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  3. Lighting and Reflections
  4. Studio lighting using LF IR film (NSFW)
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  10. ringflash suggestions??
  11. recelling metz battery packs
  12. Flash Bulbs, Gear Info, Images of Gear & Guide Number Data
  13. Studio exposure/development test for black and white film illuminated with strobes
  14. lights for wetplates
  15. LED panels for continuous light? Who uses them?
  16. Advice for a beginner with a strobe
  17. View Camera for Interiors and Lighting
  18. copy set up,for darkroom prints
  19. Lighting Room Interiors
  20. Inexpensive Redhead Lights
  21. beauty light
  22. Profoto Fresnel Small
  23. Light and small speedlights that don't squeal?
  24. Building a universal flashbulb gun
  25. A-little-history-on-infrared-flash-photography/
  26. Help with an exposure problem.
  27. Landscape lighting old school
  28. Diy flashbulb gun
  29. Please recommend a flash bulb holder
  30. Best LED Tactical Flashlight for photography? Suggestions/expeiences?
  31. UV photography Be real carefull!
  32. Strobes for Wet Plate
  33. Buy gone bad Elinchrom
  34. What'll power Speedotron Lights besides their own packs? & Regional Power Differences
  35. Attaching polarizers to CFL lights
  36. Household Sync adapter question
  37. Using flash gun to expose paper negatives
  38. On camera flash suggestion for a 4x5 field camera
  39. Yongnuo - As good as everybody says?
  40. Mod your Elinchrom central hole to fit 8mm shaft umbrellas [video]
  41. Looking for a first artificial light for portraits
  42. Monolights: Profoto or Einstein?
  43. Still Life Lighting
  44. 2400WS Soff Shoulder rig for hand-held cameras.
  45. Speedotron Black line Force 10 Mono-lights (1000 ws each)
  46. Black and White Film and Artificial Lights
  47. Flash Bracket for Metz 70 series
  48. 4x5 camera + ST-E3-RT transmitter + 600EX-RT -- possible?
  49. How do I trigger my Alien Bee strobe with my Alphax shutter?
  50. Studio and Still Life Question
  51. Does anyone know the procedure for waking old Norman gear from ancient slumber?
  52. Broncolor Pulso - switches
  53. Weegee fact or? 1/200 with flashbulbs?
  54. Sunpak 622 - possible to mount a soft box - speedring available?
  55. Using two different monolights
  56. LED lighting for wet plate collodion
  57. Continuous Lighting
  58. Speedotron black line repair info?
  59. How would I calculate my speedlite setting if I have no flash meter?
  60. Lighting for Making Tintype Copies of Conventional Prints
  61. Fill lighting for portrait using single strobe
  62. Heiland flash for Graflex - Which flashbulb bases will work without adapters?
  63. Popularity of LED lighting?
  64. Warming/daylight filter with color negative film
  65. Balcar strobe repair
  66. UV content of lights for wet plate collodion-based processes.
  67. Sekonic L758-DR low battery behavior
  68. anyone know what kind of bulbs these are?
  69. Studio Strobe and slower shutter speeds ( 1/4 - 1/60 )
  70. Rotolight Neo?
  71. Incident meter technique
  72. Building a Light Panel
  73. Low Key Still Photography Using Flash
  74. Anyone have a user's manual for Comet CT-300S monolights?
  75. iPhone strobe transmitter?
  76. Is there a way to calculate how much light I will need?
  77. SunLike LED inside the home, studio, streetlights...
  78. Can anyone help specify the proper value for the 1K resistor in this circuit?
  79. Vintage Electronic Flash to Camera
  80. Robert Mapplethorpe - How Did He Light This?
  81. Strobes vs Continuous Lighting with MF and LF?
  82. NEED HELP! All my negs are empty!
  83. Walmart studio lighting
  84. Where Do Y’all Stick Your Triggers?
  85. Light Meter for collodion
  86. 4X5 with Profoto (B1)
