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  1. Sinar Norma 4x5 ground glass/fresnel arrangement
  2. Kodak 10A Century Camera with Semi-Cent 1A Stand, lenses, etc.
  3. How much is this set-up worth
  4. Fixing 8x10 holders
  5. Kodak Specialist 3
  6. Tripod for Manfrotto 410
  7. Bruneau's Pneumatic Tripod, aluminum monster. Any good for LF, say 8x10 ?
  8. Help Identify this camera
  9. Film holders for 8x10, advice please.
  10. How to run Wheeler`s Vademecum these days
  11. Ueno Hikoma replica camera
  12. Is it possible to transplant one Speed Graphic shutter / assembly into another?
  13. Calumet C1 8x10 + 12" 6.3 commercial Ektar?
  14. a possible bastard ARCA 8x10?
  15. My "new" 2-D
  16. T and B settings
  17. Carrying Linhof TK on tripod
  18. Minimum focus distance with Crown Graphic and Xenotar 150 using side RF?
  19. Arca F Field MEtric 141 - offset for front ?
  20. Bellows Replacement Sources, 2012
  21. Toyo D45M question(s)
  22. Toyo 45AX focusing track "grinding" issue
  23. How do you make a light tight lens cap?
  24. Getting started with a Graflex..
  25. Grafmatic Holder-Sheet Film Numbering
  26. Calumet CC-401 locking knob washers
  27. 8X10 photographer all wet!
  28. Experience fitting new bellows to a Eastman View or 2D?
  29. Trimming a ground glass?
  30. Where to start - which camera?
  31. Super Speed Graphic, cool?
  32. Tintype and/or wetplate film holder?
  33. FIlm holder logistics.
  34. Keith twin lens 4X5 with modified Calumet finder
  35. Horsemann 4x5, which model? 9x12 or 10x12?
  36. Instant Film 4x5 Back
  37. Plaubel Peco Profia, lens board size?
  38. Removing adhesive from Sinar bubble level mount
  39. How to use a lens shade properly?
  40. Zeiss 3.5 Tessar
  41. Arca Swiss 6x9 Late model - should have a fresnel ?
  42. massive camera 3ft x 3ft...
  43. Toyo Field Camera 45A Lens Boards
  44. cambo legend 4x5 & 8x10 monorails interchangeable?
  45. What Camera is this?
  46. camera for shooting pola/fuji-roids
  47. Compatible Film Holders for 2d
  48. Keep my Horseman or sell and get a Chamonix?
  49. Viability of 1/2 plate international back on Thornton Pickard Imperial camera
  50. Sinar P Bino Viewer | How to Attach Securely?
  51. Gandolfi Precision 4x5 w/ case, lenses and several backs.
  52. Sinar Norma - standards loose on the rail
  53. Identify quick-release base of original Ebony 45S?
  54. Plaubel Peco Profia
  55. 5x7 film in 13x18 holders?
  56. Sinar Shutter Cables, cheap option, is there such a thing?
  57. Good Deal For ARCA F Metric???
  58. help identify linhof lensboard
  59. Can you give me information about this Symmar lense ?
  60. Deardorf
  61. Recommend me a 4x5 camera
  62. Toyo View D45M tripod bush size
  63. Tips For Protecting the structure of the Chamonix 45N-2 when closed...
  64. Refurbishing a Cambo Master - how do I do the following:
  65. Sinar Shutter
  66. Sinar Codes
  67. Lens Filter Thread size
  68. Ueno Hikoma Camera from Ebony
  69. Zeiss Jena Tessar 150mm f4.5--FREE adapter ring
  70. Minolta VI Meter
  71. The "New" Deardorffs
  72. Question about X-ray film, and a lens for 8x10.
  73. Calumet CC 800 ?
  74. DaYi 617 + Rittreck View
  75. No.7a Century Studio Camera Age?
  76. Do you enlarge 8x10 negs or only contact print?
  77. Crap crap crap, the bellows on my Tech Master leaks
  78. Noob just a little help on first purchase
  79. Is Zone VI really gold?
  80. LF bird house, at Cracker Barrel, really cute!
  81. sinar zoom
  82. Question about wide angle lenses on a ShenHao 4x5
  83. 3rd party bellows - opinions on quality
  84. Graduated Filters...
  85. Camera Equipment Co. Tripods - anyone use?
  86. Tripods
  87. ShenHao HZA 45 + Pa145 => no good idea
  88. Century 8x10 Film Holders
  89. Deardorff 8x10 lens shade
  90. This is kind of stupid but..I just "Got it"!
  91. light leak?
