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  2. My first exhibition - Nov. 7th - 29th
  3. Dean Jones RIP
  4. Photographers Fighting Cancer and New England Large Format Photography Collective
  5. Japan Show Coming Up
  6. Group Exhibition in the Glendale Brand Library Art Gallery
  7. Bruce Davidson & Paul Caponigro
  8. WORKSHOP: Introduction to Large Format Photograph: March 6-8, 2015 - Death Valley NP
  9. Article: Ries Tripod story, New England Journal of Photographic History
  10. RIP Lucien Clergue
  11. John Upton Exhibit/San Francisco Bay Area
  12. WANTED: 18 Photographers for the 2015 LF Folio Exchange. Read before signing up!
  13. Camera Show & Swap: Kent Washington USA April 11, 2015
  14. Robert Langham at TCC Gallery in Longview, Texas
  15. Project to Produce a 12" f/3.6 Petzval Gathering Steam
  16. Just because I like it so much.... ;)
  17. POWER of PROCESS workshop dates for 2015
  18. Land
  19. Huge sale on Pelican cases today
  20. Analog photo only call for submission now open
  21. LF at Cedar Rapids Museum of Art
  22. Reactions to the Paul Strand Exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
  23. Wynn Bullock at High Museum Atlanta - Groupon
  24. Visions of Florida, The photographic art of Clyde Butcher
  25. 2015 Alternative Process & Wet Plate Workshops, NYC
  26. 3 Photographers & A Partial History of Photograpy The Theme: Movement
  27. Ed Ranney at The New Mexico Museum of Art.
  28. Paul Caponigro Show at The Santa Fe University of Art and Design
  29. Houston Center for Photography print auction
  30. "Exhibition" of my Transformations:Cosplay project
  31. Large Format Photography workshops in the castles of Spain
  32. Photography on display at The Phillips Collection
  33. Kennedy Gallery, Portsmouth, NH, Exhibit
  34. Roman Loranc reception Feb 14 2015
  35. Exhibit at University of New Mexico: Sites of North Kohala
  36. Alan Ross "Crafting the Fine Silver Print" Workshop, Dublin, Ireland, July 2015
  37. Tom Millea Obituary
  38. Large Format Workshop - Los Angeles, CA - March 27 - 29, 2015
  39. Dead Heads: Then and Now Project
  40. Today at SFUAD Thomas Joshua Cooper
  41. David L Hunsberger - The Mennonite Story
  42. Take a Walk on the Wild Side...
  43. Thomas Joshua Cooper at Lannan Foundation 5-7 tomorrow
  44. Wynn Bullock Exhibit at Viewpoint Gallery, Sacramento (April/May 2015)
  45. 50th Edition of The Photograph Explained!
  46. My First Show Starts March 6 as Part of Month of Photography Denver
  47. Annual exhibition of Kunstverein Aalen (Germany)
  48. The making of "The rain maker" on petapixel
  49. 2015 F295 Symposium! May 28-31, 2015
  50. Tribute for Ray McSavaney - April 13, LA
  51. PhotoStock 2015
  52. Gigantic Walk-in Camera Planned for Penobscot Marine Museum’s 2015 Season
  53. Central Camera wants our Ilford Special Cut business as told to me by Don, yesterday
  54. Exhibit of Mexico Profundo Photographs, Pueblo, Colorado, April-June
  55. Intro to Large Format workshop at Project Basho in Philadelphia
  56. New LF book "Bay Bridge: The New East Span" by Tom Paiva
  57. Steve Sherman Power of Process Workshops
  58. RE: "Outing The Mermaid"
  59. Barcelona Vertical [Book Publication by Soren Berenguer]
  60. Exhibit Announcement: The Alchemist's Vision
  61. The World of Inkjet Paper Seminar at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design
  62. LF photography workshop in italy
  63. Sam Houston State 1970s grads for Alumni show?
  64. Brian Kosoff Show at Camerawork Gallery in Portland, Oregon
  65. So, I wrote a beginner's guide to large format on my blog....
  66. Large Format Photography Australia Blog is now The Large Format Blog!
  67. UK Large Format Photography Exhibition: A Year at Thorp Perrow
  68. George Hurrell / Disney Museum San Francisco
  69. Introduction to Large Format Photography Workshop: Jan 8-10, 2016 - Death Valley NP
  70. Philip Jessup - Contact Festival Toronto - Dylan Ellis Gallery
  71. Fraction of a Second at UNM and 516 Arts this summer
  72. ADOLPH RAPP - Glass negative exhibiton is now open
  73. Two Day Daguerreotype w/ Jerry Spagnoli at F295
  74. George Tice - Lucie Award
  75. Terry Hayden Exhibition/Fresno
  76. San Francisco photography program this Thursday - 5/7
  77. Exhibit Announcement: From Nature
  78. TORONTO - at my Gallery
  79. "PhotoSummer 2015" Albuquerque and Santa Fe NM this summer.
