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  1. Horseman Press magazine loading question
  2. Polarizer or Yellow-Orange filter, Guatemala
  3. 4x5 Grafmatic issues
  4. How to clean film holders
  5. 'Splain me this
  6. Can anyone identify this camera and lens?
  7. Rechargeable Pelican Silica Gel Won't Recharge
  8. Calibrating a DSLR for spot metering
  9. Are premium filters worth the extra money for B/W contrast filters?
  10. how many Sinar Norma cases?
  11. Easy way to cut 32x40 mat board in half (cleanly + safely)?
  12. Carrying Large Format Gear on a Motorcycle
  13. Tripod & Head for International Travel with Field 4x5
  14. New boxed Pentax digital spotmeter
  15. Need Help!!!!!!!!!
  16. Tripod head
  17. Best value studio flash?
  18. Manfrotto 528XB for 8x10?
  19. Rainy Weather Backpacks
  20. Serious stitching
  21. How to present 10x8" Slides
  22. Best carry on roller case?
  23. Light Meter Question
  24. Kalart Focuspot laser pointer retrofit
  25. Deciphering Vintage Gitzo Terms like Reporter, Gilux, Performance, etc.
  26. Berlebach Tripod
  27. Fuji PA45 on deardorff back
  28. Gnass Gear (no longer in business???)
  29. Tenba Universal Roadie
  30. Gitzo 2540T
  31. Calumet/Orbit Roll film holder
  32. A package arrived today....
  33. Arca Swiss Cube head?
  34. Ebony service? Not too impressed
  35. Anyone try these Gaoersi 8x long loupes?
  36. Need to know lens board size?
  37. Refoaming an Anvil Case
  38. Sinar Panorama Repairs: Who ya gonna call?
  39. Backpack for overseas airtravel
  40. Gitzo Center CF Column
  41. linhof
  42. Scrubbin' the Gitzo innards again
  43. Which RRS QR plate for Chamoinx 45N
  44. I am thinking of a Linhof Levelling head (ref 003659)
  45. RRS Camera plates
  46. What Gitzo tripod is this?
  47. 8x10 rolling case
  48. Pentax Spotmeter V
  49. Cheap, sturdy tripod--construction tripod?
  50. white lightning 5000 broken
  51. Shoulder bag?
  52. Lightgear and Kelty System
  53. In praise of the Zone VI Standard Tripod
  54. How do you transport your monorail camera?
  55. Estimate of Value of Wisner 5x7
  56. Kodak No. 1 Supermatic Shutter
  57. New 195mm f/1.25 8x10 lenses?
  58. Could someone identify the exact model of this Gitzo tripod?
  59. Help! Need a lrg tripod in London asap
  60. repairing a stiff Bogen 150XPROB tripod?
  61. Lowepro Pro Trekker 600AW
  62. Ries tripod head questions
  63. 4x5 & possible 8x10 suggestions for rock-solid monorail with geared movements
  64. What's Happened to Buy/Sell?
  65. Sinar Auto Shutter on Chamonix
  66. Gitzo foot fell off - replacement
  67. Linhof quick release adapter needed
  68. Pelican 1600 Case
  69. Arca Swiss Ball Head---Lubricant
  70. Water Tight Hard Cases
  71. Stolen 4x5 Camera Kit--Burlington, MA
  72. Tripod FS alert
  73. Berlebach tripod leg spreader
  74. Macro lens fudging
  75. Darkroom handheld vacuum cleaner
  76. "Fancy Light Meter" iPhone app... thoughts?
