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  1. Longevity Research- cross posted
  2. Wanderlust 4x5 P&S
  3. Bill Schwabs Kickstarter Project
  4. Papersafe: #01 'Sage' kickstarter project is now live!
  5. Analogbook - The photographer's notebook
  6. CL81 - an 8X10 sheet film processing reel Kickstarter is now live!
  7. Tyler Boley Kickstarter
  8. new55 kickstarter has begun
  9. Kickstart: Wet Plate Collodian Project
  10. New Type 55 Instant 4x5 film
  11. New polaroid 405 holder project
  12. Views of Georgia shot exclusively on 4x5" Velvia
  13. Transformations:Cosplay Photo Portraiture Project (gofundme)
  14. The Intrepid 4x5 Camera
  15. Exhibition of film and darkroom photographs in Dallas
  16. ULF Camera for a Bell & Howell 914mm f8 Aerial Lens
  17. CineStill Medium Format Film
  18. Film Ferrania: 100 More Years of Analog Film
  19. Intrepid 4X5 camera Kickstarter
  20. The World Upside Down: Portraits
  21. Film Soup Kickstarter
  22. Making A Documentary on Artistic Processes of Alternative Photography
  23. Contact by Jake Shivery
  24. Film of Clyde Butcher Kickstarter
  25. Clyde Butcher Kickstarter just failed :(
  26. Please help save MV Photo Labs in NYC
  27. I found this in my FB feed, new enlarger for cell phones...
  28. Sweet Ruin: The Brooklyn Domino Sugar Refinery
  29. Does this look like a camera to you? Toys are adapting.
  30. Railroad Landscapes - NYC to Brush Creek, Wyoming
  31. Indigogo "American Portrait" Project
  32. ondu Kickstarter
  33. Galaxy paper offered for direct positive processing
  34. Trioplan kickstarter
  35. Instant pack film holder (405) Kickstarter project is now live
  36. PetaPixel post about recent photo related KS projects
  37. World First 3D Printable Large Format Camera is now available
  38. "Celebrating Sainthood" by Craig Alan Huber
  39. Do - Not Take Pictures Book on Kicks-Starter now
  40. Making Contact: An Emulsion-based Photography Exhibit
  41. Universal polaroid 110/900 to 4X5 conversion project
  42. Kickstarter project by Stan Klimek - Platinum Printer
  43. New 4x5 film processing system on Kickstarter: $47!
  44. Monhegan Photo Fest 2016: Indiegogo campaign
  45. CineStill 120 and maybe 4x5
  46. Production changes for New55 film.
  47. Mark Citret Book Project
  48. Karen Kuehn Book project
  49. "Going to the Mountain" - a Kickstarter for Mt. Ansel Adams Pilgrimage w/ 4x5 & 6x17
  50. 2016 Gofundme support for 3 ongoing 4x5 portrait projects
  51. Friend's GoFundMe place
  52. The Mercury, a universal camera
  53. Glass dry plates and the SP-445 processing system: new Kickstarter
  54. galaxy dry plate kickstarter
  55. FLM: The Ultimate Travel Tripod on Indiegogo
  56. SP-445 AutoPilot: new kickstarter project
  57. DON’T SHOOT | 66 Reasons NOT to become a Professional Photographer
  58. Shutter speed tester on Kickstarter
  59. New55 Color has begun
  60. New 5x7 daylight processing tank on Kickstarter
  61. Seeking contributions for a new Los Angeles photography center
  62. f/D Book of Pinhole
  63. Can i Introduce my 617 Camera DIY kit, crowdfunding now at kickstarter from US$150
  64. KS "7786 - Burroughs, Wm."
  65. Jollylook - The First Cardboard Vintage Instant Camera!
  66. Underwater 4x5 Photography Kickstarter
  67. LAB-BOX - The first multi-format daylight-loading film tank
  68. Another crowd funded 8x10
  69. a New 617 & 624 camera DIY kit with focue ring and small image sensor for focusing
  70. Intrepid 8x10 Camera
  71. SP-2810- 8x10 Film Processing System
  72. PhotoKlassik Magazine International English version
  73. Photobook on Kickstarter
  74. New55 new Kickstarter campaign
  75. K-Pan 6x14 camera
  76. New FLM Tripod for LF/ULF
  78. Scorched Subway - Fine Art Documentary Photography - Joshua Turner
  79. Rezivot Instax Back !!FINALLY LIVE!!
  80. Luminaria, a new center for alternative process photography in Salt Lake City, Utah
  81. Large format uranotype kickstarter
  82. 4x5 Camera
  83. Kickstarter film ideas: Kickloads 4x5 ! One-Step proofing back for 4x5
  84. Mathieu Bauwens book
  85. New 4x5 'Standard' Camera
  86. Yet another 3D printed camera
  87. Flags - A Photobook by Joshua Turner
  88. Intrepid Enlarger Attachment
  89. Stan Klimek Platinum Printing
  90. Optima12 processor
  91. NOS Polaroid Huge Rolls convert to Tiny KS
  92. ChromaGraphica Double Dry Plate Holder Kickstarter - Friday 9 August 2019 Noon launch
  93. SP-8x10+ campaign launched!
  94. CARBON COUNTY Folio Box + Newsprint Booklet Published by Zatara Press
  95. New back pack
  96. 3D printed 135 panoramic
  97. NOT KS No $$$ Join Annie Leibovitz on Vogue Shoot
  98. In Search of Spirit ~ The Fifty Year Journey of Kenro Izu
  99. Calling All Photographers!
  100. Reveni spot meter
  101. Intrepid Tiny Format Enlarger
  102. Paul Caponigro
  103. Kangrinpoche Cosmos Circle 4x5 camera upgrade
  104. New rotary device for developing film
  105. Negative Supply LM1 incident meter
  106. George Tice
  107. Almost Over Unusual Item and Odd Funding
  108. KAPiTAL New start for an independent art space in Berlin Neukölln
  109. New Festval to celebrate analog photography
  110. Reveni Labs Dunkbot automated film processor
  111. Self Leveling Tripod Benro
  112. ONDU Eikan 4x5" Camera
  113. Mercury Stereoscopic Camera that uses 4x5 backs