 5x4 cameras
  161. Difference Between Arca-Swiss "N" & "Non-N" Type Cameras
  162. Film Holder Coding - Notching, Drilling, or Whatever ...
  163. 8x10 Grafmatic?
  164. You haven't really worked on a Graphic until...
  165. Sinar F2 6" rail only.
  166. Focal Plane Shutter Replacements
  167. Xenotar 135/3.5 on a Chamonix Saber?
  168. fuji PA145 with sinar p compatibilty
  169. I acquired this large format camera some years ago. Exactly what model is it ?
  170. what camera can I get on $1,000?
  171. Shutter release cable for 1947 Crown Graphic 4X5 with 127/4.5 lens
  172. Meridian 45B bellows
  173. Wetplate Dedicated or Use Existing 4x5
  174. Zone VI bag bellows models
  175. Questions about Macro with non-macro lens
  176. 8x10 Polaroid film holders
  177. Linhof technika lens compendium --fit my ST V 5x7?
  178. Bellows whatzit on an Eastman #2 8x10...
  179. Travelwide where to buy?
  180. Toyo 45CX Rail Q.
  181. Polaroid question!
  182. What size camera do I really have.
  183. Zone VI, Shen Hao, Tachihara, Chamonix, Oh Brother!
  184. Using non-graflok accessories on graflok-style backs
  185. sinar standard bearer f2 - spare parts?
  186. DAYI Q - 4x5 with Bellows?? Anyone used one???
  187. 5x7 reduced back for Kodak 2D 8x10?
  188. Filters on a Linhof Technikardan 45, compendium?
  189. Best LF book for starters?
  190. Bellows conservation question
  191. Using sheet film in old book plate holders
  192. Aero Ektar Speed Graphic Project
  193. One Tripod to Rule Them All?
  194. What Remains: The Life and Work of Sally Mann
  195. what support is good for my Wisner 11x14?
  196. 4x5 to 8x10 kit for sinar f?
  197. Rapatronic Magnetic shutter, 1/100,000,000th/sec
  198. What kind of linhof.....
  199. dorff history
  200. Kenro 8x10 for copy stand
  201. Which 4x5 camera for handheld work, Super vs Speed Graphic vs Busch Pressman
  202. cambo SCX 8x10
  203. time for a 4x5 field upgrade
  204. 8x10 camera with full plate back
  205. should i buy a cambo wds as my 1st LF camera?
  206. 8x10 vs 4x5 keep/sell/wait/ the merry go round continues
  207. Possibly the best sheet film holder ever made
  208. Dimensions 20 x 24 back o.d. chamonix
  209. Linhof Technika Bellows in Canada
  210. Eastman View no. 2 info
  211. 8x10 Wood Film Holders
  212. Technika question
  213. Tolerance of Fidelity 11X14 Holders; Flatness Issue ? Please share your experience.
  214. Maxwell screen: where to focus the loupe on?
  215. "New" Zone VI 4x5 Instructions
  216. Foam question
  217. Linhof Technika Focusing Hood
  218. Where to find 5x7 spring-back for Ansco Universal View camera, circa 1940's
  219. Help needed with Asakuma King camera
  220. 8x10 Bellows Extension and Angle of View
  221. newb flash questions
  222. How expensive is 8x10?
  223. Cambo TWR 54 - 4x5 Twin Lens Reflex (like Gowlandflex) Question...
  224. Linhof TK GG & Fresnel Replacement
  225. Super Technika - install new lens instructions puzzle
  226. Bed brace plates for 4x5" Crown/Speed Graphic
  227. Deardorff V11 back?
  228. Linhof Technika - How Practical is Hand Holding?
  229. Interesting curiosity: 8x10 camera for(I think) lenticular autostereo
  230. Meridian 45B Manual
  231. What 4X5 folder with LOTS of rear shift other then KB Canham DLC?
  232. Recommendations for a winter 8x10 camera.
  233. Where to sell on LFP?
  234. Graflex Grafmatic repair
  235. 5x7 Monorail Cameras????
  236. Q about my Wisner
  237. Replacement of the Graflok Back
  238. Deardorff 5x7 back
  239. f-stop kenti for 4x5" [toyo vx125] ??
  240. Lens case on sale (moved to Lenses & Lens Accessories)
  241. Yet andother Speed question
  242. anybody recognize this viewfinder on the 8x10 deardorff?
  243. Does anyone know the model name of this Plaubel?
  244. Sinar Binocular Reflex Viewer - Question
  245. Help me! Phase one H20 Back shoot with 4x5 copal shutter Lens problem
  246. Advice about Chamonix 4x5 F1 or 45n-2
  247. CC filters
  248. R.B Tele Graflex 4x5
  249. 4X5 to Mamiya RZ-Filmback-adapter
  250. starting again...