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  1. If the negative is the score and the print the performance....
  2. What's your #1 anxiety about LF (in your personal life)?
  3. Carleton Watkins: The Stanford Albums
  4. Christopher Payne, North Brother Island
  5. World Dry Plate Day - August 4, 2014 (Open for Discussion)
  6. KPBS 'Snap Shot' Series on Will Dunniway
  7. Tri-X turns 60 this year
  8. Jade Doskow's World's Fair Project
  9. Cannes 2014 Palme d'Or: Nuri Bilge Ceylan
  10. WW I in photos
  11. Can't Stop shooting film - 3 minute video
  12. British photographer Fredrick Evans
  13. Print technique: Subtle tweaks, going round and round
  14. Ted Orland, Author of Art and Fear
  15. Richard Avedon
  16. More questions on tintype images...
  17. Veni, Vide, Visa
  18. Missing the Good Shots
  19. QT Luong article on Luminous Landscape: Aarcadia National Park
  20. Edward Weston
  21. Help with a museum display
  22. Does anybody here have the link to that large format photography video...
  23. Are museums collecting modern landscapers?
  24. Who did you meet?
  25. This photo makes me giggle evry time I lLook at it
  26. Yea, Who Needs Photographers
  27. VC Magazine, Mar/Apr
  28. Paul Wakefield's new book - The Landscape
  29. some will appreciate this little story i heard yesturday
  30. Man With A Camera ~ Charles Bronson Shoots LF On 1950's TV Show
  31. Portrait Photography
  32. Need help with portrait ?lighting?
  33. PK: Daily To Do
  34. linked video history of photographic processes sort of ..
  35. is allegory dead?
