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  1. Tripod for Chamonix 4x5
  2. F.64 Backpack
  3. Help Identifying a piece of ironwork attached to old field camera
  4. Bag Advice (F-Stop ICU, Filson, etc)
  5. Tripod Bag - FLM CP26-L3S
  6. Help a beginner with the first LF setup
  7. Photobackpacker.com Sale at cost
  8. Tamrac Mirage 6 for 4x5 Chamonix?
  9. What is it? Camera Equipment Co Inc. NYC
  10. CALUMET solid state shutter tester...... HELP!
  11. Linhof accessory prices?
  12. Does the 410 head lock?
  13. Shooting into a mirror
  14. Home Depot organizer zippered bags.
  15. How to use Calumet shutter tester on Speed Graphic?
  16. Light meter with UV filter
  17. Can ball head weight ratings be trusted?
  18. Pentax Spotmeter V
  19. Does This Dark Cloth/Hood Exist?
  20. Again about bags for LF
  21. I Want One
  22. Pentax spot meter in low light
  23. Does anyone use a digital body with a telephoto as a spot meter?
  24. Bucket List of equipment
  25. Vivitar 283 inconsistent behavior
  26. Need help identifying push on connector for Packard shutter microswitch (flash sync)
  27. Removing damaged 1/4 20 insert
  28. Belt Clip for Zone VI Digital Spot Meter pouch
  29. Wireless Strobes
  30. How to use an SEI Photometer?
  31. TRB Tripod Issues
  32. Heavy duty copy stand WTB comments
  33. Deardorff 8x10 and a backpack question
  34. Macro?
  35. Foba Studio Stand Question
  36. Linhof S168 tripod?
  37. Sinar geared rail clamp shifting. How can I fix this?
  38. Filters - Options, Details, Pros/Cons
  39. Minimum size practical changing bag for 4 x 5
  40. Looking up info on a Petzval lens...
  41. Minolta Meter IV
  42. Tie my tripod to roof rack?
  43. Best system to ensure perfectly square prints
  44. Replacement Darkslides for 8x10 Holders
  45. Can anyone help me identify this tripod?
  46. Great Potential for Gear Hauler
  47. Tripod for Field 4x5
  48. First Meter advice
  49. Cc401 needs long tripod head screw - what tripods are recomended
  50. Gossen Lunasix repair opportunities?
  51. How to better support binocular reflex hood for Toyo?
  52. Color correction of air pollution over urban areas
  53. Speedotron Model 102 Collar
  54. Minolta Spotmeter F
  55. Bogen 3021 Repair, Can help me identify this issue?
  56. Still Life Lighting Equipment List?
  57. "Taming the SEI meter" by Fred PIcker
  58. New to LF seeks help with tripod head choices for Gitzo
  59. Failed Feisol IQ Test
  60. An adaptor to fit Polaroid 600SE back to Graflok back?
  61. Translation of Japanese/Chinese Writing
  62. Tripod Identification
  63. How to determine the magnification provided by an unmarked loupe?
  64. Sekonic L-758DR Digitalmaster
  65. Unusual Pentax Spotmeter V
  66. What are these small wooden frame-things?
  67. Modern Studio Camera Stand
  68. Cable release with slim end, or 90-degree adapter?
  69. What is about the right size for a dark cloth for a 4x5" camera?
  70. Should lead fishing weights be sewn in the hem of a dark cloth?
  71. Ries Photoplane Head Issue
  72. Bencher photographic - Majestic tripod head adapter
  73. Searching for a spot meter, on a budget.
  74. Calibrating Calcu-Light XP
  75. Tripods?
  76. Lunasix 3 (or lightmeter with tele attachment)
  77. 5 Tripods for 4x5
  78. Help please! I can't identify the model of this Gitzo Tripod -- the sticker came of
  79. backpack that can accomodate manfrotto 3051
  80. Stable floor mount for 4x5 or 5x7
  81. Pelicase 1510 - does a Sinar F2 fit?
  82. Lets see how you store your gear!
  83. ZÜCA All Terrain Carts
  84. Mod to RPT Cascade film holder case
  85. Carrying case for Graflex Series D 4X5
  86. Part for Thalhammer tripod head
  87. Carrying 4x5 film holders if your entire wardrobe doesn't consist of cargo pants
  88. Favorite Wooden Tripod
  89. 5x7 Film Holder Case?
