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  1. Wanted: Digital Negatives Tutor or Class Locally
  2. Ilford ULF sheet film orders May 13-June 28
  3. ESC4P Fundraising Campaign on Indiegogo
  4. Large Format class at St Louis Artist's Guild
  5. My crazy new venture!
  6. Gary Nylander in LensWork
  7. Exposure Photo Show in Toronto May 31-June 2
  8. "Composition Intensive" Workshop at Peters Valley July 26-30
  9. Itinerant workshop instructor
  10. Expressions – Tumbhi Online Nature & Wildlife Photography Contest
  11. Opening at dA Center for the Arts, Pomona CA
  12. Exhibition in Philadelphia
  13. Artist reception M56 Gallery So Cal
  14. William Clift article in El Palacio
  15. This is Kairos. This is how we seek...
  16. Grand Canyon Artist-in-Residence.
  17. Prints at the NM State Capital Building
  18. Soft Focus class at Maine Media Workshops
  19. VI-th Galerie-Photo conference Oct. 12-13, 2013, Graçay (FR)
  20. European Collodion Workshops
  21. BOLO alert: Stolen 8x10 Master view
  22. Japanese American Photography/Los Angeles
  23. New Large Format Forum in Spanish
  24. Introduction to Large Format Photography Workshop: Death Valley NP, Dec 13-15, 2013
  25. Last day for 2013 annual Ilford ULF film special orders: June 28th, 2013
  26. Bert Stern, RIP
  27. Exhibition/San Francisco July,2013 to May,2014
  28. One day workshop, two print approaches
  29. AA at Andrew Smith Gallery
  30. Riverside California Printing Workshop September
  31. finally a new website
  32. Arles 2013 - Arles in Black
  33. Thanks to Thad Gerheim
  34. RIP Patrick Alt, 1950-2013
  35. Traveling up the North Coast of CA? AA Exihibit in Eureka, July and August 2013
  36. Legally Blind Photographer Shows Work In 2013
  37. My Book
  38. French Lenses book
  39. Large Format Books
  40. California Dreaming
  41. 70mm Ilford ULF error READ TODAY!!! we can order 70mm!!!!
  42. Carbon Prints in Ventura!
  43. Bing.com Home Page Image
  44. 'Good Places' - A large and medium format exhibition in Singapore (10-18 August 2013)
  45. FYI-Winogrand Exhibit In Riverside/So Cal
  46. Edward Curtis Exhibit in West Bend, Wisconsion
  47. New Zealand - 2nd Wellington Large Format meeting, September 2013
  48. Berlin Collodion Workshop
  49. "Pictures" on the screen, 15 August 2013, 7PM at the Film Archive, Wellington, NZ
  50. Ilford Photo to create directory of public/community darkrooms
  51. Postcard Exchange?
  52. I'm on Landscape Stories
  53. Large Format Exhibition to benefit Cancer Patients
  54. Ansel Adams exhibit in Peoria, Illinois
  55. Securing Fresh Supplies of 25 ASA LF Black and White Film
  56. Exhibition of Large Format Landscapes, Upper Austria, September 2013
  57. Mini-Reception and sale tonight and tomorrow M56 Gallery
  58. Anne Larsen + John Sexton Exhibit + Lecture Dallas, Texas - September 2013
  59. Ookił Tsé - LF Landscape Exhibition
  60. Wet-Plate Collodion Portrait Exhibit
  61. Show in Santa Fe at the Marion Center
  62. Richard Garrod Exhibition/CA
  63. Drew Bedo Shows work in Fall 2013
  64. "Simplicity" Bob Carnie & Laura Patterson @ M56 Gallery So Cal
  65. 2nd Annual Large and Ultra Large Format Photographer's "Meet and Greet" Event
  66. Paul Caponigro Retrospective/CA
  67. Paul Caponigro talk
  68. George Tice Retrospective/San Francisco
  69. San Diego County Photographers wanted for Octoberfest themed group show.
  70. Mark Citret Exhibit/SF Bay Area
  71. Visual Arts alliance of Houston Show: Oct 6th through Nov 15th
  72. Ries tripods new owners
  73. Mark Woods Exhibit in Pasadena Central Library
  74. Some times you just need to take the time
  75. More SF shows-Strand and 10 Mexican Photographers
  76. Adox film sale
  77. Ilford good news USA BW and Color 35mm, 120 Lab
  78. Los Angeles Large Format class @ Barnsdall - Starts Saturday 9/21
  79. LensWork is Back on Newsstands
  80. Interesting 20x24 Polaroid project on Kickstarter
  81. Is this new news from Kodak?
  82. Color Alliance web2print meets augmented reality
  83. Ten years of shooting film in Wales
  84. Kickstarter Projects--No Longer Posted Here
  85. Develop and Fix Blog
  86. London Ontario Lecture
  87. Peter Stackpole Exhibit/SF Bay Area
  88. Platinum / palladium and digital negative workshop, Denver Co
  89. "Sense of Place"/Exhibit Guide Available/Pier 24 SF
  90. PAO show and auction.
  91. Un blog francophone
  92. Giving a talk at Truth and Beauty Studio & Gallery
  93. Abelardo Morell talk & exhibit, Getty Museum LA
  94. ESC4P T-shirts -- Super Cool!
  95. Self portrait photography show opens tomorrow in Santa Fe
  96. 3rd Annual Antique & Classic Camera Image Contest $ 100 prize - starts today
  97. Adobe databases breached
  98. petsi's pies café ... into november ..
