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  1. Manfrotto BeFree One modification
  2. 3d-printed lens plate: MPP Press
  3. Ansco 8x10 restomod
  4. Making DIY aperture scale for Prontor Prof. Sshutter
  5. Enlarger with LED light source
  6. Wood camera restoration
  7. Help and comments regarding home made 4x5 enlarger
  8. Oh, those Chinese focusing mounts
  9. Out-of-position ground glass plane - MPP
  10. Looking for a lens flange..
  11. Glue to re-seat dry wood joinery in LF frame?
  12. Best Glue for refitting Bellows
  13. Virtues of specific woods
  14. Super glue and baking soda trick
  15. Restoring a French Guerry Shutter
  16. Simple bulb only shutter
  17. Darkbox construction ideas?
  18. Building a ULF adapter back for a smaller format camera: pros and cons?
  19. Poco B restoration
  20. Calumet Travelite 250
  21. Need help figuring out how to build a roller base for a Jobo 3005
  22. My perfect fixed lens LF camera - decision 1, the lens.
  23. Repairing a vintage wetplate holder
  24. DIY bag bellows
  25. 3D-printed 4x5 film back patterns?
  26. DIY Film Drying Box
  27. 14x17 film holder build question
  28. Question on ground glass position in Cambo 5x7 back
  29. Brass spacers in Petzvals' rear cells
  30. Anniversary Speed Graphic focal shutter need source for material
  31. G-Claron 240 front cell stuck
  32. Cleaning of slow shutters
  33. Shortening Sinar Standard Bellows?
  34. tools for openning a copal 3 shutter
  35. Designed a 3D Printed Plate Adapter for Graflex 1234 Pack Film Holder
  36. Building a 4x5 camera bellows
  37. A tip for other DIY types
  38. New camera building! Step by step!
  39. Special X-Ray Double face 5x7 (13x18cm) Film Holder Spiral Reel for Jobo 2800
  40. 8x10 exposure size?