  90. Recommended Tripod Head for 4x5 Field Camera
  91. Bogen 3047 deluxe 3-way
  92. Best way to convert Berlebach tripod from 1/4 to 3/8 (for Sinar equipment)
  93. Majestic geared head service
  94. Does anyone make something like the Domke Photogs Vest/Jacket?
  95. Any recommendations for Arca-Swiss plate for 4x5?
  96. Anyone try the Wandrd Prvke bag for LF?
  97. Fishing Reel Case for Lens - Anyone using? Recommendations?
  98. Pelicase 1510 Alternative?
  99. Matt Cutter - Appropriate size for matts up to 22x26 ?
  100. Anyone familiar with this (or similar) camera bag?
  101. Kern tripod, help!
  102. Which is better for very heavy load: wood or CF and why. Read, only 2 are considered.
  103. External Frame Backpack
  104. Benro Tripods
  105. Review of Linhof Heavy Duty Tripod, comments welcome.
  106. Redwing P2 Backpack?
  107. Tripod conundrum
  108. Soligor Spot Sensor-II faulty
  109. Induro, Feisol and Benro Tripods
  110. Cheap Bags for film holders
  111. Quart Ziploc no longer for 4x5 holders
  112. Backpack to hold Zone VI 8x10
  113. Bean Bag in Lieu of Tripod for LF
  114. Pelican vs SKB; opinions?
  115. Exposed Film Storage
  116. 8x10 Film holders that only open 90degrees?
  117. Can anyone post the various Fidelity filmholder model characteristics
  118. Best diopter for focusing glasses
  119. RRS QR Plate options for Sinar P/C/F type 4x5 camera?
  120. horseman light meter
  121. Second-Hand Ries Model C?
  122. Lens cap selection for nikkor LF lenses,
  123. Chinese Copy of Sinar Pan-Tilt Heads
  124. Pants
  125. Gossen luna pro battery replacement??
  126. Highest quality film holders out there?
  127. Shutter Release
  128. ID'ing film holders
  129. Case for Arca Swiss 8x10/4x5
  130. Extinction Meters
  131. Arca Swiss Cube Axis Tension Adjustment?
  132. Lens Protection / Case
  133. Waterproof tripod leg covers? How to protect when shooting in salty water, mud, etc?
  134. Tilt Function FLM CB-58 FTR ii, Possible to move laterally?!
  135. Any idea what this is and for what purpose
  136. backpacking with a Tiltall?
  137. Davis and Sanford Model A tripod by Tiffen - roller feet question
  138. Sinar Pan Tilt head will not tilt
  139. How do you pack/carry your 8x10 F Arca to carry in field? Suitable Backpacks? Photos
  140. Gitzo Systemic Ballhead with Series 5 tripod for 8x10? Your advice and experience?
  141. Best levelling base plus head for a 5 x 4 Wisner LF Camera
  142. Replacement rubber seal for Gaoersi 8x focusing loupe?
  143. Gear Review: Orvis Gale Force Boat Bag and the Stone Equipment Lens Wraps
  144. Concerns about a Bolex Tripod
  145. Best way to clean resin filters?
  146. Taking apart and cleaning the Silvestri 6x Loupe?
  147. Cleaning the ground glass and fresnel?
  148. Chamonix 8x10 dark slide dimensions?
  149. Recommendation on lightbox for viewing transparencies?
  150. Hitech Filter System
  151. Packing a 4x5 on a bicycle
  152. What kind of head are you using with your monorail camera?
  153. Tiltall 4062
  154. 8x Loupe Question
  155. 4x5 Slide mount
  156. Backpack question for 4x5
  157. Articulable/dextrous gloves for -30c shooting?
  158. Gitzo Systematic Version/Mark 3, Quality Control Issue?
  159. need a source for Tundra case dividers
  160. Color Temperature Variation of Light Modifiers
  161. Any idea what this flash cable is used for
  162. Want to travel more with my 4x5 -- searching for a tripod
  163. Linhof Heavy Duty Tripod center column extension?
  164. same old tripod thread
  165. Sekonic L398 vs Spectra Combi 500- need help
  166. cable release
  167. First Tripod, Loupe, Darkcloth, Meter
  168. Help identifying Manfrotto/Bogen arm.
  169. Light box and potential issues.
  170. Large format photography in bad weather
  171. Question about tripod part
  172. Calumet 8x10 - Tripod Head?
  173. Pentax digital meter - Disassembly ?
  174. Would you be interested in a full-size ultralight dark cloth (under 1lb)?
  175. Back pack for Deardorff 8x10
  176. Large Format 4x5 Camera Hiking Backpack Question
  177. What about Benro tripods?
  178. Calculating exposure corrections and timing exposure on you Android device
  179. 4x5 tripod for mountaineering
  180. Quick release tripod mount
  181. Making a custom dark cloth?
  182. Tripod Head for Linhof Master Classic?
  183. tripod weight rating?