  99. Seeking India LF photographer
  100. Photo Show
  101. Christopher Broadbent "What's Left" - Gallery Show in Milano - 21 Nov to 16 January
  102. Alan Ross Exhibit/workshop in Fresno
  103. Memory full #3 analog dedicated zine by Trevor Powers
  104. Pt/Pd Print Exhibit, Peterborough, NH
  105. Exhibit in Tucson 11/17 through 11/29
  106. Selling your own (exposed) film as reward for kickstarter. Crazy idea?
  107. Disaster relief
  108. More news about me, I promise this is the last for a while. Send hate mail elsewhere.
  109. Talk on project funding in Santa Fe and ABQ
  110. The World Upside Down (Kickstarter project to fund 7x17 inch color special order)
  111. Kodak Alaris successor of Easman Kodak + Kodak LF formats still available
  112. LF images of motels wanted for online gallery
  113. George Tice lecture in New Hampshire
  114. Cheap prints to help my country that was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.
  115. In/Visible Borders part II opens Friday in Santa Fe.
  116. Workshop: Introduction to Large Format Photography - March 7-9, 2014 - Death Valley
  117. Any Day: December 5th - February 10th. Duluth MN.
  118. Wanted: 18 phtographers for the 2014 LF folio exchange. PLEASE READ BEFORE RESPONDING
  119. Will Dunniway needs your prayers
  120. Wetplate Workshop - Jan 25th 2014 - 1 day in Tucson, AZ
  121. exhibition in Brussels
  122. "Fear and Loathing" online exhibition
  123. "Ocasos&Acantilados" one man show at Lima, Peru by Miguel A Coquis
  124. David Vestal
  125. Brett Weston book sale/Lodima Press
  126. Over 1 million posts
  127. Grand Canyon by raft photography expedition/workshop May 2014
  128. Historic Photographic Studio (Berlin)
  129. Congratulations Keith Walklet!
  130. Center for Railroad Photography & Art 2014 Docent Scholarship
  131. Darkroom Web Site Opens
  132. The Pane in Empty Rooms Exhibition at the Vermont Center for Photography
  133. Analog photography zine call for submissions
  134. Feeler/exploration for Wanted, 10 people for 5x7 print exchange. 2014, year 1
  135. Wetplate Equipment Available - Arizona Wetplate workshop 25 Jan
  136. Brett Weston & Ansel Adams on Exhibit in OKC March-June . . .
  137. Philip Hyde Exhibit/SF Bay Area/Jan. 2014
  138. time for Photo LA again...
  139. Iceland: The South Coast 2014 w/Bill Schwab
  140. Range of Light Photography at photo LA 2014
  141. Film Intensive Small Group Workshop, Monhegan Island Maine September 2014
  142. My new site
  143. Introduction to Large Format Photography Workshop in Death Valley, Nov 21-23, 2014
  144. FANFARE-LA photography show in Los Angeles
  145. Large Format Wet Collodion Kickstarter Project
  146. I'm opening a (physical) photo gallery
  147. Roman Loranc lecture
  148. Maris Rusis: Original Photographs
  149. THE YOSEMITE & THE RANGE OF LIGHT Apple Multi-Touch iBooks
  150. Eternal Platinum at Art Intersection
  151. iPad app for sales and inventory?
  152. Rob's Photo Cafe, I'm trying something new Saturday March 1, 2014
  153. Northern Lights Photography Photo Tour/Workshop in the Lofoten Islands
  154. Robert Langham @ Hubbell Trading Post AIR in April.
  155. My book is now shipping!
  156. CSFA Exhibit Opening/Napa,CA Feb.15,2014
  157. more Caponigro this summer
  158. Photostock 2014 - It's Coming
  159. NELFPC at the VPC
  160. 2014 F295 Symposium is on the way!
  161. Open Studio this weekend in Seattle
  162. LF @ Sochi Olympics
  163. George Eastman House 2014 Photography Workshops
  164. Ansel Adams and Photo-Secession at the Hyde Collection
  165. Free Access to the Getty Online Library
  166. 2014 F295 Symposium Workshops and Registration!
