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  1. Photographers in the Doghouse, William Mortensen, et. al.
  2. Cost of a Nicholas Nixon contact print
  3. Vanessa Winship which lens?
  4. Pome, (with appologies to W.S. Gilbert)
  5. Timothy O'Sullivan KIng Survey Photos
  6. Louis Daguerre's 224th birthday
  7. Freestyle: 30 years of Pyro
  8. Paul Strand video on Netflix
  9. Tensing Up During Exposure
  10. Two Films on Cartier-Bresson
  11. 22 early 1900s photographs of New York
  12. The future of photography
  13. Photographers who did ... what??
  14. Roger Deakins on Photography, Film & Digital
  15. Suggested Reading - Magazine
  16. Easy to Change Photo Display Methods for the Office and Studio?
  17. ULF LightJet prints (180x300cm) exhibited to Maison Européenne de la Photographie
  18. Photographers who have not had any shows
  19. Chester Kohn in Accord, NY
  20. The fastest 4x5 camera ever!!!
  21. Massimo Vitali's solo exhibition at Brancolini Grimaldi gallery, London
  22. Bruce Davidson on how he did Subway
  23. Stock Photographs and Nature Photography
  24. Image as Currency
  25. Has Anyone (Backers) Received Their Vivian Maier Book Yet?
  26. All about Better Light scanning back
  27. How "pro" photographers spend their time....
  28. The value of large format cameras
  29. Morte Nature show at The Horticultural Society of New York
  30. Huge photography archive inside PA mountain
  31. Kodak's journey towards bankruptcy.....
  32. Tony Le Duc
  33. "Hidden Mother" technique of baby photography
  34. NY Times Lens: Jerry Uelsmann Interview and Images
  35. 100 Most Influential Photogs of all Time
  36. Your 10 Most Influential Photographers
  37. How to Be the Photograph: Patti Smith, Stieglitz & O'Keeffe
  38. Russell Monk Portraits in Mexico
  39. Speed Graphic Man
  40. The influence of early photography on painting
  41. 19th Century Photogravure process
  42. mixing color & B&W
  43. Teenage Photographer Wins Settlement From London Police
  44. Vivian Maier in NYC until Jan 28th 2012.
  45. Examples of Work Known to be Orthochromatic
  46. The Radical Camera: New York’s Photo League 1936-1951
  47. The Woodmans
  48. Bruce Barnbaum's new book - Plateaus and Canyons
  49. Matthew Turley
  50. Arizona Highways Best 50
  51. California's 340 Ton Sculpture: Photo Project?
  52. Photographer's SATSQ
  53. Rax
  54. pinkums and xray (happy new year)
  55. The challenge of large format colour
  56. Yousuf Karsh... I never knew
  57. Long Exposure Record?
  58. Video featuring me....
  59. Robert Hughes's The Shock of the New
  60. Eve Arnold, 1912-2012
  61. question/musings on composition
  62. Terminology: group-portrait vs group-photo
  63. Pierre Gonnord
  64. How many photos is enough?
  65. Peter Hujar
  66. Found Photographs
  67. House Calls on CBC Radio this Sat
  68. Steichen's Flatiron Print Size
  69. information about a photographer in besancon france
  70. Extreme pinhole astrophotography!
  71. Extreme pinhole astrophotography!
  72. Photogs pose with their most iconic shot
  73. Wonderful use of old photographs
  74. This may not be possible soon...
  75. Edward Weston Film.
  76. Weegee at ICP
  77. Patrick Gainer
  78. In Memory of Ernest Purdum
  79. Paris 1900 color photography?
  80. Where's the wandering photographer?
  81. Venice in Solitude
  82. How to Make a Book with Steidl
  83. Opinions on AA.
  84. World Press Photo and LF
  85. Half plate - exact size?
  86. Simon Norfolk Afghanistan
  87. List of the most expensive photographs
  88. Lillian Bassman, dead at 94
  89. Now this is LARGE format
  90. New Steichen photos
  91. New Mitch Epstein Work
  92. The Gregory Crewdson film is coming!
  93. Is LF like poetry?
  94. Cinematographic photography
  95. Atget at MOMA
  96. PBS Bit
  97. Robert Demachy A favorite of mine
  98. 4.5 X 6CM FOR collecting advice
  99. Annie Liebowitz ?
  100. Military Wet Plate Portraits - NPR
  101. Eleanor Callahan RIP
  102. Film is Not Dead (Book)
  103. A fascinated kid
  104. Your favorite female photographer
  105. Your Favorite Black Photographer
  106. Your Favorite Pygmy Transgendered Mulatto Photographers Who Aren't Influential?
  107. 40'a Kodachrome WWII Photographs
  108. Your Favorite Photographers that you are pretty sure not enough people are into.
  109. underwater fashion
  110. Why LF doesn't seem to be working for me
  111. My favorite Black photographer
  112. George Hurrell lighting
  113. A portfolio of fine prints...
  114. Landscapers ― how to treat (small) archaeological finds?
  115. When are the Texas Blue Bonnets blooming this year?
  116. Paula Lerner RIP
  117. Kodak Portra 160 20x24" and Massimo Vitali
  118. Storage of slides/negs?
  119. 70 years ago...