  80. Scott Anton wet plate show/exhibit in South Thomaston Maine
  81. Luminal Infrastructure Exihibition at DePaul University Art Museum
  82. Germany: photogravure & wet plate collodion 24th of June – 17th of July 2015
  83. Introduction to Wet Plate Collodion Workshop in Los Angeles
  84. Introduction to Wet Plate Collodion Workshop in Los Angeles
  85. "Dark Valley" LF cowboy photographer and revenge killer.
  86. Printing on Old Paper - NY Times
  87. Show in Grand Junction Colorado
  88. Alternative Process Exhibit, Manchester, CT
  89. Austin Granger at the Portland Photographic Society
  90. Vivian in Ottawa, tomorrow! with talk by Stephen Bulger.
  91. gets no better for mountain photography?
  92. Master Printing Workshop at Maine Media
  93. Wet Plate Collodion Workshop!
  94. San Francisco-Rebirth of the Enduring City
  95. Cause & Effect, Verve Gallery in Santa Fe, NM
  96. Seven Decades of Ansel Adams, July 10th through September 8th.
  97. New film featuring LF
  98. Recent commission and exhibition
  99. Steve Sherman Power of Pyro Workshop Aurora, Colorado Aug 15-16, 2015
  100. Call for artwork at the Michigan state university
  101. A film about Eadweard Muybridge...
  102. Photo Moncton International
  103. f11 magazine article on Maris Rusis.
  104. Tri Color Gum over Pt. / Pd. Workshop
  105. SE Center for Photography in Greenville, SC
  106. Lovely photography by QT Luong
  107. New Site
  108. Velvia50 in 8x10 and 4x5 and Acros100 in 8x10!!
  109. Louis Daguerre Birthday
  110. London Ontario FILM CAMERA Show - Oct 4
  111. Project 24, San Francisco
  112. Brooklyn NY - photoville visit
  113. Standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona........AIR Show
  114. MPP USERS website up and running
  115. Jem Southam in Landskrona
  116. Essence of Black and White - Burnett Gallery Amherst MA December 4
  117. MTSU Baldwin Gallery, The Mark Of Time, Albumen And Palladium Prints By Timothy H. Mc
  118. Art on the tracks: Teens photograph forgotten railways
  119. Pedro Guerrero film and talk
  120. PhotoNOLA 2015
  121. My new book release - Tuxedo Park: The GIft of Nature
  122. Eastern Sierra Trip/ Goodbye California!
  123. Photo Exhibition in Montreal and book "Other ways in photography"
  124. New book on making silver gelatin dry plate, paper, and film
  125. New England Large Format Collective Gallery Show
  126. Petrified Forest A-I-R coming up.
  127. Papersafe Issue #05: Turbulent Bodies / A Cross, A Wild Sea is coming out
  128. Forty Years of Collecting exhibit at CCP,Tucson
  129. Revised Edition of The Darkroom Cookbook
  130. PBS New Mexico interview Saturday 4pm.
  131. La Jolla Art Association Juried Show
  132. Erwin Blumenfeld
  133. Tri Colour over Pt Pt Workshop
  134. Wet plate negative class in nyc
  135. Mark Woods One Man Show in Pasadena
  136. Tri-Color Gum over Palladium Videos
  137. Introduction
  138. Finally get to exhibit work almost 18 months after completion
  139. Jose Betancourt and Meg Griffiths at the Baldwin Gallery
  140. Kerik Kouklis Exhibition/Sacramento, CA
  141. Baldwin Gallery tonight..............
  142. Chicago Art Institute, Alfred Stieglitz and the 19th Century
  143. Honolulu: Cooke Optics head speaking at Hawaii Camera, 19 Nov 2015
  144. Wet-Plate Collodion, Albumen, Salted Paper, & Cyanotype Workshops - Berlin
  145. California Large Format workshop
  146. Robert White has died
  147. 2016 and 2017 John Sexton Photography Workshops Schedule Announced
  148. Patrick Gainer, RIP
  149. Santa Came to The Dylan Ellis Gallery
  150. Arthur Tress/Exhibit, SF Bay Area
  151. Steve Sherman 2016 Workshop Schedule announced
  152. August Sander Exhibition - FOMU Antwerp Belgium
  153. Group f/64 show at Mills College Art Museum, through May 29
  154. Camera Show; Kent, WA, Saturday April 9, 2016
  155. Killer deals on Pelican cases
  156. "Studies in the Reactions of Silver and Light"
  157. Kozo Miyoshi: his photographs with 16x20 camera
  158. Giving My Gift Away
  159. Alvin Langdon Coburn at George Eastman House
  160. Important format change to my Power of Process Workshops
  161. John Wimberley Exhibit/Viewpoint Gallery, Sacramento, CA
  162. Noah Addis + Kai Caemmerer at Pictura Gallery in Bloomington, Indiana
  163. Irving Penn at the Smithsonian
  164. copperplate photogravure (göttingen, germany)
  165. Petrified Forest National Park Art Collection
  166. Ansel Adams in Cartersville GA
  167. Jan Pietrzak is at Verve Gallery, SF/NM
  168. Calumet is done for good
  169. Michael Kenna at the Harn Art Museum in Gainesville, FL
  170. "Foundation" At the Craft Studio (University of Missouri, Columbia)