  184. Pelican case for Calumet C1 8x10 camera + 5 film holders
  185. Harrison changing tent issues with dust?
  186. Help identifying a PC cord
  187. Linhof Heavy Duty leveling head - Repair?
  188. Custom dark cloth
  189. I wimped out...
  190. What size ziplock for 5x7 holders?
  191. Compagnon "the backpack" for Linhof Technika equipment: recommendable?
  192. Crown Royal bags & large format photography
  193. 8x10 Backpack / Rucksack options
  194. Majestic Tripod Model 1000 Gearhead
  195. New (to me) Sinar P 4x5 View Camera!
  196. Tripod head for 8x10
  197. Majestic Tripod Head 1/4"to 3/8" Make Up Screw Fix
  198. Locating pin for Manfrotto hex QR plate
  199. Review: Manfrotto 3221 tripod
  200. Silvestri 6x Tilting Loupe experiences?
  201. Tripod for 8x10
  202. Cambo levels
  203. Anyone use a Berlebach 8023 with an 8x10?
  204. Help / need recommendation for cable release with long plunger for commercial ektar
  205. I think I found my next LF hauler!
  206. Precision bubble level
  207. Transmission density wedge/tablet in Europe
  208. Quick-release plate of interest
  209. Just starting out and I need a better tripod head
  210. Is the nominal shutter speed listed on the Calument tester correct?
  211. Graphic View missing tripod mount. A very simple McGuyver technique
  212. Mystery piece
  213. Which Gitzo tripod to get?
  214. Anyone familiar with the Sylvania 70w metalarc bulbs?
  215. Improving comfort on Bogen/Manfrotto 3025 head
  216. Help solving film holder light reflection
  217. Bogen 3047
  218. Gitzo Series 3 Panoramic Disc with D Profile Quick Release, Assemblies Plate, Arca Ty
  219. Sticky Fabric om Harrison Tents
  220. PROMANDIS digital flashmeter
  221. ND grad filters for 8x10 and the tale of 3 bears
  222. Cutting Seemless Paper Background
  223. Shutter release reccomendations
  224. Replacement 8x10 darkslides
  225. Is there a self-timer that works with the Ilex #5 shutter?
  226. 8x10 Burke & James Back the Same as Deardorff?
  227. Affordable tripod for Chanomix 45N-2?
  228. FLM Tripod Heads. Anyone with experience?
  229. New Tripod Choice
  230. Review of Benro TAD28C Series 2 Adventure Carbon Fiber Tripod
  231. Arca Swiss Adapters on Majestic Tripod
  232. Disk Golf Cart or Photo Equipment Hauler
  233. Gitzo o-ring seal
  234. GITZO G1372 Tripod head for 8x10", any experience?
  235. Photo Apps for Smartphones and Impact of Operating System Upgrades
  236. Gitzo G1570M maintenance
  237. Does anyone use a Lund Photographic Traveling Tank for their silver bath?
  238. ID this Collar / Ring / Spacer thing please?
  239. Backpack/case for carrying a 4x5 Sinar Norma (mini) system?
  240. Bogen/Manfrotto 2025 head improvement
  241. Backpack for 8x10
  242. Can a Sirui T-024X or T-025X support an Intreprid 4x5?
  243. Best way of attaching a tripod to a F/64 backpack?
  244. Lightest & compact tripod recommendations for an 8x10 Chamonix?
  245. What legs to use with Manfrotto Bogen 3039 Super Pro-Head?
  246. Evolving setup for short hikes
  247. Best GG for an 8x10 & 11x14
  248. Travel Tripod for MF+
  249. Sinar pan tilt head for Norma - different versions?
  250. iPhone App for Recording Exposure Data & Field Notes