  92. Focussing Hood for 4x5 reducing back on a B&J 5x7 Folding View Camera
  93. Using Sinar shutter on an 8X10 field camera -- the Chamonix solution
  94. Photo Vest
  95. For those who think Ebay NEVER finds in the Seller's Favor....
  96. where to buy linhof spare parts in EU
  97. light leaks using Grafmatic holders
  98. Adapting lenses from a Calumet 400 and a Sinar F2????
  99. Clam shell 4x5" cameras - wide angle lenses?
  100. Self portrait shutter release
  101. Adapter for Speed Graphic boards to fit Linof Karden Color 45s?
  102. Calling all Norma owners/experts
  103. Large format photography with Nikon D800
  104. Help Me Decide - 1st Monorail 4x5 - 3 options
  105. Chamonix 45n-2 w/ Shen Hao 6x17 back?
  106. Burke and James Sliding 45 back for 4x5 Camera 120 roll film B&J(Coloroll 120)
  107. First 8x10 - Field Camera or Monorail?
  108. Arca Swiss 4 x 5" bag bellows compatible with F-line?
  109. Original LINHOF Technorama 617
  110. Looking for red bellows for a Cambo 4x5...
  111. Graflex RH-20
  112. Are the cams for Linhof MT and Tech V normally flat or are they slightly bent?
  113. 4x5 for fashion. Do I stick with my rail camera or try one of the wide rangefinders
  114. Wista 45SP Operation
  115. Technika V - cams and rangefinder... questions
  116. Newbie needing advice, 16x20, and a densitometer.
  117. Does anyone use a DSLR for test shots?
  118. Why is the Cambo wide still so $%
  119. Chamonix 45 N-2 ground glass cover sheet
  120. Info on Baco tripod head
  121. So the new 4x5 that I bought has base tilts, which I've never had before
  122. Kodak 2d reducing back
  123. Toyo 45A: Rear Extension Slipping
  124. Is a Fresnel Necessary?
  125. Please give me the low-down on Super Rollex backs for the 6x9 Technikardan
  126. Advice on a good stiff 8x10 filed camera
  127. Linhof Technika serial number
  128. Widest lens used on a Canham 8x10 w/4x5 reducer
  129. Shen Hao XPO
  130. 5x7 - 4x5 Graflock reducing back?
  131. Date this 5x7 Folmer & Schwing with FPS
  132. Dismantling Linhof Technikardan bellows frames - need help
  133. Paint to touch up a Cambo
  134. 100 year old glass plates
  135. Lens repolishing - Who does a good job?
  136. Scanner questions
  137. Sinar 8x10 reflex viewing hood
  138. what camera would you use a Graflex 4x5 Adapter Extension Back
  139. Time to Get a View Camera?
  140. How much does a Kodak 2D 8x10 weigh
  141. Oh gosh, that's a beauty... But a real beast to own!
  142. Reliability of Wood Film Holders
  143. Needing somes Linhof technika III spare part
  144. What are the springs inside rear of Deardorff for?
  145. convert to graflok from sping back
  146. Toyo 45CF Back
  147. Seeking Original Burke and James 4x5 Ground Glass
  148. Seeking Focusing Panel with Ground Glass for Crown Graflex 23
  149. Mini Graflex 23 with rollback questions?
  150. Focusing questions - Cambo 8x10
  151. 5X4 bellows
  152. moving Sinaron Digital lenses from DB boards to Copal shutters.
  153. Fidelity Cut Film Holders 4x5 (help needed)
  154. Alternatives to Gitzo Series 5 tripods?
  155. Canham MQC 5x7 thread size on top of front standard? Help please?
  156. Gitzo 564 Mono Studex Monopod
  157. Harrison film changing tent stinks. Literally.
  158. What to use to shoot current (3x4) fuji instant film in 4x5
  159. Polaroid conversion the search continues
  160. Polaroid 20 x 24 questions
  161. 4x5 field camera for some architecture work with a roll back. MPP?
