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  1. Cable release
  2. Help with tripod selection
  3. Gitzo 1570m: Best way to adapt an Arca clamp to the head? + Longer left/right handle?
  4. Lightweight, portable "field" darkroom
  5. Backpacking Sinar P8x10?
  6. Best ground glass?
  7. Tripod thread adaptor HELP!
  8. How to close-up calumet changing room?!
  9. Black jacket focusing cloth users...
  10. Majestic 1000E tripod head
  11. Quick Release identification
  12. Weston Master V meter service
  13. Frozen Strobes and Batteries Left Out in the Winter
  14. Lubricating Gitzo Pan/Tilt head.
  15. ID on an older LF camera
  16. Photobackpacker Cases Flex?
  17. Exposed sheet film storage
  18. Looking for high output flash bulbs
  19. Air tube for Packard shutters - source?
  20. Any of You Use Magnifying Glass with Ground Glass?
  21. Any Fresnel with Split Image Focus Ring?
  22. Recommendations on a weatherproof tripod bag for a series 5 gitzo
  23. Need Zone VI Back Bubble levels
  24. 24" x 30" print storage
  25. Small backpack for couple of lenses, film and 4x5 field camera?
  26. Now this is cool! 6x12 auto exposure folder
  27. traditional camera bag / case that can convert to backpack?
  28. Carry on backpack...Domke?
  29. Decent rain-repellant spray/treatment for darkcloth, backpack?
  30. any good tripods?
  31. Lawrence flashrules
  32. Tiltall, new or used?
  33. Legs for Sinar Norma
  34. Still life reflector/flag clip
  35. Appropriate backpack frame for should bag?
  36. Cambo SCX
  37. Biggest tripod ever?
  38. Reality Check on Prices
  39. Zone VI levels modification
  40. Majestic Tripod/Head Question
  41. Anti-static Bags (aka "pink ziplocks")
  42. Lightest possible tripod for 8x10
  43. Lens hood for Schneider 65mm? Help!
  44. Wireless flash triggers and copal shutters
  45. Question on Mamiya 4x Loupe
  46. Gitzo 1228 fiber tripod, parts
  47. Storing Mounted 8x10 Lens
  48. speed graphic rangefinder focus tube spilled out lots of little balls - what / how?
  49. Help? Compound shutter question.
  50. Coolest photo tool(s) you have/have used?
  51. Available Technika IV kit at Glazers in Seattle
  52. Long spikes or short spikes?
  53. Minolta meter help
  54. Question on Gitzo Tripods - Systematic Vs Non
  55. Need a new tripod and head for 5x7
  56. Tripod Head Challenge!
  57. A backpack for my brand new Tachihara?
  58. Linhof 3-way heads now compatible with RRS plates!
  59. Lighting small rooms
  60. Trouble using loupe
  61. Folmer Graflex wood tripod
  62. Feisol mounting stud conversion
  63. buying 4x5 field camera & accessories
  64. New stable tripod rig for sinar 108
  65. Sekonic L-508 or Minolta IV F + Minolta Spotmeter M
  66. Century stand
  67. Old Berlebach UNI tripod?
  68. TrekPak Camera Bag Dividers
  69. Lightweight 8x10 tripod help (bare with me...)
  70. Low-Profile Tripod Head that uses Hex Plates?
  71. Which Gitzo for a Linhof Kardan GT?
  72. El' cheapo filters from the Bay
  73. Tripod for light medium format
  74. Reading a UNITTIC Light Meter
  75. Replacing Wheels on Pelican Case?
  76. Manfrotto 405 geared head, satisfactory for 8x10?
  77. iPhone apps for metering and other things?
  78. Folmer & Schwing 7x17 Accessories
  79. How many sheets in a box?
  80. Brand new to LF, want to get my feet wet
  81. Please Recommend a Ball Head for 4x5
  82. Arca Swiss Z2+ weight?
  83. archival box for presentation
  84. HELP...fix cable release?
  85. size of the presentation box
  86. Benro head lubricant
  87. New FLM Ball Head
  88. HEAVY LF/ULF Quick Release Mechanism and Plates
  89. Autoknips self timers
  90. Shutter to Replace Betax No. 5
  91. My ideal tripod.....
  92. question about adhesive cold shoes for flash triggers
  93. Any recomendations for some cheap metal work?
  94. Tripod and head for calumet c400
  95. Affordable focus loupe?
  96. A What Is It Thread
  97. Dutch Hill Tripod
  98. Harrison Jumbo Changing Tent Arrived
  99. Service from Ries---Incredible experience
  100. Bruce from Photobackpacker comes through!
  101. Cheap version of Ebony's Lens Box?
  102. New review of Induro PHQ1 tripod head
  103. Need comfortable tripod bag
  104. Toyo Cut Film Holder New VS Old
  105. Sinar Shutter on Horseman 450 EMII
  106. Schneider Apo-Symmar 240 mm f5.6 (8x10 format)
  107. Gitzo Spikes
  108. Black and white filters - Hitech quality?
  109. Solutions for Whitworth thread tripod mounts
  110. Hard camera case for 8x10 view camera?
  111. Bogen 3068
  112. Tripod for Toyo 45c
  113. Speedotron 4803 with 105 4 heads
  114. Light Diffuser Panel For Studio
  115. Film changing bag or tent
  116. 95mm filter LEE / B&W
  117. Taking brass taking lenses into the filed
  118. Anyone ever repair the dial on a Gossen Luna Pro?
  119. Making a 50'x20' Backdrop Stand
  120. Looking for a lightweight tripod
  121. CF vs Aluminum, 4 vs 3 leg
  122. Boom arm to Fresnel lantern
  123. Berlebach
  124. 4x5 Grafmatic holder and the 'wheel'