  77. Advice on flash equipment for 8x10 beginner
  78. Polaroid 545 Pro instructions?
  79. Linhof shutter release fix?
  80. What back for Polaroid 665 BW Neg/Pos Film
  81. Video Tripod Systems for Large Format
  82. Balcar Strobe heads
  83. ambient light meter
  84. Wista DX 1/4-20 thread to 3/8" Tiltall...?
  85. Portfolios Case
  86. Ries C 100
  87. attn:Denver area photogs--Best source for quartz halogen bulbs
  88. Cycling and LF gear interesting new bag/backpack from Ortlieb
  89. Possible solution for keeping film cool
  90. Light, decent, cheap tripod?
  91. Lowepro AWII Trekker Zipper Repair
  92. 4x5 or 6x9 Slide Projector Noblux
  93. Original website or start from template?
  94. Overwhelmed by the weight of 8x10 setup
  95. Buying or not.Gitzo GT3330 + Arca Z1 double pan
  96. spot meter
  97. Sekonic L-358 battery
  98. best lightweight head
  99. Method of Transporting my Horseman 4x5
  100. 8x10 film holders a concern
  101. The last of the TELE-XENAR 360MM F5.5 lenses (1990+). Any good?
  102. Best Arca-Type Clamp for the Old Arca Base Rail?
  103. Crazy Japanese site with loads of modifications
  104. graflex case colours.
  105. Upgrade Cambo Legend
  106. Backpacking - tents, bags, and 4x5's.
  107. Digital Back on Sinar Camera
  108. LowePro Pro Trekker 400AW Review
  109. Identifying an old tripod
  110. Packing lensboards and lenses
  111. Kern timber tripod - anyone got one?
  112. Anyone use one of these Kangrinpoche Film Changing Tent?
  113. Best source to replace broken Groundglass of my Sinar p2 8x10
  114. Looking for bellows lens shade - need recommendations!
  115. Legs on Gitzo 1325 Hard to Open - Fix?
  116. Anyone have Lowepro Magnum 400 AW ?
  117. ProMaster System Pro 2n Tripod
  118. Camera Bag
  119. A question for all you Grafmatic owners
  120. Want to build a 11x14 camera for cheap ...
  121. Digital Spot Meter
  122. tripod for toyo 45 cf
  123. Copystand: Bencher Illuma System Light Control
  124. wireless flash synch for graflex shutter
  125. Zone VI Pentax plus a stop?
  126. Marchioni Tiltall Classis alternative to hi cost tripods
  127. Making your own equipment
  128. Metered Light Pocket Spot Meter
  129. Very high tripod??
  130. 3 way head, which to choose?
  131. size of collapsed harrison pup tent
  132. zone vi junior tripod and majestic head
  133. First Tripod Advice
  134. speedotron 2401a help
  135. Studio lighting for 8x10
  136. Filters for photographing lawns with TXP
  137. What head for a big, heavy monorail when it must not move
  138. macro photography: generating a plane of light?