  120. In today's Washington Post
  121. Elderly Photographer using longer focal lengths as I age
  122. Large format makes brief appearance on PBS's Nova
  123. 100-year-old color photos
  124. Ansel Adam's [I] Siesta Lake[/I]
  125. Why do you shoot Black and White over Color?
  126. Large wet plate video
  127. Best Death Valley photographer?
  128. American Girl
  129. Queen of Heaven
  130. Is film photography "alternative photography" yet?
  131. Weston's Whitman
  132. John Cleese on Creativity
  133. By Reason, or by Faith?
  134. Ansel Adams Quote?
  135. Master or journeyman
  136. Taryn Simon on ted.com
  137. Will photos decorate your funeral, memorial, or wake?
  138. Chemigrams
  139. The "Descriptive" Camera
  140. Phthlate esters and their role in a greener world
  141. Photographing Buildings.
  142. Robert Adams prints--printing technique?
  143. Afghan Box Camera
  144. Do you cry?
  145. Buy new or buy used?
  146. alfred cheney johnston
  147. Any samples with this exorbitantly dear Leica camera will be appreciated!
  148. Camera magazine (Lucerne) 1968-1974 bound volumes - any interest?
  149. Was there a sign for you that you weren't (or were) a LF photographer?
  150. Silver and Light by Ian Ruhter
  151. Russian tri-color plates, 100 years old
  152. How many of us are in Ottawa / Gatineau? Do "we" want to get together for a shoot?
  153. Finding, Figuring, Framing, Focusing, Firing
  154. 90mm & architecture – why the popularity?
  155. Analogue or Digital?
  156. Shooting chromes for artwork reproduction
  157. Weston -- How many peppers?
  158. Does “Photographic Realism” really exist?
  159. 8x10 photographers
  160. Steiglitz' Clouds
  161. Any benefit to 8x10 over 4x5 if not contact printing?
  162. The best way to imitate the look of wet plate collodion
  163. In the Defense of Depth Article on TOP (re: Shallow Depth of Field Fad)
  164. Local News Cameo with my 8x10
  165. Aerials over Britain 1919-1953
  166. Is there such a thing as fine art photography anymore?
  167. Canadian short film on 8x10 shooter
  168. "Pss, hey buddy. you want to see some photos in the back?"
  169. How does this heat change your photography?
  170. What is the ideal lighting source for silver prints for display?
  171. glass globe used by Clarence H White
  172. 19 x 13 Mat size
  173. Why the resurgence in wet-plate photography?
  174. Looking for mediterranean subject matter in color
  175. A Conversation about Photography, Joerg Colberg and Edward Rozzo
  176. NY Times Lens feature
  177. Irving Penn biography
  178. Their Golden Years—Damon Winter
  179. Film makes you beautiful
  180. Exhibition in Prague - Jan Reich
  181. George Tice in NYT Magazine
  182. How do you come up with a project?
  183. Historic Parallels Glass Plate to Film... Film to Digi
  184. CNN Photography article
  185. David and his Speed Graphic at the Games
  186. Paul Strand's film "Manhatta"
  187. Roman Loranc - dodge & burn?
  188. I Miss Bill Jay's Endnotes...
  189. Is large format photography on the rise?
  190. Public Art - a trap for the unwary?
  191. Blurb...practical or not?
  192. Oldest photogaphs?
  193. What do you guys think of..............
  194. What % of your work is in LF...4 x 5 and up?
  195. Oh man! Postmortem portrait photography.
  196. Christopher Thomas - Venice In Solitude
  197. NPR: Making The Impossible Possible For 8x10 Film
  198. 1958 Ansel Adams Film
  199. Kirby Ferguson: Embracing the Remix
  200. So, how often do you really use your camera's movements?
  201. Joachim Knill's 20x30 Still lives.
  202. How many lenses do you carry in the field?
  203. How many lenses? more specific
  204. What's your most used focal length?
  205. Olaf Otto Becker's "Broken Line"
  206. Kodak paper dating
  207. Isenburg Photography Collection $15 Million sale
  208. Film: A sudden end
  209. 8x10 Color in the NYTimes Magazine Section
  210. Dye Transfer & E Porter
  211. Displaying photos -- a simple solution?
  212. An interview with our own paulr
  213. Any LF Photographers/Galleries in NY?
  214. f-stops, shutter speed, ISO, light meter and testing with a DSLR
  215. New Social Network for Street and Film Photography
  216. Roman Loranc, has he moved?
  217. Joshua Lutz Meadowlands
  218. LF Photographer Wins MacArthur "Genius Grant" Award
  219. new polaroid 8x10
  220. Congratulations to The Boss
  221. Last Bell Factory in America
  222. Brett Weston
  223. If I knew then what I know now....
  224. NYTimes on Sugimoto
  225. Alan Watts: "What do you desire? What makes you itch?"
  226. Camillus Fly, Pioneer Western Photographer & Lawman
  227. Video and article on Instagram
  228. Selo Factory plus other views from 1934
  229. Richard Misrach books
  230. LF Camera in the News
  231. Looking for a HABS photographer - Shreveport, LA
  232. Ansel Adam's MASTERWORKS at the Paine Museum - Oshkosh, WI
  233. Acquiring new gear: Growing as a photographer, or just a "Gearhead"?
  234. Photographic Paradoxes Post (PPP)
  235. Ed Burtynsky
  236. Legality of photographing at polling places?
  237. Large format hurricane Sandy disaster porn- which photographer will get it out first?
  238. Gregory Crewdson Documentary Brief Encounters
  239. New Books on Architectural Photography Legends
  240. Slit photography
  241. O. Winston Link on NYTimes Lens Blog
  242. "It's upside down!"
  243. ULF wet-plate video
  244. Willard van Dyke's Documentary on Edward Weston
  245. Gray on grey on gray....why the short tonal range?
  246. Edward Curtis Film
  247. What We Photograph
  248. The Vanishing Cultures - An American Portrait
  249. Are we all here?
  250. The limits. Your limits