  171. LF Camera Building • Workshop in Brazil
  172. Wet-Plate Collodion Negatives & Salted Paper Printing
  173. Brett Weston Exhibition/April-Sept. 2016, Pasadena, CA
  174. NPS accolades.
  175. Baldwin Photographic Gallery
  176. Call For Entries- Rendering the Spirit: The Personal Image in Alternative Media
  177. Alternative Process Workshop Toronto - Summer
  178. Carbon Transfer Workshop with Sandy King
  179. Austin Granger Interview
  180. Me at the Paul Paletti Gallery in Louisville KY
  181. Exhibition by Fred Dusel in Nashville
  182. National Parks Exhibit, Gallery talk Feb 26, SF Bay Area (Hayward)
  183. Open House Power of Process
  184. Robert Langham Blackfork Bestiary up in Albany, TX
  185. William Binzen at Blue Sky in Portland, OR
  186. Annual Exhibition Kunstverein Aalen, Germany
  187. At the Farnsworth in Rockland ME
  188. Article featuring my 11x14 camera build
  189. Unique - Toronto Pride
  190. A rare film/video commission
  191. Interview with Ian Land by PhotoArtMag
  192. Alternative Process Print Exchange??
  193. Altered Narrative Exhibition at the City Gallery in Charleston, SC
  194. Kodak makes a move into Photo-chemical 3D Printing
  195. Congratulations to Kirk Gittings!
  196. Mark Sawyer's Pixies in Lenswork
  197. Kudos to Steve Sherman!
  198. Yasuhiro Ishimoto
  199. Call for Entry: Analog Photography Exhibition in Philadelphia
  200. New website online
  201. Wasserman @ Loyola University Museum of Art
  202. My photos in View Camera magazine
  203. New Website—Community Uprooted
  204. Worldwide Pinhole Camera day
  205. "" german large format forum ""
  206. Christie's Auction. Some bargains today?
  207. Exhibit by the Ossabaw Island Collective at the Quinlan Museum in Gainesville, Georgi
  208. Montreal Show - Bob Carnie
  209. QT Luong's "Treasured Lands" opens in Boston today
  210. Dave Rheubottom/Linda Claff exhibition in Hancock, NH - May 14 through June 23
  211. Show by "Silent Walker" Greg Hindy in Hartford, Conn. - April 28 - May 3
  212. Wetplate Workshop - May 2016 - Tucson, AZ - One Day Accelerated Training
  213. Alan Ross Photography Workshops: Dublin, Ireland - Great Opportunity - Summer 2016
  214. Photostock 2016 - (2006 - 2016!!) - We're Still Here!
  215. Photographica 2016 London 22nd May 2016
  216. Sally Mann in Memphis
  217. Call for Entrys and upcomin Workshops in Toronto
  218. Wasserman @ Loyola University of Art Part II
  219. FIX Photo London 13 - 22may: Photogravure
  220. Robert Langham on FotoRelevance.
  221. CL20 gallery space opening event (Boston MA)
  222. LOOK3 Festival Charlottesville VA
  223. Before Your Elders You Must Stand - Gallery Opening
  224. pictorialism in Springfield MA
  225. SUNY - Purchase College - Neuberger Museum - 2 exhibits.
  226. New Collodion Workshops (Berlin)
  227. Power of Process Split Contrast Printing Workshop
  228. Wet Plate Collodion Workshops, London
  229. Black & White Toning Workshops with Adrian Ensor, London
  230. Vivian Maier Meaning Without Context
  231. 2016 Northwest Symposium for Alternative Process Photography
  232. "The Big Picture Show" at Scott Nichols Gallery, San Francisco
  233. Wet Plate and alt Print Workshop led by Luther Gerlach in Italy this September
  234. Eastern Sierra Centre for Photography
  235. Walker Evans: Depth of Field - Atlanta
  236. Aaron Siskind "Abstractions" at the Art Institute of Chicago
  237. New Orleans Photo Alliance
  238. Classics at Christie's
  239. Upcoming exhibition schedule
  240. Exhibit Opening
  241. Monhegan Photo Fest (Rockland ME)
  242. Film Photography and Alternative Process Printing Workshop in Staunton Virginia
  243. Vivian Maier: Chicago exhibit Free July 4th closing July 30
  244. Selected portraits on exhibition in new york city
  245. 2016 Northwest Symposium for Alternative Process Photography in Vancouver, BC.
  246. Assistant for Carbon Workshop
  247. Ginette Clement and Bob Carnie
  248. Week of Wet-Plate Collodion (Ambrotypes, Negatives & Salted Paper Printing)
  249. MUSICIANS: Portraits of Musicians at huZ Galleries San Pedro, Ca. Aug 6
  250. Contact 2017 Toronto - call for submissions