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  2. Join us
  3. New forum: Philosophy of Photography
  4. Large Format Workshop (Central Virginia)
  5. A project you wouldn't wan to miss! Have a look!
  6. Newsletter 2
  7. Camera Care
  8. View Camera Techniqe 7th ed. by Leslie Stroebel
  9. Comparing specs for large format lenses now available on Camera Review
  10. "Rare" literature and ebay
  11. New forum: Images of Photography
  12. Large-Format Photography and Messageboard
  14. This forum needs a SEARCH ENGINE
  15. Should the LF page be part of photo.net? Comments
  16. Software for displaying LF images over the internet
  17. put your question to the wfpamembers@onelist.com
  18. Graflex.org helpboard is up!
  20. A View Camera Festival - Portland, Oregon
  21. A sign of the times...
  22. ever need a B&W chrome?
  23. ADMIN: Please use DESCRIPTIVE title and CATEGORIZE
  24. 19th Annual Spring Photo Swap Meet - Portland, Or.
  25. Andreas Gursky
  26. End of an Era
  27. Going to PMA - anybody need anything?
  28. ADMIN: Ask LF questions here or on photo.net?
  29. Gordon Hutchings Exhibit Sacramento CA
  30. 19th PPF Sprint Photo Swap Meet: Portland, Or. Sat, 3/17/01
  31. ADMIN: digest problems
  32. Ansel Adams exhibit comes to Midwest
  33. What is the tendency with japanese product prices?
  34. New"PhotoVision" Magazine
  35. I finally bought a camera
  36. Many thanx to all
  37. Elinchrom studio lighting
  38. Unicolor 8x10 drum
  39. i need job as photographer
  40. 5x7 T-MAX available!
  42. Tuesday's disaster
  43. Show of Kenro Izu in NYC
  44. Dade-Broward 4x5 Photographers
  45. FYI: The Friends of Photography closes for good
  46. Updates on Michael Fatali Delicate Arch incident
  47. WARNING: Don't post any film in the US!
  48. Joel Meyerowitz on NPR
  49. Badger Graphic Sells Shen Hao 4x5 and 8x10 Cameras
  50. official advisory from Fujifilm USA about commercial air travel with film. Also advice about postal and delivery services
  51. More Long Term Cataloguing of these Archives
  52. New Web Site: Lux Fragilis Photography
  53. new photography trends report -- free advanced copies
  54. The 1st John Sexton fake?, Second One Not!!
  56. USA photographers: Copyright Protection ; The PPA want you to contact your congressman
  57. James Thurber's Walter Mitty Complex & Me
  58. Bromwell e-mail address
  59. website critique (and links!) wanted
  60. Update on Fatali Incident
  61. Photo Copyright Case -- BNA's Internet Law News (ILN) - 2/7/02
  62. John Sexton will be Baltimore, Maryland
  63. AIPAD
  64. A measure of the esteem that LF photography is held in.
  65. E'beedeya...E'beedeya...E'beedeya...E'beedeya... That's all Folks!
  66. Stolen LF equipment. Heart broken, to say the least
  67. New International Center of Photography, Washington, DC
  68. Censorship on this Site?
  69. Moving to L.A -Advice-
  70. NYTimes art/photography reviews
  71. Searching the archives
  72. Reducing back for Eastman Commercial View
  73. A response to Ken Hough's posting regarding business practices
  74. Large Format Users Directory: Update/Move
  75. This forum is going..going ..gone !
  76. Ansel Adams at 100
  77. "Uncle Eddie" Weston
  78. Edward Weston - Photography and Modernism at the Phillips Collection, Washington, DC
  79. More photography in Washington, DC
  80. ADMIN: I think we are going to Photo.net ....
  81. In the event that being at photo net sux....
  82. This link appears to be the new LF forum at photo.net
  83. Time to move to photo.net?
  84. [historical interest] This Forum Has Been Migrated To Photo.net
  86. Fantastic !!! Back in business again, so to speak.
  87. Pretty Amazing
  88. Celebrate this FREE and Independent Forum for Large Format Photography!
  89. Details about the FREE Mt. Shasta Large Format Workshop in October!
  90. Reminder: Large Format User's Directory
  91. large format photo conference
  92. wista 4x5 and mamiya 7 stolen - REWARD
  93. Fraud--beware Shawn Cain aka @eBay "iwantstuff88"
  94. PhotoPlus trade show passes
  95. New Tri-X
  96. The FREE Mt. Shasta Photo Workshop is next week!
  97. Azo - Negative densities
  98. large format conference
  99. In Atlanta: Smith/Chamlee Exhibition
  100. What's a Badger Brand?
  101. 4x5 film available in Yosemite Valley
  102. Fall colors in California NOW!
  103. Bostick & Sullivan - "Super Service"
  104. Sept 2003 Black & White Photography Issue(UK)
  105. Investor Rebellion at Kodak? Blood in the streets of Rochester??
  106. Sad News, Barry Thornton passed away.
  107. Donations to schools
  108. Hanging 3 month show of LF work at the Nevada State Library!
  109. Snapshots from the Free Workshop at Mt. Shasta!
  110. rec.photo.equipment.large-format
  111. TSA and photogrpahic equipment
  112. New regs for carrying film and cameras
  113. MA LF group presents lecture by camera builder, John Layton.
  114. shutter repair
  115. Scam on e-bay - don't bid!!
  116. Ansel Adams Exhibition in Pensacola FL
  117. Two articles from Way beyond monochrome
  118. Large Format Photo Conference
  119. Film, Kodak, and the Future
  120. Anyone interested in posting/discussing LF pictures on the web?
  121. Gum/Platinum Exhibition in Carmel, CA
  122. David Michael Kennedy Exhibit in South Florida
  123. New Architectural Photographers' Site
  124. The Free Joshua Tree Photo Workshop!!!
  125. View Camera Conference
  126. The Free Workshop Group Show
  127. Dagor77 or Steven King?
  128. Ansel Adams exhibit- only six days left
  129. Kodak to stop manufacturing film cameras
  130. The Free Oregon Coast Workshop Dates...
  131. Reminder: Large Format User's Directory
  132. Last Call for the Free Joshua Tree Workshop!
  133. FYI-photo/art books
  134. Any One Interested In Organizing an East Coast Conference ?
  135. Update on the Free Oregon Coast Workshop in May!
  136. Edward Weston show - 103 vintage prints - 12 Kodachromes - Dayton, Ohio
  137. Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day
  138. An opportunity to shoot aircraft cockpits!
  139. "SHOOTING THE WEST" Winnemucca Nevada March 12-14
  140. you are all sissies....
