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  1. Darkroom Print Exhibition-Melbourne Australia
  2. Open House September 11, 2016
  3. Wet Plate Collodion Workshop; 24th-25th September 2016; London UK
  4. Point Reyes Book Published!
  5. New Website!
  6. Exhibition of new work- Tipperary- 26th August
  7. Week of Wet-Plate Collodion (Ambrotypes, Negatives & Salted Paper Printing) - Berlin
  8. View Camera has ceased publication
  9. Louisana Disaster Relief
  10. Large Format Nude Portrait show at the Vermont Center for Photography
  11. Dogs Among Us - Exhibit in NYC - September 7th to October 1st
  12. New Flickr Group for 8x10 and larger
  13. Newer website
  14. Treasured Lands book
  15. Nathan Lyons--Passing---A Champion of Photography As An Art
  16. The Steve McCurry exhibit is open in the Baldwin Photographic Gallery.
  17. 2016 NW Alt Photo Symposium
  18. Brett Weston portfolios - Lodima Press
  19. Alternative Revolution- Washington, New Orleans and Toronto
  20. Wynn Bullock/Morley Baer Exhibit in San Francisco 9/8 to 10/30/16
  21. Ansel Adams Manzanar on exhibit in MA (USA)
  22. Mark Citret @ Rayko in San Francisco
  23. My Lesbian Portraits Opening in Florida September 23 2016
  24. darkroom classes in Dallas!
  25. Face and Figure Lighting Workshop
  26. Paul Caponigro, et al, Oct. 16th, Camera Commons in Dover, NH
  27. ALCHEMY OF LIGHT, Tillman Crane exhibit at National Art Museum of China, Opens NOV23
  28. Moholy-Nagy: Future Present Chicago Bauhaus ARTIC extravaganza
  29. Wasserman—Community Uprooted Exhibit
  30. Jan Pietrzak at THe NM Museum of Art
  31. Three upcoming events for "Treasured Lands" NV and CA
  32. Split Contrast Silver Printing workshop Nov. 4 - 6, 2016
  33. Exhibition: Welt-Anschauung mit der Kamera, Kunstverein Aalen, Germany
  34. Shelby Lee Adams
  35. Article on Carbon Transfer by Sandy King in Looking Glass Magazine
  36. Cuba Photography Workshop
  37. Portland Art Museum Talk
  38. Tillman Crane being inducted in Alabama Center for Arts Hall of Fame
  39. Beginner darkroom workshop in Dallas, Texas
  40. Passing of Roger Burrough
  41. Exhibit: Kanu Kahoʻolawe - Replanting, Rebirth, Burke Museum, Seattle
  42. My Exhibit of Lesbian Portraits Opens in NYC Next Week
  43. LensWork #127
  44. Paul Caponigro et al...Panel Discussion/Gallery Talk at Camera Commons 12/11/16
  45. Point Reyes Platinum Print Project
  46. Bruce Barnbaum Norway Workshop 2017
  47. Steve Harper Exhibition Tonight
  48. Historic Photographic Workshops, Berlin 2017
  49. The Carbon Print
  50. Brett Weston Exhibit - Greenwich, CT
  51. LF at Photo LA - Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee
  52. Closing Sale of Prints. Photo Museum Denmark
  53. Video Interview with Steve Sherman
  54. Basic Darkroom Course in Dallas
  55. New Website for my business
  56. Short notice -- great opening 1/28, Hayward, CA
  57. Book Reading
  58. My redesigned website
  59. My Show on Interracial Couples - New York City
  60. Baldwin Gallery Show
  61. Adolph Gasser
  62. Blackford Bestiary opening in Dallas this weekend, February 18.
  63. Thingamajig
  64. wet plate installation complete
  65. Platinum printing demo - my new video!
  66. "WITH" a portrait series shot on 8x10 paper negative.