  36. Unknown photographer
  37. Landscape photography: dead and forgotten at art museums?
  38. Why do Edward Weston' prints suck?
  39. Do you know what is the first landscape photograph conceived as art?
  40. Chris Killip Film
  41. Goodbye
  42. Film is not dead. Stanford 4x5 film camera club.
  43. Robert Frank: "There are too many images."
  44. dorothea-lange-american-masters-profile-to pr4emere on PS Aug 29
  45. My LF inspiration
  46. Sharing photos on this site
  47. Books with On Location LF Portraitures
  48. Are art galleries dinosaurs on the way to extinction?
  49. Dance of the Molecules
  50. August Sander (17 November 1876 – 20 April 1964) commemorative show
  51. Banner Peak and Thousand Island Lake
  52. Antoni Arissa - How Have I Not Heard of This Guy Before?
  53. Dorothea Lange on PBS
  54. Vroman, halfway between Timothy O'Sullivan and Ansel Adams
  55. Seen in Bogota...
  56. Data base of depression era photographs
  57. An interview with Valerie Yaklin-Brown
  58. NYT: Legal Battle Over Vivian Maier’s Work
  59. "Is photography over?" A short article
  60. Photo ideas for photography?
  61. Nicolas Nixon: Forty Portraits in Forty Years on the NY Times
  62. For the folks who call digital fauxtography...
  63. When did Visualization become 'pre'- visualization?
  64. If I like Avedon, Roversi and Vermeer who else could I look at?
  65. Forgetting my craft!
  66. Jimmy Nelson
  67. Ansel Adams Gallery controversy--re-used old calendar pages?
  68. Ray K. Metzker RIP
  69. Rare Civil War Era Photo Found
  70. Art Of Photography - Youtube Channel (thoughts?)
  71. Just a little crop talk
  72. Mounted contact printed photographs
  73. Master photographer Joe Freeman talks about shooting LF and contact printing
  74. Emma Johnston - a wet plate Vivian Maier?
  75. Through the Ground Glass: A Vignette by Taylor Hawkins
  76. The path to success in photography, formal education or not?
  77. Migrant Mother tripod?
  78. New Mary Alinder book on Group f/64
  79. Mortensen, the Antichrist...
  80. Diableries...
  81. Plustek 120 Scanner on sale for 24 hours
  82. On the Origin of the 4x5 Camera
  83. Diamantino Labo, a Paris lab
  84. Do we need wi-fi in the National Parks?
  85. First known photograph that included people.
  86. Banquet Photos Authority/Collector
  87. Cindy Sherman "Untitled Film Stills" (incomplete) set sells...
  88. Photography = Flat, Soulless and Stupid
  89. Edward Steichen Photos Found
  90. Interesting quote from a former photo rep on how digital changed things
  91. Lexus Presents: Chasing Light - Inspired by Ansel Adams
  92. Contemporary portraiture
  93. How many of these names do you know?
  94. Reboot
  95. Video: All our photos are the same?
  96. Walker Evans on what makes a good image.
  97. What amateurs do you know who are worth looking into?
  98. Are Photographer's Obsessed With Sharpness, but blind to the bigger picture?
  99. Maplethorpe portrait of Doris Saatchie
  100. Photo Guild In Community--suggestions
  101. Mark Tansey, Hommage to Watkins
  102. Carleton Watkins and Thomas Struth at the Metropolitan Museum
  103. "Daddy, why is your camera so ... big?"
  104. $6.5 Million for a Peter Lik Photograph
  105. Peter Lik deserves our skepticism
  106. Food Landscapes
  107. B&h film promo
  108. Language of Images, of Art, of human expression.
  109. The top 10(+) character traits of the LF Gentleman
  110. Art According to eBay
  111. 'Old fashioned' cameras ?
  112. Minor White Happy Snap
  113. Gandolfi: pilgrimmage to the sites of the Gandolfi workshops
  114. What's going to be your first LF photograph of 2015?
  115. Subliminal messages in LF
  116. Todd Papageorge on Robert Adams
  117. Ansel Adams Tickling the Ivories
  118. questions for people who regularly shoot nudes
  119. 31 rolls from WW 2 discoverd and processed.
  120. Relizations on technique and work flow.
  121. Frustrated and proud at the same time
  122. "Designing" an exhibition - advice needed
  123. Essentials.
  124. Nihilism, suicide and B&W prints
  125. Project Reprint my Dad's negatives
  126. David M. Lee 1950-2015
  127. Sugimoto at the American Museum of Natural History.
  128. Video about Nobuyuki Kobayashi
  129. Number of shots taken of the same subject
  130. "Contact" Images by Jake Shivery
  131. Anybody recognize the subject of this photograph
  132. Printed portfolio styles and asthetics
  133. Is Edward Weston falling "out of favor?"
  134. Kenro Izu's New Video
  135. Leonard Missone technique
  136. Stieglitz/O'Keefe
  137. How about " post visualization?"
  138. Too Big
  139. A documentary program on Japanese large format photographer
  140. Ansel and his roof platform question
  141. Vinny. Hey your messages are full and I don't have an email address for you!!!
  142. question about a print
  143. Help needed artist statement.
  144. Victorian post-mortem photographs
  145. Photographs of freed slaves, New Orleans
  146. Sam Haskins nailed it(for me):
  147. Lf q&a
  148. Do an artist's intentions matter?
  149. Colour LF photography in Australia too costly!!
  150. Soldiers on tin type
  151. Clearing Storm
  152. Is moving water too difficult to describe?
  153. Hiring 5x7 or 5x4 NY State
  154. Ansel Adams: Do you fight or embrace his influence on your landscapes?
  155. "Probable Cause" by Matt Gunther
  156. What does "Let the Muses guide you" mean, and why is it relevant to LF?
  157. How To Make Good pictures 1915 Eastman Kodak Book
  158. Edward Weston's Graflex lenses
  159. Sally Mann, great article in the NYT
  160. Arnold Genthe
  161. Weston prints on "Antiques Roadshow"
  162. Yousuf Karsh photo
  163. Best photography and art books of the past 12 months?
  164. Check out some 1913 color
  165. intersting project
  166. What do you consider to be a mural?
  167. "Taking Back Detroit" - portraits by Wayne Lawrence
  168. Emil von Hoegh Sesquicentennial
  169. do you remember every photograph you have taken ?