  87. Lighting for interiors
  88. LED source with Very Informative Website Red is Key
  89. HMI or strobe for wetplate/paper negs/low iso
  90. Still life primer anyone?
  91. Using electronic flash with LF cameras
  92. Speedotron 2401A Indicator Light Bulb
  93. Lightmetering night city scape (no spot)
  94. Speedotron repair question
  95. J. Lane Dry Plates and Flash
  96. Wall mounting studio reflectors, a video
  97. Lighting for a copy stand
  98. Experiences with fotodiox modifiers?
  99. My $12.00 small product light box
  100. What portable lighting equipment do you use when your shoot portraits outside studio?
  101. How many foot candles do I need?
  102. Your Studio!
  103. ARRI Orbiter
  104. Speedotron Power Pack Differences
  105. FotodioX Lantern Globe Softbox
  106. Bowens Mono Gold / Accessories
  107. Measured output of flash Fresnel lights.
  108. Lighting unit for photomacrography
  109. Natural North Light Traditional Lighting Wet Plate
  110. question about strobe heads for norman power packs
  111. Elinchrom Ranger rX Experience ? Tell me Please.
  112. Bowens Gemini 500ws ... Profoto
  113. High-Speed Sync for Speed Graphic
  114. Question about flash photography with a Chamonix
  115. Hollywood Lighting
  116. Sekonic Home Studio Tips
  117. Paul C Buff modifiers on Speedotron heads?
  118. Condenser lens in a snoot?
  119. Continuous Lights & Metering
  120. Using TFT backlight as soft light like an led panel
  121. how to calculate exact bellows compensation
  122. studio space problems with soft boxes
  123. repair or replace Calumet Elite 2400 pack
  124. Dynalite "factory" repairs available.
  125. Lampheads, Powerpacks, & Still Life Photography
  126. LF Flash Sync
  127. All Joking Aside
  128. Flash Firing Before Shutter?
  129. Advice for Handheld 4x5 and Flash Please..
  130. Strobes, Lighting, Metering, and Digital 'Polaroids'
  131. Bellows Extension Factor & Flash Photography
  132. Economical Continuous Lighting
  133. Lightening the non-load: Dispose of Metz Mecablitz SCA300 or keep?
  134. Strobes and Pops
  135. "Dramatic Portraiture" 2 hour Youtube link
  136. Studio lights for a hack
  137. 100 Year Old Photo Studios
  138. RF strobe sync today???
  139. Always go for the light stand with the heaviest weight rating?
  140. aputure fresnel on a Godox COB light
  141. Elinchrom 404, Rebuild
  142. Dynalite Infrared Transmitter
  143. Getting the correct lens settings for a synced strobe?
  144. Sunset begat Twilight has 3 Stages
  145. Any interest in a new Ghostmaster flash fire control for leaf shutters?
  146. Profoto Air Trigger replacement
  147. Speedotron speed ring for 202vf head
  148. Calibrating Modern Flash & Flash Bulbs & Zone Focus 4X5
  149. Shutter Speed... Flash... What Difference Does It Make?
  150. SmallRig’s RC220 LED Point-Source Light
  151. How can I construct an inexpensive accent-light holder?
  152. what bright! LED bulbs are you using inside a softbox?
  153. Godox Lux Senior Retro Camera Flash
  154. Early notes on the SmallRig 120D LED light
  155. Head adapters for studio packs/heads
  156. Broncolor Flash Pack Bonanza
  157. B&H Thank you
  158. Mole Richardson DIY LED conversion -
  159. book for this historic technique?
  160. More luck thrifting: Amaran 200x
  161. Help needed, flash tube wire
  162. The lamps you're not allowed to have. Exploring the Dubai lamps
  163. Can I Use a PocketWizard with a Raven to Connect my Profoto B10X Strobe?
  164. LF Studio Lighting ALL
  165. Is there an iPhone-compatible radio trigger?
  166. Paul C Buff Lighting Company
  167. Light Tubes Paint with LIGHT Twirling
  168. Where can I find "regular" LED lights with a CRI 95>?
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  170. Paper Back Drop Rolls
  171. MACRO Light
  172. Flash Bulbs
  173. new Speedotron equipment
  174. Forming Day
  175. Trouble with Nikon SB-800 not firing everytime
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