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  1. DIY shutter repair... is it worth the trouble?
  2. Plans for building 8x10
  3. Kalart rangefinder repair
  4. Arca Irish 8x10*
  5. Show us your home made camera...
  6. Ultra-light, DIY ULF Camera
  7. How I did it: new balsam for a sick RR
  8. DIY Filmholders
  9. DIY 4x5 single sheet holder for trays
  10. One way to fix lens separation
  11. Devitrification (Devit) on lens surfaces
  12. I'm making myself some film holders(and I need some dimensions please)
  13. My Century 10A Restoration
  14. DIY Robotic Scanner Back?
  15. DIY 4x5" scanner back
  16. Interested in Making my own point and shoot 4x5
  17. LF camera tracks
  18. Rescuing a Dallmeyer 3B
  19. Source for brass knobs
  20. Making a scanner with a DSLR
  21. Wista RF adjustment
  22. Universal Heliar - Soft focus mechanism servicing
  23. DSLR Scanner: Light Sources
  24. DSLR Scanner: Camera Supports and Positioning
  25. DSLR Scanner: Lenses
  26. DSLR Scanner: Negative Stages
  27. DSLR Scanner: Stitching and Blending of Images
  28. DSLR SCanner: Cameras and Camera Control Software.
  29. DSLR Scanner: Workflow
  30. Removing stuck filters or step up adapter
  32. source for super black flocking
  33. GRAFLEX super D conversion to 4x5
  34. DSLR Scanner: Scans and Comparisons
  35. Copal shutter parts
  36. Repairing lens 'dings' and other problems
  37. Alphax Shutters on e-bay
  38. surveying tripod stuff
  39. Making Another Expansion Back - 8x20 for 11x14
  40. need missing top cap for Linhof Color Karden 45S
  41. Ring/Flange for Alphax #3?
  42. Turning a Leitz Epis Projector lens into a "Universal Epis" -apologies to Voigtländer
  43. Building my first camera...
  44. Perfect Lens for a 617 with Movements???
  45. Information on simply DIY large lenses
  46. ..how about turn Dallmeyer Adon into Improved Dallmeyer Bergheim 2.0
  47. Graflex Reflex 3 1/4 x 4 1/4
  48. Graflex 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 conversion?
  49. Useful Bubble Level Vials
  50. darkslide clip
  51. Parts sources
  52. Front Mouting a Cooke Primoplane
  53. My Fastest Rebuild Ever! An 8x20 Korona Rebuild and Mod in 1 Night!
  54. 11x14 or 8x10 box type camera
  55. Just found this source of leather, seals and others
  56. Adapted baby jogger for hauling gear.
  57. Century studio10A
  58. Wanted - Dimensions of a 5"x7" Film Holder
  59. iphone as viewfinder for 4x5 PS
  60. Recementing lens element
  61. Need info on thread diameter or part (Eastman 2D 8x10")
  62. Removing Tacks from Bellows
  63. What to use to mount bellows (Linhof Technika III V5)
  64. Burke and James 4x5 Press Groundglass
  65. B&J 4x5 Press Camera Bellow???
  66. Aero ektar 7" F2,5 on a Sinar F2, any clues ?
  67. Wood suppliers?
  68. How I made a set of Bellows
  69. how to make lensboard to last a few weeks
  70. Has anyone made a new housing for an old RB Graflex ??
  71. Help me find this camera (link) again.
  72. Wista 5x4 DX field camera repair to front strut
  73. Dropped my Technika IV
  74. Pinhole camera
  75. Tips for making a painted backdrop
  76. big bertha darkroom boombox blue prints
  77. Deardorff V8 Extension Unit...any idea how to attach it to a V8?
  78. New or re-silvered mirrors for LF reflex cameras
  79. Leather lens cap in progress
  80. Renewing the velvet "bearings" in early Ross sleeve and barrel lenses
  81. Polaroid 900 convert to 4x5 film
  82. Has anyone tried this outline?
  83. What type of hardwood do you recommend?
  84. Steel Part Seized in Aluminum
  85. Quick DIY 4x5 back adapter for Sony NEX digital
  86. Building my first LF camera
  87. Need a new tripod sling...
  88. Cellular PVC for camera building
  89. Whole-plate camera back dimensions needed for a DIY wetplate holder project
  90. I need HELP! Making a camera back for my wet plate!
  91. DIY Ebony RSW45 Back extender
  92. DIY Ebony RSW45 lens extender
  93. Latch/clamp
  94. Polaroid 900 for conversion
  95. Packard shutter for old portrait lenses
  96. Repurposing an PA-45 Instant Pack Film Holder to accept small pack film?
  97. A Better Mousetrap - DIY Developing Tubes (Part 1)
  98. Wista 4x5 wood repair
  99. Simple mod for Mod54 using an old paterson 3reel tank
  100. Portable Fume Hood
  101. Calumet square base lock screw
  102. 11x14 box camera with 1:1 magnification
  103. Aperture retaining ring on a brass lens
  104. Making bellows - the Continental "square" design.
  105. lost a nut
  106. Lube
  107. Replacing brass wood screws with machine screws on an antique camera...
  108. DIY Light Box
  109. Rear element of a Schneider Super Angulo 210 does not fit in a Phiilips 11x14 Camera
  110. Making your own Tripod head QR plate
  111. Dismounting ground glass of a Phillips 11x14 to introduce a lens
  112. Improve the Rangefinder contrast and visibilty
  113. DIY Film Dryer?
  114. Fixing a Novatron
  115. convert a tachihara / nagaoka to grafloc/international back?
