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  1. Thousands of slides tossed in the garbage a decade ago capture—
  2. Is This Art?
  3. photographer's name?
  4. Very neat artice by the New Yorker on Thomas Joshua Cooper
  5. Greta Thunberg wet plate photos by Shane Balkowitsch
  6. Tripod Holes
  7. Historical Research: Film stocks used by Arthur Fellig AKA WEEGEE
  8. Crazy Horse on the subject of portrait photography
  9. Two Weeks, Two Workshops, Too Much Fun
  10. Sam Falk 1925-69 20K+ NYT Images
  11. Image Makers - The Adventures of America's Pioneer Cinematographers
  12. Seek Late Victorian USA Photographers & Reenactors info
  13. Photographs of the Century of Progress World's Fair on 4x5 and glass plates
  14. Clarence John Laughlin - Father of American Surrealism
  15. Amazing collection of glassplates - Costică Acsinte
  16. 8x10 in paris yellow vest violence.
  17. West x Southwest: Edward Weston and Ansel Adams
  18. Maria Isabel LeBlanc
  19. NY Times - Tintypes from Willets Point
  20. Edward Steichen: In High Fashion - The Conde Nast Years, 1923-1937
  21. George Hurrell, Documentary
  22. Clarence Sinclair Bull, the lesser known Hollywood Photographer.
  23. Alfred Stieglitz: Equivalent 1923
  24. Alfred Stieglitz: The Net Mender, 1894
  25. Alfred Stieglitz: Dorothy Norman, 1933
  26. Coating Carleton Watkins
  27. William Garnett Aerial Photographs
  28. The Jazz Loft according to W. Eugene Smith
  29. Elsa Dorfman: Me and My Camera
  30. "By Request of Mark Osterman in Memorium of Ron Mowrey"
  31. Carleton Watkins Revisited?
  32. Three Views of Manzanar: Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange and Toyo Miyatake
  33. Controversy over Mural Photo in North Dakota
  34. Master Print Exhibit
  35. The greatest fashion photographer you’ve never heard of
  36. Medium Format Definition
  37. Another digital versus analog showdown
  38. Kenny Rogers RIP
  39. Thought I'd share
  40. Fred Picker
  41. Documentary Photography in Philadelphia w/4x5
  42. Route 66 in the 1950's (also an obituary)
  43. Photography Collection/Sasse Museum
  44. Pinhole cameras
  45. What is this frame around the photo
  46. Who first used Helical Focusing for a photo lens?
  47. Looking for "Paper Negative" photographer, who portrayed the destruction of the earth
  48. Which lenses did Carleton Watkins use in 1861 for his mammoth plate camera
  49. Lenscratch Daily Interview with Robert Langham
  50. Is the obsession with analogue gearing an obstacle to art?
  51. Eliot Dudik's "Paradise Road" series featured on NPR
  52. New Mexico: Taos, Santa Fe, Albuquerque
  53. C.D.V. 1854 - 1870 Sampler
  54. Location Surreal Reine Paradis Photography
  55. 2005 What Remains: The Life and Work of Sally Mann
  56. "Collodion" documentary about Eric Overton
  57. Multivolume Catalog of 19th century photographs
  58. Interesting History on PBS about photography and royalty from Queen Victoria to now
  60. Krakatoa explodes The most powerful volcanic eruption in recorded history
  61. 2008 European History of Photography
  62. Lantern Slides
  63. What were the prevailing process in early 1900s?
  64. Space Porn
  65. ...photography and its relationship to state surveillance.
  66. Shooting 8x10 in a submarine
  67. McKeowen's and all those cameras.
  68. Gregory Crewdson's 'An Eclipse of Moths'
  69. 20 questions with Tilda Swinton and Gregory Crewdson
  70. 2 Links to More Fantastic Links.......WOW
  71. Nice photo auction / show at Swanns
  72. Chris Killip has passed away
  73. Visualization, Pre and Post?
  74. Avedon