  141. Underground Leica Forum has a large format category
  142. New iew Camera Online Gallery
  143. New England Large Format Collective
  144. Joseph Holmes website revisited
  145. New England Large Format Collective #2
  146. Photography & Place Conference, Newport RI March 25-28
  147. The Free Oregon Coast Workshop May 2 to May 9
  148. U.K. based workshop with Tillman Crane, May 8th -13th 2004
  149. Kodak dropped from Dow
  150. Look me up at VC Conference
  151. New 4x5 filmholders for $10 if you want 'em
  152. Talk
  153. My recent purchases, acomplishments and a change of e-mail
  154. Mountainsmith to Release New Photo Backpack
  155. Large Format Exhibit in Fresno
  156. Arch. Photography Text
  157. deseperatly looking for KONICA INSTANT PRESS to buy
  158. Chris Jordan
  159. New Website
  160. Anybody in Whittier, So. Cal. on June 5th ?
  161. Photograph Exchange
  162. new large format club in Carolinas
  163. Photographer's Rights Protest NYC
  164. San Francisco Area LF Photographers
  165. New York Times Magazine
  166. Toot Toot
  167. The First Free Workshop Group Show
  168. View Camera magazine
  169. See me naked
  170. NE Florida Large Format Photography Exhibit
  171. FW: PhotoPermit.org - photographers rights site
  172. John Hicks?
  173. View Camera magazine discussion group + More PMK kerfuffle
  174. QuadToneRIP is available for Windows XP
  175. The FREE Zion Large Format Workshop / Gettogether in November!
  176. WWLFG (WesternWashington Large Format Group)
  177. www.mammothcamera.com update
  178. Ilford lets be postive
  179. Seattle-Polaroid 20x24
  180. A new buy/sell/trade forum for Graflex collectors
  181. Large Format Photography Exhibit near Tampa
  182. And they say nothing is perfect.
  183. New Photographic Gallery in Toronto
  184. B&H Packing Material
  185. Ansel Adams Exhibit in Indiana
  186. Gallery Announcements
  187. Georgia O'Keefe, Stieglitz, Weston, Adams, Cunningham Exhibit
  188. New QuadToneRIP 2.1 - Epson 4000 Now Supported
  189. Looking for ICG 355i Scanner user
  190. Photokina news
  191. Richard Avedon Dies
  192. Smith / Chamlee to lecture in New England October 24th
  193. St.Therese sister a LF photographer? Who'd a thunk it?
  194. Display at Frye Art museum
  195. Win a 4x5 field camera on the APUG site.
  196. The FREE Zion Workshop in November
  197. National Geographic - Nov 2004 - Charles Darwin
  198. Large format days nov. 20.& 21-2004 Oslo, Norway
  199. Edward Weston: A Lecture and Slide Presentation
  200. November Gallery opening
  201. Ebay Fraud Alert: Linhof Press 70
  202. W.Wegman Vancouver
  203. Ezra Stoller, dead at 89
  204. Opened Landscape - my exhibition opens today
  205. News on Forte
  206. Exhibition Announcement
  207. THANKS TO ALL!!!
  208. Ilford: Any further news?
  209. Print Exchange
  210. Print Exchange...3 People Interested!
  211. Print Exchange
  212. Print Exchange Rules
  213. Print Exchange Participants' Mailing Address
  214. Print Exchange Rule Addition & Mailing Info
  215. New Photo Exchange Participant!
  216. New York Times article about Clifford Ross ULF
  217. The FREE Annual Joshua Tree Gettogether / Workshop
  218. An invitation to landscape photographers
  219. LF PAW for 2005 ?
  220. ULF webpage has moved, and grown...
  221. The FREE 2005 Joshua Tree Workshop Jan. 28 to Jan.
  222. Ilford Products Price Increases
  223. Large Format Conference presentation?
  224. The FREE Joshua Tree Photo Workshop!
  225. New Shen-Hao Users Group forum
  226. 8x10 alive and well in NY Times Magazine Today
  227. New articles on Mamut Photo
  228. Toyo Compendium Shade
  229. Philip Johnson Dead
  230. Show announcement
  231. Ansel Adams and Clyde Butcher
  232. Website Update
  233. Exhibition Announcement - Ottawa
  234. Print Exchange Reminder
  235. Web site being updated
  236. Scottish Mammoth Camera Workshop, May 2005
  237. Another shakey eBay auction
  238. 4x5 Camera Used for Kurt Colbain, Rolling Stone
  239. New stuff on Mamut Photo
  240. Arch. Photo. demo. at VC Conference.
  241. Rodenstock lens data on web
  242. Exhibition Announcement - Ottawa; 3-27 April
  243. "Free 8x10 Eastman" follow-up
  244. Internship at my Lab
  245. Josef Sudek exhibit
  246. ROLL CALL
  247. To Annie M
  248. First Impression of Epson 4990
  249. Show Opening
  250. Big Huge website update!