  116. Eastman No 2 Repair
  117. Speed Graphic Ground Glass (DIY Grid lines)
  118. Burke & James 8x10 restored with Baby Graflex Shutter and 300mm Industar
  119. Eastman No 2 Tripod Block
  120. DIY Dark Cloth
  121. Wet Collodion Bath Template for Ponoko
  122. DIY resolution target
  123. Suggestions on how to fix the bed of an Eastman View Nº2
  124. Successful Bellows Repair!
  125. Recommended books for reading up on developing film yourself
  126. FrankenRolleiToyo
  127. Building a 5x7 Camera
  128. WTB - Double locking nuts/bolts/knobs.
  129. 14x17 back for Studio 8A
  130. Wooden lens board drama
  131. Fabricating Part for a reel
  132. Help with issue with 8x10 camera, Please?
  133. DIY Film Washer?
  134. Adhesive backed felt sources(or alternatives?)
  135. Reengineering view to field
  136. Help with Graflex reflex project
  137. DIY extra thin scanning mask (20um)
  138. my 4x5 project
  139. drawing of 11x14 back
  140. DIY Jobo/Bessler/Cibacrome style roller motor base?
  141. Swapping out Copal shutters
  142. JT Chapman British coming back to life in South Africa
  143. Idea for DIY 4x5 p&s...would it work?
  144. The hobo camera - $6 DIY 4x5 point and shoot prototype
  145. More adventures with Canada Balsam
  146. Compound shutter main spring?
  147. Fixing warped wooden parts
  148. General advice on quarter plate film holders needed
  149. Lubricant for Sinar F+ ?
  150. Majestic Mod
  151. speed graphic, infinity stops
  152. Kodak 2d modification
  153. DIY 8x10 Film Washer Project
  154. Aero Ektar 7" Flange?
  155. What tools do I need to make a metal lens board?
  156. Parts for Sinar F series?
  157. A View Camera Photo Booth Created with a DSLR and Sawed Off iMac
  158. Biogon 75mm f/4.5 lens shade - DIY
  159. Need help with Speed Graphic
  160. Light trap material needed
  161. New 8x10 camera build
  162. Building a light box
  163. Kodak Eastman 2-D 5x7 Restoration Project
  164. Repairing Tachihara 4x5?
  165. Using Cedar wood for building a camera
  166. Removing flange from a Pentac 8 inch f2.9
  167. Looking for calibration slide Eversmart Supreme
  168. Possible Light Leak??
  169. Help Assembling Copal 1 Shutter
  170. Glow in the dark camera.
  171. Detatched dark room musings...
  172. Bellows material in Australia
  173. My CC-400 Refurb
  174. GOMZ shutter disassembly
  175. Rimset Compur B and T Not Working
  176. Graflok back - help needed.
  177. Easy Panorama or Split Portrait with foam core
  178. Sinar Shutter Release Cable Flash Engineering Project
  179. Bellows geometrics
  180. Lens Board Air Fitting/Connector- where to buy
  181. Kodak Master View Repairs
  182. Calumet CC-400 ... Greasy?
  183. Penny drops! Book plate holders and Film Sheaths
  184. Focus Adjustment for Metal Camera
  185. How do I test the timing on a lens?
  186. Camera scanner back question/suggestion
  187. New Zealand 8x10 build