  167. Good work to see in Santa Fe
  168. New Ilford Website: Local Darkroom
  169. Exhibition showing Matthias Roesch in Kunstverein Aalen, 73430 Aalen (Germany)
  170. Calumet Closing!!!!!!!!!!!!
  171. Photography Exhibit
  172. Ansel Adams' Best at the Getty in LA
  173. Calumet chapter 7
  174. Death Valley workshop with Kirk Gittings and Jan Pietrzak
  175. Pt/Pd Workshop at Art Intersection May 23-25, 2014
  176. George Tice documentary film
  177. Papersafe #02: Keepers of the dark - call for submissions is now open
  178. MassArt MFA Thesis show - Noah Booshu April 23-May 5 Boston, MA
  179. Generation V...a Group Show at the Ansel Adams Gallery
  180. Viewpoint Glallery, Sacramento, Annual Auction
  181. Spring 2014 CPHT-Pacifica Alt-Photo Meeting Saturday May 3rd
  182. One Day Silver Printing Workshop in New England
  183. Registration for f295 working again
  184. Butch and Sundance, Laurel and Hardy, Sacco and Vanzetti. Ritter and Barlow
  185. Anne Geddes Show
  186. Wynn Bullock in Atlanta
  187. WORLD WETPLATE DAY - Sat, May 3, 2014!
  188. A seemingly less ambitious print exchange
  189. Ilford ULF and special film orders for 2014
  190. Lauren Henkin: The Park, in NYC
  191. Photography Exhibit
  192. Calumet Rockville MD clearance
  193. John Wimberley film. Need your help Seattle LF photograpgers
  194. John Wimberley American Master
  195. Collodion Wet Plate Workshop Berlin 2014 June WetPlate-Berlin.com Kollodium Workshop
  196. Featured artist on Eastern Sierra Center for Photography
  197. New Orleans Photo Alliance "Four by Five" CFE
  198. Artists & Alchemists - What ever happened?
  199. Brian Ellis
  200. Silicone Face Mounted Plexi
  201. Elevator 15 Celebration and Photo Event
  202. Jason Reblando 'Our Work' Chicago Pedway Tintypes under City Hall
  203. Call for Entry: Have your work featured on F295
  204. New Gallery Space and Photo Lab for me in Toronto
  205. Hartley Harrison of Harrison & Harrison Filters just joined the forum and will answer
  206. From Wet Plate to Pixel: Three Centuries of Photographic Processes
  207. An exhibition of black and white photography
  208. Florida Portraits
  209. Sad News: Ray McSavaney Passed Away
  210. Wayne Lambert in LensWork
  211. Four by Five
  212. Carbon Workshop at the Photographer's Formulary
  213. Drew Bedo shows Art Work Fall 2014
  214. Large format magazine: Issue one. Subscribe today!!!!!!!!!
  215. The Power of Pyro Workshop
  216. Metamorphosis: Meatpacking District 1985 + 2013
  217. Large Format Exhibition to benefit Cancer Patients
  218. Minor White at The Getty .
  219. my large format portrait studio/storytelling residency featured on BBC News
  220. Cyanotype exhibit in South Thomaston Maine
  221. 2041. Endlosschleife. Wuerttembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart (Germany).
  222. My new book project "Platinum Women"
  223. Drew Bedo selected for Four By Five Exhibition
  224. 548 Edward Weston photos up for auction in a single lot
  225. "Rio Pictoresco" exposition at Providence
  226. Railroad Landscapes : New York Transit Museum
  227. Publication of book, Handcrafted: The Art and Practice of the Handmade Print
  228. Large Format Platinum Exhibition UK
  229. Group show Friday at Red Dot Gallery in Santa Fe
  230. Four By Five Opening Reception Oct 4th
  231. New Arca Swiss releases
  232. Portraits - toronto october 18 - december 1, 2014
  233. Juried Art Exhibition - La Jolla, CA
  234. pictorialism at Boston MFA
  235. Free Adroid app for ortho like camera preview
  236. View Camera workshop in New Orleans
  237. "The Strickland Cotton Mill: A Retrospective" Photography Exhibition - Valdosta GA
  238. Large Format photo studio for rent in Jersey City, NJ
  239. Yay Me
  240. 4th Annual Antique & Classic Camera Photo Contest Starts Today
  241. 4th Annual Antique & Classic Camera Photo Contest Starts Today
  242. 3rd Annual Southern California Large and Ultra-Large Format Photographers’ “Meet and
  243. Irish memory of WW1 exhibition and website
  244. GROUP BUY: Impossible 8x10 Film
  245. SILVER Making the Monochrome Image (Exhibition of film and darkroom photography)
  246. This month's issue of View Camera Magazine offers a terrific article about
  247. Exhibition - The Kind Warmth Awaits - Melbourne - Nov 6-29 2014
  248. California Giant Pinhole Camera hits Chicago
  249. David Prifti tintypes at Concord Art Association
  250. Pdn ny photo+expo 2014 are u comming?today and tomorrow