  170. More Mann
  171. Sally Mann on Fresh Air
  172. LF Photography and costumers/cosplayers
  173. National Geographic FOUND
  174. Paul kitagaki Japanese internment photos
  175. Baldwin Lee
  176. Mighty Mongrel Mob
  177. Book: Oliver Gagliani
  178. Article on John Wimberley
  179. Mervyn O'Gorman Autochromes
  180. The spouse's influence on your LF work: significant, slight, or none?
  181. My work show on BBC Network
  182. Emmet Gowin at Morgan Library NYC
  183. Going cross country, exhibit hopping!
  184. Ron Partridge RIP
  185. So how do I describe this subject genre?
  186. Hal Gould RIP at 95
  187. Pretty good article on the seemingly old film vs digital discussion
  188. Does it have to say anything?
  189. Small Gallery Pioneers/ Hal Gould, Carl Siembab, Helen Johnston
  190. 8x20 in the Smithsonian Magazine
  191. pictures that break composition rules
  192. That feeling,when evry thing you work for is right
  193. Alec Soth, what do you think?
  194. Your photographic Voice
  195. Interesting studio in Paris
  196. LF Still Life Photographers
  197. Richard Garrod
  198. Yellowstone History
  199. Falling out love with Colour
  200. the loooong journey of a tripod head adapter......
  201. Is LF a leisure class pursuit?
  202. Finding your voice in the midst of a revolution
  203. Lazy photographers
  204. Jeff Wall in the WSJ (with his Linhof)
  205. One lens - artistic zen or a limiting frustration
  206. Workflow fo 1800's studios.
  207. Second Billy The Kid photo found in Fresno
  208. Historic newspaper photographs
  209. The people you meet in photography
  210. printing on leaves
  211. Does "contemplative" best describe the LFer's state of mind?
  212. American Masters: on PBS this week. Pedro Guerrero
  213. Trying to date these negatives 'Plaque seches au gelatino-bromure d'argent'
  214. Carlton Watkins on The Weather Channel
  215. APOD for 9-Oct-2015 from Speed Graphic
  216. Magic Lantern Glass Slides
  217. Hilla Becher...
  218. Photos taken in the same studio close to 100 years apart
  219. Space Photography
  220. dry plate originals
  221. Entire Aperture Magazine archive now online ($ubscription required)
  222. Panel Discussion, Jerry Uelsmann, Evon Streetman, Doug Prince Sunday at the Harn
  223. Very large format wet plate by Ian Ruhter
  224. reality
  225. Ira Latour, 1919-2015
  226. 8 Guggenheim Photographers Give Their Best Advice on Your Photo Projects
  227. Photo art vs photo-based art at MOMA
  228. suitability of 4x5 contact prints for exhibit
  229. Daniel Jones on CBSNews.com
  230. Portrait Newbie Advice
  231. Matting, framing Glass Plates/Ambrotypes
  232. Studies in the Reactions of Silver and Light
  233. Gigantic Polaroid Camera
  234. Importance of traditional/film photography in our Colleges and Universities
  235. When photography was important
  236. Did he use a Cook Portrait lens ?
  237. Dumb Stuff
  238. Elsa Dorfman is retiring
  239. Anybody know what camera this is, and what model Weston meter?
  240. Video: Slowness
  241. Book - The Spirit Within - Saint Junipero by Craig Alan Huber
  242. 11x14 Print. What Mat Size?
  243. What Makes a sellable photograph?
  244. Pictorialism - Soft focus and alternate processes
  245. Story on photographing heirloom vegetables with a view camera on NPR.
  246. Help identify this (British) photographer and technique
  247. What does archival mean?
  248. USMC Pilot Photographer J.R. Todd
  249. What makes a photographer when everyone is taking pictures?
  250. The photographic print, Millennials, and "Peak Stuff"