  188. Head and Mixing box for a Durst 184
  189. Better than a deardorff,my korona front standard conversion.
  190. Material for darkslides
  191. Fairchild Aerial camera - how to get the lens out?
  192. My new 24x24" camera
  193. Soft focus solutions?????
  194. Making a flange from a magic lantern mount
  195. Digital preview for LF cameras
  196. Kodak 2D handle rplacement?!?!?
  197. Sinar Binocular Viewer on Arca Swiss Camera
  198. Finished Walnut and Rosewood 8x10
  199. Timber thickness - 8x10 rear frame
  200. Vacuum Film Holders : Hole Diameter / Vacuum Pumps
  201. Just acquired 5x7 and could use some advise/help.
  202. Old brass lenses - what was the original finish like?
  203. Open Source 3d Printable Medium Format Pinhole Camera
  204. Korona 8x10 Front Standard Tilt Repair Advice
  205. Maintaining old folding leather viewing hoods advice wanted
  206. Refinishing brass on old lenses
  207. 3D renders of my future 8x10 camera
  208. Changing the "thread" on T-P type front mounted shutters.
  209. "did i make a mistake...."?
  210. New base for my Asanuma...
  211. 3d printed 4x5 film reel for metal tanks
  212. Looking for some help
  213. Shutter for Medium format (645) DIY technical camera
  214. Homemade light-baffles or Wing-kit for Century Studio Master
  215. Build your own Ghostmaster
  216. Accessory Focal Plane Shutter curtain
  217. Putting photographs onto a sheet of plywood?
  218. How did I do?
  219. How to make your own wet plate using a 8x10"film holder
  220. Sourcing a shutter
  221. Great large format camera support
  222. DIY Flash Reflectors
  223. Zone VI or Wisner camera dimension meeded
  224. Graflex Curtain Shutter to Canham (SINAR) lensboard
  225. Using Medium Format Film on My 4x5 Camera
  226. Source for lens board sliders?
  227. Lensboard Size
  228. Help - Spring needed for B&J back - Help
  229. Anyone ever made a focusing hood?
  230. darkslide repair?
  231. Lensboards for Kodak 1 (5x7)
  232. Threading Stainless Steel Shafts
  233. Glue For Bellows
  234. Help! In need of 5mm diameter solid nylon 66 or Delrin tubing!
  235. ABS Developing Tank
  236. Wooden stand plans for LF camera
  237. DIY print washer
  238. DIY mounting station for drum scanner... anyone?
  239. Suggestions for glue to use on 5x7 wood film holders...
  240. Sugestion for a camera body short cutr
  241. Dismantle Ansco Rear Standard
  242. Zone VI tripod slippage
  243. Repair Broken Rise/Fall Cambo SF - Suggestions Welcome...
  244. Spur Gears and Racks for a 14x17 inch camera
  245. Need help for a beginner enthusiast
  246. I made a 4" digital back, and you can too
  247. Article on Big Berthas (long lens SLRs built, usually, around a Graflex SLR)
  248. Finding/making bellows frame for CAMBO Legend 8x10 bellows
  249. Have you ever made bellows?
  250. "Easy" single film holders for 30x40cm Reisekameras