  41. Attaching bellows to frame
  42. Ground Glass Back for Century 9a
  43. DIY Jobo style Film Processor
  44. Which adhesive for bonding cardboard stiffeners to fabric?
  45. How to get the right angle on stiffeners for tapered bellows?
  46. How to repair the back standard rise/fall knob on a Sinar P2?
  47. Collinear II no. 6 11 7/8in worth clean & repairing?
  48. Options for sliding mechanism of lens carrier plate on 11x14 DIY
  49. What finish did Deardorff use in the 50s-60s?
  50. What stain did Deardorff use in the 50s-60s?
  51. Anyone fixed a warped rear standard frame?
  52. Massive projector lens
  53. Lensboard adapter Linhof to old camera
  54. Film Holder Repair
  55. Converting Polaroid 250 camera to 4x5
  56. DIY Drum Scanner?
  57. Building an Enlarger
  58. Timber camera parts suppliers please?
  59. Super Graphic Solenoid Replacement?
  60. Source for a round tripod mount for a wooden camera
  61. Building a new 4x5 camera
  62. Advice on building a WA 11x14 pinhole camera wtd
  63. DIY UV light meter for alternative photographic processes
  64. Any thoughts on how to make Sichel Studio Camera usable?
  65. Made two lf cameras today...sort of...
  66. Tight Focusing Rails on Zone VI 4x5 Wista Version
  67. Another flange solution for some!
  68. Test "box" version of my UV light meter
  69. An Old Horseman 8x10 Modification Thread I Can't Recall
  70. Ideas on how to make a DIY Wet Plate or Film Holder?
  71. One of many zany projects. #1
  72. Speed Graphic inaccurate focus
  73. Seeking Monorails for a 16x20, Also Will a 4x5 Front Standard Work?
  74. The mysteries of Dallmeyer 3B construction
  75. oil/grease for the bed rails of a Wista
  76. What material are non-netallic shutter blades made of?
  77. Minimalist 5x7
  78. Help with the dimensions of an 8x10 Film Holder
  79. Metrogon shutters
  80. Guillotine Shutters unusual sources
  81. 4x5" or 9x12cm Camera Back - DIY
  82. Need help with Lens to Film Distance
  83. 4x5 diy view camera rack/pinion question
  84. Update on my 'dorff issue
  85. Need Help Stripping Down Apo Nikkor Lens
  86. Designing and 3D printing an slotted Graflex film holder
  87. Replacing the lamps in a porta trace
  88. DIY sliding block for C1 Green Monster
  89. DIY Summer Water Chiller Design Wanted
  90. Cambo Legend Rail Clamp
  91. ULF Auto Focus DIY Now Possible
  92. Wooden Lens board Repair - Best Practices
  93. Idea for super-thin 0.3mm glass plate
  94. Repainting old lens
  95. Foolproof removal of brass lens flanges!
  96. Best finish for DIY wood camera large format: stain and clear clear coat on wooden LF
  97. Huge W/A Silly project (maybe)
  98. Camera repair advice - woodwork.
  99. anyone tried carbon fiber?
  100. Converting an iris Petzval to a Waterhouse Stop version!
  101. Experience with making Waterhouse Stops
  102. 150mm Mamiya-Press lens covers 4x5", but not straight forward to adapt
  103. $20 LASER Enlarger Alignment Tool
  104. 3d printed MOD75 for devolping 5x7 sheets
  105. Holder for scanning 5x7
  106. Recreating a Missing Aperture Scale - A How To
  107. Glass Negative Carrier Leaking Light at Edges of Glass
  108. Conley BW 8x10 bellows dimensions?
  109. Deardorff V8x10. Repair or not?
  110. Dial Compur #2 shutter leaf actuation problem
  111. Lens board for 8x10 Korona View for front tilt
  112. Linhof Technika V disassembly of upper track
  113. DIY Polaroid back...well sort of.
  114. Developing just one sheet of 4x5 film
  115. Frankenstein Bitsa 8x10 enlarger build
  116. 8x10 Slide Projector
  117. Filter Really Stuck...Help!
  118. DIY Periscopic Landscape Lens for 8X10
  119. Looking for high light absorbent black paint
  120. Polishing transparent Lucite
  121. Novatron 440 Plus Schematic
  122. Bellows Dimensions
  123. Opening front group of a Wollensak 190mm enlarging lens?
  124. Technikardan 45 S
  125. Focusing Rail Length?
  126. DIY Dark Slides
  127. how to remove the GG of a B&J 4x5 press camera?
  128. Tripod Head DIY
  129. Transform a Jobo 3063 into a Jobo 3005?
  130. DIY Dry Plate Storage Box?
  131. A Lightweight 14x17 Build
  132. Compound shutter cleaning.
  133. Concept for a Shutter Tester
  134. 8X20 Film holder repair
  135. Koilos shutter, more than 100 years of "clicking"
  136. Compur Dial shutter cleaning.
  137. Deardorff Rear standard stability question // help
  138. MLC 810 - Optical Bench DIY
  139. How to open the front cell of a 360mm apo ronar?
  140. test print repeated
  141. Soho Studio Camera
  142. Transplanting a wideangle Aristostigmat - please advise
  143. first try: point and shoot in 4x5
  144. Semi Centennial stand DIY -
  145. New Lightweight 14x17 Camera is finished!
  146. DIY 10x8 reflex viewing hood
  147. 10x8 bail back
  148. Century Kodak no 7 + semi centennial - restauration
  149. Semi Centennial Stand no. 1 (R. Crank)
  150. Pneumatic metal fitting for lens board
  151. 3d printed lensboard
  152. torsion spring (or other fix) for pop-up hood?
  153. How to make a reducing back for a Deardorff Studio
  154. From Camera Obscurer to Digital copying
  155. Crown Graphic dismantle
  156. Crown Graphic Field Camera Project
  157. Repairing a Manfrotto 410/Bogen 3275 tripod head
  158. Modifying (time length) or Disabling the Unicolor Uniroller Bidirectional Switch?
  159. Liquid electrical tape for bellows repair
  160. Touch screen darkroom timer
  161. Can bellows be stretched?
  162. Foot locker camera case.
  163. Lens diopters for the complete idiot (me)
  164. $39 Cold Light Head for 8X10
  165. Light seal foam for Wista 45VX (and 45SP, 45RF?)
  166. Question about front std bolt on Phillips/Chamonix design
  167. Recommendations for sealing a DIY wooden box camera
  168. Century Kodak no 7 - restauration
  169. Fresnel for restored 8x10 camera question
  170. Removing Compound shutter from lens board
  171. Graphite CLA points in a Conley Safety Shutter
  172. did anyone make their own print washers?