  162. Anybody ever try one of these?
  163. Wista Zone VI
  164. PhotoBackpacker storage boxes?
  165. How do you test your focusing/equipment
  166. Linhof camera, what is this?
  167. OptiVisor as alternate to focusing loupe
  168. Kodak To Sell Its Film And Paper Businesses
  169. Special kind of "step-ring"
  170. Arca-Swiss recessed 171mm lensboards question
  171. best low-cost field 4x5 for LF newbie?
  172. Can I do this? One lens fits all cameras?
  173. Rough value on Cambo 4x5 + Nikkor 210 f5.6 outfit in excellent shape
  174. majestic tripod casters
  175. Lee Filters and Large Lenses
  176. Linhof IV Technika, opinions please
  177. Newbie in LF - Linhof Master Technika
  178. Oh my...what have I gotten myself into? Korona 8x10 advice needed
  179. Is this a good deal?
  180. How many Galvin 4x5 cameras were made?
  181. Venture into LF alternative prints
  182. Flea market mystery object
  183. Dry, stiff bellows...how to soften?
  184. new member old korona camera
  185. Linhof boards on a Chamonix?
  186. How to Consistently, Quickly Parallel a Field Camera?
  187. 2nd attempt at LF with my recently acquired Master Technika Classic
  188. Graflex vs Graphic backs -- history of
  189. Voigtlander Heliar 21cm f/4.5 Technika Lens
  190. Wobbly Korona 5x7
  191. You think gear is expensive now?
  192. What Tripod for Sinar 4x5?
  193. 8x10 film back light leak
  194. Anyone Used Really Right Stuff Tripod and Head?
  195. Linhof Techno review
  196. Considering a century universal 8x10
  197. Bellows leaks - does it need to be zero tolerance?
  198. Good car case for 4-6 Sinar board lenses?
  199. What are they called?
  200. A back for Fuji 100-C instant for 4x5?
  201. Sinar case questions
  202. 4x5 Gandolfi Precision Lensboard Measurements
  203. Peak 8x Loupe
  204. Would this item fit....?
  205. half Frame Dark Slide or 6x12 Rollfilm back
  206. Talk About New Old Stock
  207. What's This For???
  209. Arca-Swiss Flat 171 x 171mm lensboard question
  210. Zone VI ( Wista ) vs Deardorff 4x5
  211. Are There Roll Film Backs for Sinar 4x5?
  212. Linhof bi-Kardan a field camera?
  213. Clipped corner ground glass
  214. Bender 4x5 question
  215. Canham 6x17 rollfilm back
  216. Please help me ID this camera (and assorted questions)
  217. difference between 4 UV LEE filters
  218. What do you suggest me to do?
  219. Eastman 33a view cameras
  220. How to Mount Sinar A on Tripod?
  221. Sinar Norma without serial number? What does that mean?
  222. Quick release plate for Toyo VX125
  223. What in the world is this thing?
  224. Where to find info on this old Century 4A studio camera ( made by Graflex )
  225. Wista 45vx or Chamonix 045n-2
  226. Wista loupe, which one is i? And how to clean the hardened lube in it?
  227. New Arca-Swiss 11x14 camera
  228. Splitter Panels vs. Modified Dark Slide for 4x10 Images (Question)
  229. Voigtlander Collinear Series ll no. 6 f 6.3 focus 12 1/4 inch,
  230. Side mount horizontal-only camera
  231. What is so great about a converted Polaroid camera?
  232. What is this?
  233. Seneca Century Premo WP camera...Are you using one?
  234. Uv bulbs recommendation needed!
  235. Where can I buy bellows frames?
  236. Lens board light tight question
  237. New 8x10 Pinhole Camera coming soon.
  238. Difference Between Sinar F1, F2 - Finally found a definitive answer - FYI
  239. Can someone help me to identify which Sinar this is please?
  240. Gotta love the 'bay
  241. Right price for Sinar P2?
  242. Microbox camera
  243. more Korona questions
  244. Who Can Repair Lens Filter Ring Damage?
  245. Are Fujinon lens all low contrasty?
  246. Is anyone using Lotus Field Camera?
  247. Old Calumet 4x5 - loose gear - halp?!
  248. If you hate ballheads with view cameras...
  249. Is there a shop that can customize a Crown Graphic?
  250. Prinz? Who made it?