  139. Patching a Harrison Film Changing tent
  140. Anyone use a hat?
  141. Manfrotto 400, 405, 410 geared heads
  142. Tripod Dolley/Casters
  143. DIY Softbox with TL950 bi-pin T8 bulbs?
  144. Anyone using the Sekonic 358 meter?
  145. Cine lenses vs. Zeiss luminars (interesting example)
  146. Smaller-Than-One-Degree Spotmeters
  147. CMOS 12x12in Digital Sensor!!!! (Canon)
  148. How to use Gitzo Tripod Configurator?
  149. Pentax Digital Spotmeter: front ring screws
  150. How to make the gears of a 410 head smooth???
  151. hard cases
  152. backpack recommendation for 4x5
  153. markins emile q3 ballhead stuck! any suggestions
  154. The 'My bid wasn't a fart in a whirlwind club'
  155. Gossen C-mate manual
  156. Quick, Need Help Identifying Tripod
  157. What's a good buy on a simple light meter?
  158. hot shoe flash oldschool meter
  159. Removing an old kirk plate from an old Arca ball
  160. Backpacks for the Tropics
  161. Ballhead suggestions
  162. Gitzo replacement for G1228
  163. Parabolic reflector / umbrella -- Paul Buff PLM, anyone used?
  164. Ball Heads vs. Pan Heads
  165. Arkay Stand Cable
  166. Is it useful to have a light meter for my shooting style?
  167. Gitzo GT1541--for real or marketing hype
  168. Ries Tripod advice
  169. Gnass Filmholder Case - Some Design Thoughts
  170. Your lightmeter suggestions? Need light, small, sensitive, spot?
  171. Did B+W buy (any part of) Schneider?
  172. Compare Linhof 3D MICRO with Arca D4?
  173. Dismantling and cleaning Feisol twist locks???
  174. Fresnel specs (for LF cameras)
  175. Singh Ray vs Hitech ND Grads in Cokin P size. Which to buy?
  176. GG dark
  177. Cable Release
  178. No More Lupe!!
  179. Lens screw
  180. Tripod Overkill
  181. PH/300 [150 watt lamps]
  182. hack 'n clip
  183. light meter repair
  184. Kelty External Frame for Backpacking my 16x20 camera
  185. Used Fresnel - any way to clean up micro scratches
  186. Puzzled by 3/8" tripod mount on old wooden field camera
  187. A macro exposure (bellows draw) helper card? Name? Buy on Ebay?
  188. Wista 45 DX ruler markings on front standard/rail? How to best design and apply?
  189. How to mount screw on a majestic plateform
  190. Focusing Using a Loupe
  191. Chamonix 045N-2 - shipment ETA?
  192. DSLR as lightmeter??
  193. LONG tube for a Packard ?
  194. Chinese copy Harrison changing tent
  195. My Alpenhaus 4x5 Conversion
  196. Giottos Rocket Air Blowers The best? Any other suggestions?
  197. Chinese tripods?
  198. Page magnifier/Fresnel for 8x10 found for $1.99
  199. Pelican 1620
  200. Show Off Your Setup
  201. SEI Photometer
  202. Installing Lens Compartments in Backpack
  203. A good jacket
  204. help with filters!
  205. Should I buy this tripod on ebay:
  206. Cheap film holder for Fuji instant films
  207. Iphone as a meter
  208. Norman flash with other brands....?
  209. Best DSLR as lightmeter?
  210. Gitzo G2270M Low Profile Head
  211. Photoflex Tent with 8x10
  212. Strobe with 8x10
  213. My tripod vibrates a lot with my view camera
  214. My new favorite bag
  215. Tripod head for Dorff 5X7? - needs long mounting bolt
  216. 5x7 film holder case - need help
  217. Arca-Swiss QR plate for Cambo Legend 4x5
  218. Pacemaker Speed Graphic + Modern Studio Lightning
  219. Testing for light leaks on film holders
  220. Linhof Studio Tripod
  221. Help with a Pentax Spotmeter & battery
  222. Smith-Victor CF500 Carbon Fiber Tripod?
  223. Gloves for winter shooting?
  224. what is a good 8x10 macro lens?
  225. New Induro C-413 arrived today
  226. Papa's got a brand new bag
  227. Rodenstock 210mm Apo-Sironar W rear lens cap
  228. Fluorescent Lighting for portraits
  229. Buying my first one
  230. Newby to LF - Need advice on specific tripod for 4x5 Field Camera
  231. GPS suggestions
  232. Any Benro tripod users?
  233. Cambo Focus Screen Size
  234. Why do you need a good tripod for LF?
  235. Any Linhof Tripod Experts Here?
  236. How many film boxes do I need?
  237. Need your help in selection of a lighter/travelling tripod + head for 4x5 field use?
  238. Re: Need Assistance - Zone VI Tripod Nobs!!
  239. Best vehicle for rooftop shooting?
  240. Shutters
  241. Frosted or Clear Halogen Bulbs?
  242. HELP - need to fix cable release for shoot tomorrow
  243. Experience with studio stands
  244. Re-Thinking Quick Release Plates
  245. Any uses for a Polaroid 545 holder?
  246. Wisner Cameras
  247. 3-way ball-heads (Arca-Swiss Z2/B2 and FLM Centerball 58)
  248. Keeping gear from getting stolen...
  249. What cord/cable do I need?
  250. Help: Pentax Spot Meter - dead