  173. Need feedback for building DSLR scanner
  174. Attaching new bellows to Toyo 45D
  175. Building a back for an 8x10 Mahogany Ebony Camera
  176. How to print a shutter
  177. General advice requested for restoring a Kodak Master View 8x10
  178. Curved back for panoramic camera
  179. Bellows Material
  180. 3d printed 4x5 and 5x7 inserts for Paterson daylight tanks.
  181. Quick room temperature lens separation
  182. The little red box
  183. Pacemaker Graphic 4x5 light seal material
  184. Internal reflection in Zone VI 4x5
  185. Refinsh wood or not?
  186. Shackles/Pins that hold on ground glass back
  187. Has anyone tried to fit a 4x5 back to a Kodak Master View 8x10?
  188. Wista 45N Ground Glass removal
  189. Source for MPP parts?
  190. Service an Ilex shutter?
  191. Linhof Technikardan 45S repair info?
  192. Fixing a bent snoot
  193. Restoring brass of a Thornton Pickard dryplate camera?
  194. Sinar Norma spirit level holders
  195. Which Canada balsam to restore a Verito 18"?
  196. Work in progress: Ultralight 4X5 build, with Carbon Fiber + 3D printed plastic
  197. Voigtlander Bergheil restoration.
  198. Polishing out a scratch!
  199. Sinar Alpina rail bits
  200. Is there a source of "hardware" parts for vintage LF field cameras?
  201. Deardorff 8 X 10 back
  202. "Trimming" a Bill Maxwell screen to size
  203. Retaining ring or workaround
  204. DIY 5 1/2 x 14 'cause, why not
  205. Loupe project -- cheap and easy for the handy and thrifty
  206. Lightweight Multi-Format Camera
  207. 7x11 Camera Build
  208. 8x10 Film Holder - Stuffing Coming Out - Can I Fix?
  209. How do I tighten a Linhof TECHNIKA front standard shift lock...
  210. Wish to mildly clean brass lens barrel
  211. DIY Imagon Apertures
  212. glueing polyester filters to glass for a tri-color camera
  213. sinar 5x7 seat material
  214. Chamonix question: what is 'asymmetrical tilt of the rear standard?'
  215. "Field" 4x5 Graflex Graphic Mod
  216. Sinar Norma, "It's stuck.. I'll just add Hi Tech lube."
  217. Sinar Norma, "It's stuck.. I'll just add Hi Tech lube." Part II
  218. synchro compur shutter repair
  219. Rayments Patent camera - who has one? - need some measures
  220. Lubricant for lens thread
  221. Anyone here ever make a cam?
  222. ilex no. 3 acme face plate screw
  223. Toyo back on 4X5 Graphic modification
  224. Removing hoop finder / sports finder from crown
  225. Focusing Cloth r
  226. Washin Canada Balsam?
  227. DIY Custom Case Foam Cutting
  228. Repairing the rangefinder on a Linhof Technika III
  229. GG protector design & construction?
  230. Eastman View No. 1 Acquired & Looking to Refurbish it but I'm A Newbie to Lg Format
  231. Working with Carbon Fiber
  232. Washers and Knobs
  233. Amber Plexiglas for Wet Plate Dork Box?
  234. Best way to repair small light leak in bellows?
  235. Case for Chamonix 11x14 & more
  236. Linhof Technika IV re-leathering / new cover
  237. Manuscan 810
  238. Extending collar for ground glass focusing loupe
  239. Availability of ABS pipe
  240. DIY Rigid Fresnel
  241. how to notch film holder
  242. Broken glass
  243. Chamonix and Intrepid rise-fall/tilt knobs
  244. 4x10 Point 'n Shoot Camera Build
  245. Gundlach Korona parts
  246. Parts resources
  247. Dual Focusing Mechanism
  248. Eastman Dry Plate & Film Co camera - restoration
  249. Cloth For Bellows and a few other discoveries I made
  250. DIY Dark Slides, some thoughts and a question