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  1. filter factors: measuring them using a lightmeter?
  2. A light tripod for 810?
  3. Tripod dollies for larger tripods
  4. READYLOAD light leaks?
  5. Look for Tripod + head for Sinar F2
  6. Just purchased a mint condition Horseman 6x loupe long
  7. Hasselblad chimney as a loupe on 4x5 LF field camera.
  8. Boots
  9. slotted 4 x 5 film holders for auto Graflex
  10. Twenty+ Years of Architecture and Large Format HABS/HAER Photography taught me this:
  11. Lee sunshade on my Chamonix 45H-1
  12. Lens case for Lenses on 7.5" boards
  13. Lee sunshade II
  14. service manual/information required for Cambo Dps tripod
  15. Wristwatch for backpacking with LF?
  16. Another ballhead for 8x10 question/ comparison thread
  17. Case for Lenses on Boards?
  18. Bogen 3036: Replacement levers for leg locks?
  19. Tripod Rehab With Shrink Tubing
  20. Cold Shoe for P2?
  21. Minimalist Bags for 8x10
  22. Lens spanner wrench
  23. Scratched Sekonic L758 Light Meter Screen
  24. Cascade Film Holder
  25. Denver Repair Suggestions
  26. Quick Release for Gitzo G1570M
  27. Horseman Reflex Viewer modified to fit Ebony 4x5 Cameras
  28. Help me pick tripod for 8x10 plaubel
  29. What aperture is 2.8.2?
  30. how do you store and organize your extra equipment
  31. Light Meter Suggestions
  32. Bogen 3221 + 3029 for Cambo SCX?
  33. Tripod head platform covering
  34. The GUTS of film holders: A new video deconstructing a 4x5 holder
  35. Ebony Mirror
  36. SMALL light meter suggestions
  37. Pentax Digital Spotmeter battery door stuck
  38. Whazitfor, or is this an extension rail for??
  39. A Cautionary Tale - Ries Tripod
  40. Wanted: Update on smart phone light meter apps
  41. Tripod questions, chamonix 045N-2, hiking
  42. YATQ: yet another tripod question, this time for a Wista
  43. Macbeth TR924 Densitometer missing knob markings
  44. Short, simple cable releas . . . NOT
  45. gitzo series 3 GT3530s , i am looking for ling center column, would the one work ?
  46. Help me to find the right Gitzo tripod for this column
  47. One way to keep the spot meter handy
  48. Mounting 8x10 Korona View to Majestic Tripod and Head
  49. On Elbrus mount with a large format
  50. Sirui CF Tripods
  51. Tripod for 8x10 newbie
  52. Light box
  53. X-Rite 310 Densitometer
  54. center post for bogen
  55. Photos of my el cheapo 4x5 holder carrier
  56. Does the gitzo GH2720QR head would be suitable for 4x5 camera
  57. Noob Loupe Questions - Focusing v Slide, Magnification
  58. Options for large Arca-style QR plates?
  59. Miinolta flashmeter booster
  60. Hiking with (LF and) ULF camera equipment
  61. Ideas for my problem ( cold shoe/accessory mount)
  62. Tripod recommendations?
  63. Any experience with the Linhof Twinshank Pro tripods (new design?)
  64. Tripod Head (Induro) Question[s]
  65. Night Vision Goggles
  66. Arrangement of equipment inside of a Sinar case?
  67. Lightbox Suggestions for up to 8x10 viewing?
  68. current options for backpacks that will carry up to 5x7
  69. Shen Hao HZX-IIA Wood finish
  70. Leather conditioner for bellows?
  71. Backpacking with the Arca Swiss 8x10? How to efficiently fit into f64 large backpack
  72. Cascade Film Holder Case velcro-attached shoulder straps - Have they worked for you?
  73. Gitzo Series 5 legs, Gitzo 1370 head. How to connect them?
  74. manfrotto 400 plate
  75. C-stand for 8x10 in the studio?
  76. lensboards with central hole and Fuji PA-145 for Wista 4x5?
  77. Recommendations on Delay + Long Exposure timer for shutters? Mechanical? Programable?
  78. Gitzo G1370M for 8x10?
  79. Gear that comes from non-photography sources
  80. Opinions on the Gitzo series 2 systemic tripod (GT2542LS)? Why is it discontinued? Ho
  81. Light Tripods: The Weak Link?
  82. In search of a very compact & lightweight tripod for up to 8x10
  83. 2019 Dark Cloth
  84. Will my tripod work?
  85. Replacement Film Holders and light meter
  86. Lee 105mm CPL Filter Factor?
  87. Huion light box experiences?
  88. I'd like to see them make . . .
  89. Aluminium Gitzo series 5 leg variants query
  90. Slide film with grad filters (metering)
  91. YUP. Here it is...another backpack question. Bear with me...
  92. Hard shell Pelican as Backpack
  93. English instruction manual for Haka Autoknips II ?
  94. Benro Pan Tilt Head - Real?
  95. What is the screw size for the Lee Filters holder?
  96. Luna-Pro F button broke
  97. Gitzo 1370/1370M base plate diameter
  98. Any such thing as an Arca Swiss riser plate?
  99. Majestic Tripod Head 1-1/2" Post Adapter (Model 800 adapter) - Request For Comments
  100. modern 6.5x8.5 holders?
  101. Quick Release Plate Screws
  102. Buying guide 8 x 10
  103. Gitzo Overhaul
  104. Recommendation for good and cheap loupe
  105. Is the Sinar pan/tilt head usable with a flatbed camera?
  106. Light-weight flip-up glasses
  107. long focusing loupes?
  108. Just acquired a Pentax Spot meter with Zone V Conversion
  109. Which ball head? Really right BH40 or BH30
  110. Casa Solid Satin Twill Fabric for Dark Cloth
  111. Pixel P50 LED lights
  112. Backpack or case for Technikardan 45S ?
  113. Calumet C1 - Gitzo 1325 -gearhead
  114. Best Solar Charger for IPhone
  115. Tripod for someone with arthritis