  67. Workshop 2017
  68. Alternative Revolution Pop Up Shows this spring, Glen Echo, New Orleans, Toronto
  69. New D'Agostini book on German/Austrian lens makers in the 19th Century
  70. Nicaraguan Elders Exhibition in Poughkeepsie, NY
  71. Alternative Print Raffle
  72. Tucson Arizona - WETPLATE workshop - 15 April
  73. MassART MFA Thesis Show - 4/20
  75. Minimal Agitation Premium Video available
  76. Carbon Transfer Workshop by Sandy King at the Formulary
  77. The Nicaraguans: Twenty Years Between Portraits
  78. World Wet Plate Day
  79. Exhibit dates extended: Kanu Kahoʻolawe - Replanting, Rebirth, Burke Museum, Seattle
  80. B&H Photo/Free Optics Conference, New York City --- June, 2017
  81. Lens Flare - Arta Gallery, Toronto
  82. Belated notice of Christopher Broadbent exhibit
  83. Video interview with Austin Granger about his book and the platinum prints
  84. Trade Shows 2017
  85. Treasured Lands Exhibit, San Jose CA, June 2017
  86. Bievres "Trade Show" 3-4th June 2017
  87. New Book by Merg Ross
  88. New Book: Landscape as Longing: Queens, New York by Frank Gohlke and Joel Sternfeld
  89. Michael Smith Paula Chamlee Show Highland Park IL
  90. New Book of Large-Format Images & Publication Advice
  91. Berlin UrbX 2017 Large Format Photography Worksho
  92. Wet-Plate Collodion/Salted Paper Printing - Berlin
  93. Ray McSavaney listed on Wikipedia
  94. John Sanderson Railroad Photographs
  95. Etudes au Naturel in Rockland Maine this July
  96. Fragile Waters at San Jose Museum of Art
  97. Photobucket problems?
  98. Open House Tomorrow July 8 -Toronto Location
  99. Major Photography Exhibition at Art Institute of Chicago/through October 29, 2017
  100. Call for Entry: Hariban Award - win a trip to Kyoto to make collotypes
  101. Announcing Gampi and Orotype Platinum Prints by Marko Trebušak; video
  102. The Blackfork Bestiary up for an extended run.
  103. Clearance sale - Newspace center for photography closed - Saturday July 22 (2017)
  104. Drew Bedo Displays Images at Abilities Expo in Houston August 4-5-6.
  105. 7 Train: Minutes to Midtown Exhibition at Grand Central Terminal
  106. exhibit in Rockport ME
  107. photogravure: Wiesbaden, germany
  108. Baldwin Photo Gallery - new show
  109. To my dismay, one of my works has been stolen.
  110. A show in Louisville, KY
  111. Gold Street Studios-Sandy King, Sam Wang and Zhong Jianming
  112. Show and panel discussion -- East SF Bay, CA (PhotoCentral Hayward)
  113. Alternative Printing Workshop
  114. Digital Priting Seminar
  115. Walker Evans retrospective at San Francisco Museum of Art
  116. A New "History of Photography"
  117. Lecture on Petzval Lenses, Tucson, Oct. 5
  118. Walker Evans Retrospective/San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
  119. Monadnock Art Studio Tour - 7-8 October - Peterborough NH
  120. A Group Show at Bistango in Irvine, CA
  121. New Workshop Series in the San Francisco Bay Area
  122. photography for sale to benefit peurto rico disaster relief
  123. TOP is interested in hearing from photographers who still do LF contact printing
  124. Treasured Lands exhibit, San Francisco, November 2017
  125. Alternative Photography Workshops Berlin 2018
  126. PALLAS - Toronto November 10 , 11 2017
  127. Open House in Connecticut
  128. Where to donate?
  129. American Heroes: Portraits of Service by Thomas Sanders now at MTSU
  130. Scott Nichols Gallery, San Francisco / 25th Anniversary Exhibition
  131. Big Camera, Big Portraits tonight at Glass Key Photo in San Francisco
  132. Stephen DiRado at the University of New Hampshire Museum of Art
  133. Sacred place Fine Art exhibition
  134. QT Luong email today
  135. Steve Sherman's Power of Process Video Series Holiday sale
  136. Peter Gowland exhibition ended 1/29/17
  137. Platinum and Palladium Photographs: Technical History, Connoisseurship, and Preservat
  138. Subjectively, Objective Volume 4: John Sanderson: National Character
  139. Exhibition and book release in New York
  140. Transgender Exhibition in NYC
  141. Extreme Minimal Agitation Video and promotion thru 2017
  142. Worldwide Large Format Photography Contest
  143. Symposium in Toronto
  144. Show in Santa Fe, New Mexico
  145. 2018 VA Arts Competition
  146. Merg Ross in Black & White Magazine (US) April, 2018