  125. Help please!
  126. Rotating backs to stitch images
  127. Thickness and dimensions of Fidelity Elite 5x4 Darkslides
  128. Background rig
  129. Need advice: Spotmeter or Tripod head or none?
  130. Super Graphic Vs Field Camera viewer options
  131. Linhof 3D Neiger II vs. Micro Review?
  132. Quartz halogen lighting v tungsten
  133. Gossen Luna Pro
  134. Strobe City 5000 gear
  135. tools for zone focusing
  136. Focusing Loupe Question
  137. Schneider 135mm S MC lens filter size
  138. Tripod head or adapter plate for manfrotto with cambo scx 8x10
  139. Looking for a tripod bag for 410 geared head
  140. Where to buy cheap/chinese/ebay Arca compatible plates with 3/8 (large) screw?
  141. In praise of THINKTANK
  142. F.64 BPX or PB P1
  143. Calling Electronics experts
  144. Anyone use or have used a Manfrotto 400 Large Geared Head?
  145. Freezer for Film
  146. Carbon-Arc lighting, interested to know anything
  147. Where to find Large format Camera Tripods on a student budget?
  148. Densitometer question
  149. How Do I Know the Luminance of Flash
  150. cold shoe blanks?
  151. How to coil a cable
  152. Dark cloth or towel?
  153. Giottos YTL tripods
  154. linhof 3D levelling head II
  155. storage/carrying options for ULF gear?
  156. Compact & fast 4x5" backpack
  157. Toyo 54G to 10x8 Conversion Kit Wanted. Or maybe another camera
  158. Elinchrom Universal 750s repair
  159. What is This ?
  160. Linhof panorama head question
  161. SEI Photometer
  162. Slik 88-N Tripod for 8x10
  163. Speedotron 2401a
  164. Loading film in the field (7x17)
  165. Sunway DYH-120TRO leveling head
  166. Ansco Semi-Centennial stand capacity
  167. Gossen Starlite 2 as spot meter
  168. Dented background paper, ever saw it shorter?
  169. Pentax Spotmeter V Adjustment?
  170. Too Much Gear!
  171. Kelty Redwing alternative in Europe?
  172. tamrac expedition 9
  173. wide angle lens
  174. (Rolling) Case for Toyo 810M
  175. how to tighten gitzo gt 3530
  176. Anyone carry an 8x10" Arca in ThinkTank Airport Takeoff bag?
  177. How do you juggle all the accessories while shooting LF?
  178. tripod for toyo 810M
  179. Bellows Glue
  180. Where to buy material for lining camera case?
  181. Finally...my perfect 10x8 bag!
  182. Help! Water in my Minolta Spotmeter F
  183. Novatron flash heads
  184. Which tripod head for large format photography
  185. Spot meter recommendations
  186. Please educate me on European and Asian Fees you need to pay on my gear
  187. Death of the Equinox?
  188. Linhof collectors and connoisseurs : tripods?
  189. Hike-able step stool?
  190. Vacuuming film holders
  191. Bag for Korona 12x20 camera
  192. mounting manfrotto QR plate (030) to SINAR
  193. Camera Stand Wheels
  194. HELP needed to re-attach counterweight on FOBA Camera Stand
  195. Plate for Chamonix 45F1
  196. Preview BW filters on phone camera?
  197. what are these pieces?
  198. Am I missing something - LS-100
  199. Deardorff Bi-Post assembly instructions needed
  200. Speedotron problem : plug stuck into the generator
  201. Pentax 1/21 Spotmeter lens cap
  202. Linhof Zoom Viewfinder - hotshoe mountable?
  203. Releasing Old Technika when Hand Held
  204. Loupes
  205. Wall mounted mat cutter?
  206. Lightmeter Sekonic
  207. Any ideas to mate this Linhof head to this Manfrotto 028 tripod?
  208. Best tripod head for 4x5 camera?
  209. Linhof 3D Leveling head II
  210. Which 210mm and 240mm lens for 8x10
  211. Verito on 12x20
  212. Rotrim Question
  213. polaroid 545 film holder
  214. flash meter
  215. Sinar pan/tilt head equivalent
  216. Burke and James Orbitar Camera
  217. Tripod head accessory for Sinar monorail
  218. Sinar case Tenba or F64?
  219. Backpack for 8x10 Toyo MII
  220. Plate for 8x10 view camera
  221. Filter on Sinar shutter and for 3 color separation negatives
  222. Any experience w/ Toyo TPM tripod head
  223. Repairing Pentax digital spot meter
  224. Which Ball-Head?
  225. Chamonix back issue
  226. Tripod for 8x10 Deardorff
  227. Must divest - best way?
  228. Premo Film Pack Adapter
  229. Stupid tripod screw question
  230. Toyo Reflex Viewfinder
  231. Camera Bag Idea
  232. New tripod question
  233. Table size for 60-inch matt cutter?
  234. Quality 4x5 and 5x7 Film Holders
  235. Mamiya 75mm shift lens vs. large format lens
  236. Dark Slide Specifications
  237. Cambo Wide - Darkness
  238. Loose 4x5 L Screws on fidelity elite
  239. A better than average sheet film holder transport solution
  240. bogen 3047 vs. tiltall
  241. Lighting up an underground football field with no electricity... HOW???
  242. Aluminum replacement locking levers for Bogan 3021 tripod?
  243. Good lupe for under 100?
  244. Gossen Luna Pro...Thoughts?
  245. Recommendations for large format focus loupe
  246. OK to keep an exposure meter in a metal storage cabinet?
  247. what are my options in trying to mount two camera systems to a single tripod?
  248. Glass Plates & Holders
  249. light meter calibration
  250. Gossen Luna Pro SBC