  147. Carbon Transfer Discussion Group
  148. Photography Exhibit in Scarsdale, New York
  149. MTSU Baldwin Photo Gallery - The Collection
  150. Baldwin Photo Gallery - new show
  151. Austin Granger Show in Astoria, Oregon
  152. Photo Central - Hayward CA - Vancouver BC -Matthew Plexman Clearcut Images
  153. Nicholas Nixon show in Boston
  154. New show at the MTSU Baldwin Gallery
  155. Alan Ross Workshop: Yosemite, October 2018
  156. Alan Ross Workshop: Dallas, Texas - Summer 2018
  157. Extending Tradition-Large Format
  158. Pigment Prints at Bushwick NY this Weekend
  159. Jim Fitzgerald-Revealed In Carbon
  160. Brett Weston/Exhibition - Daytona Beach, FL - April 28, 2018 through July 29, 2018
  161. Brett Weston - Exhibition, Cleveland Museum of Art/ Ends May 6, 2018
  162. Christopher Burkett Interview on PBS
  163. Photogravure in Torun, Poland
  164. LF photo member wins 2018 Lensculture Portrait Series Award
  165. Carbon Printing Show; Witho Worms
  166. Art Shay RIP
  167. Exhibition: Ansel Adams & Edward Weston @ Scott Nichols Gallery, SF/May-June 2018
  168. Carbon Workshop May 18, 19 and 20, 2018. PhotoCentral, Hayward, CA
  169. Tintype Photographer on PBS Newshour
  170. The Return of Photobucket
  171. First of its kind carbon transfer fine art edition book
  172. Videos of Camera Building discussion, Gallery talk and book release
  173. "Cooke Lens Compendium" is finally published
  174. Jay Dusard exhibit at Booth Museum Georgia
  175. NELFPC at the Lyman Allyn Art Museum
  176. Call for Work for New Book on Carbon Transfer
  177. Robert Langham at Foto Relevance in Houston.
  178. The Blackfork Bestiary up at WorkHub in Tyler, Texas
  179. 2018/2019 8X10/11X14 Print Exchange begins today
  180. Printer Proof work in Toronto
  181. New Book: The Handmade Silver Gelatin Emulsion Print
  182. Toronto Workshop in Multiple Gum Printing and Palladium
  183. Weekly Workshop Featuring Large Format In Virginia Beach, VA
  184. Free weekend gathering to share photographs
  185. Alan Ross Yosemite Workshop "Crafting the Fine Silver Image" 9-13 October 2018
  186. Lookinglass
  187. my website...
  188. Austin Granger Show in Portland, Oregon
  189. Opening in Rockland, Maine
  190. Sherman, Bosco, and Layton at Camera Commons Sept. 30th
  191. My Book on Confederate Monuments Has Been Published
  192. The Vernacular of Landscape Exhibition Opening Friday 9/14
  193. Wiki Loves Monuments 2018 in the United States a call for the unusual
  194. The Preparator and Printer
  195. First Solo Show in Modesto JC: To Photograph the Woman
  196. Robert Langham "Magic & Logic" opening Sept 29 at the Grace Museum, Abilene.
  197. New (and improved?) Website
  198. Monadnock Art Tour Open Studios - Oct 6-8
  199. Confederate Monument Exhibition
  200. Sally Mann: A Thousand Crossings, opens at the Getty November 15th.
  201. Exhibit: "Abstractions, A-Z", Scott Nichols Gallery, San Francisco
  202. Brand Spanking New Website
  203. "Ansel Adams in Our Time"
  204. photographs for sale to benefit local church that burned down last week
  205. Weston's Open New Community Darkroom near Monterey, CA
  206. Dry Plate Prints on permanent display in Brookline, NH Town Hall
  207. My Personal Website
  208. Austin Granger featured in LensWork
  209. Clyde Butcher signing books at the Appleton Art Museum in Ocala February 2nd
  210. MIdwest Large Format Asylum 1/26- anyone going?
  211. UK Photography Show anyone?
  212. Interview on the Trackside Photographer
  213. Nadar exhibition at the National Library, Paris, until February 5th 2019
  214. Bob Carnie News
  215. Contact Print Show at Camera Commons in Dover, NH
  216. Errata in silver gelatin paper book
  217. BROAD STREET BULLIES BEWARE we have a show coming at you
  218. Kodak Film Awards
  219. Art Institute Chicago Conserving Photographs Exhibition
  220. CARBON COUNTY Portfolio Box + Newsprint Booklet Published by Zatara Press
  221. Show: "A World of Alternatives", Ansel Adams Gallery, April 1st, 2019
  222. Bostick and Sullivan: Photo Historic 2019 Alt Photo Competition winners announced
  223. Minna Keene & Violet Keene Perinchief at Stephan Bulger Gallery
  224. Memorial for Michael A. Smith *Sunday April 14, 2019*
  225. NEW BOOK: Finally, an easier and inexpensive (very) new technology for photogravure