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  1. beginner's questions (several)
  2. Working out Minimum Focusing Distance
  3. New to LF Photography
  4. Lens that doesn't focus.
  5. problem with LF exposure
  6. base tilt vs axis tilt
  7. Formula for bellows factor
  8. On-Axis vs. Base-Tilt; Rear Rise & Fall: Field Cameras
  9. Vignetting with wide-angle lesn on Toyo
  10. Suggestion for LF camera & lense to do close up work for jewelry?
  11. how to determine depth of field
  12. Which lightmeter?
  13. which meter to purchase
  14. Where to start in LF photography?
  15. Exposed film proceedures?
  16. Seeking Reciprocity Failure Chart
  17. testing the focus accuracy of a camera
  18. People (Portrait) Studio Photography on LF
  19. Determine exposure using polarizer
  20. Close-up photography with large-format?
  21. Zone VI modified spotemetrs
  22. Ranger 9 weston
  23. master technika and fashion pics.
  24. data input to sinar
  25. Metering with Polarizer filters
  26. on axis vs base tilts
  27. Sources for repairing old light meters?
  28. Pentax Spot meters
  29. Using Gossen Fiber Optics Probe with Luna Pro
  30. Soligor Digital Spot Meter
  31. Help using Minolta Spotmeter F
  32. timed exposures
  33. Recalibrating a Gossen Luna Pro
  34. Sekonic Pinpoint Attachment L-718PP
  35. How to calculate depth of field?
  36. Capturing Fog
  37. Merklinger: Focusing the view camera
  38. Dof table ..a bonus for all of you
  39. DOF and circle of confusion
  40. close-up w/4x5
  41. Any input on Minolta"Spot Meter F"
  42. Why EV numbers instead of f-stops?
  43. pin holes and ASA for exposure times
  44. Confused about Density & Contrast
  45. MAcro Work in LF
  46. Edward Weston's still life work: How did he achieve such magnification?
  47. Color meter or just other film?
  48. base tilts: is it a problem ?
  49. light meter advice needed please
  50. Scheimpflug Calculations
  51. lightmetering off the glass
  52. Is LF just for pros?
  53. shooting Mapplethorpe style protraits
  54. "2nd Curtain" flash syncronization with Copal-type Shutter
  55. Multi exposure on LF - avoiding movement?
  56. light fall off
  57. Proper use of a loupe
  58. adorama spot meters
  59. Mounting Lens to Lensboard
  60. 6x9cm vs 4x5in
  61. More questions on Spot Meters
  62. Best way to photograph a half-inch area in large format
  63. Opinion on the book,"Focusing the view camera" by Merklinger?
  64. what do you need in a workshop?
  65. workshop features
  66. Large Format or Medium Format for use on foot and sailboat
  67. More newbie questions (large magnification macro)
  68. Yaw Free base tilts: how important are these?
  69. DOF calculation
  70. Close up with normal lens: Revers? Diopters?..
  71. DOF
  72. Great ideas in LF that didn't quite work out
  73. Zone System Frustration
  74. Yaw-free Field Camera by mounting sideways on tripod
  75. Filter behind the lens
  76. How can I get lots of DOF in this subject?
  77. Pre-exposure techniques
  78. Another question on Minolta F Spotmeter
  79. Photo documentation of historic buildings -- what to charge?
  80. How much tilt is enough?
  81. Blur circle
  82. what is a"photogrammetric target"?
  83. Book on Environmental Portrait Technique
  84. Beyond the Zone
  85. How is the height of the lens above the plane of sharp focus measured?
  86. 4x5 flash
  87. Focusing technique for portrait photography
  88. SinarSix Manual
  89. Large Format Exercises
  90. focusing
  91. Artist needs advice
  92. Large Format or Medium Format
  93. Calculating Exposure Compensation for Very Wide Lens & Tilt
  94. Focusing technique for very wide angle lenses
  95. Incident vs. Spot metering in Landscape work?
  96. lightmeter question
  97. Depth of Field Calculators/Aids
  98. Multiple exposures on carpet?
  99. great tool for small"tabletop" still life and product photography
  100. old main street photography
  101. architecture: slight converging verticals
  102. A simple perspective question
  103. Use of Step Wedge
  104. Wisner workshop
  105. Lens hoods for large format?
  106. Help With Fogging Problem
  107. Focussing a 4x5?
  108. Luna Pro needs recalibration
  109. handling glass plate negs
  110. Avoiding Vignetting with Lens of Limited Coverage
  111. Zone System
  112. Focussing / tilt
  114. zone system
  115. Question re: portraiture w/210 lens--arca swiss users
  116. Compensating exposure for bellows extension
  117. Is there a needle lock on the Luna-Pro SBC meter
  118. using fill flash with view camera
  119. DUST SPOTS !
  120. Mountaintop photography
  121. exposure of dark evergreen trees?
  122. Spot meter
  123. Pentax SpotmeterV vs Soligor Spot Sensor II
  124. Interior Shooting Tips
  125. Minolta Autometer IV vs. Sekonic L-718
  126. Pre exposure - how much will it increase film latitude?
  127. visualization versus previsualization
  128. Silvered Mirror & Macro
  129. Filtering Fuji Chrome under fluorescent lighting
  130. notes on 4x5
  131. medium or large format?
  132. depth of field with 4x5?
  133. What is Keystoning
  134. Hosemaster problem
  135. Scheimpflug Principle technique for close-up work
  136. Camera Tips for Winter Use
  137. How to get chandelier crystals to show colors of spectrum.
  138. Spot Meter on a Budget
  139. c print
  140. why is my flood light studio lighting causing my prints to be off color?
  141. Litho??
  142. Derivation of Exposure Values
  143. suggestions for novice LF user re optimum eqpt for portraits
  144. Conference Photography
  145. Focus Techniques - Reommended References?
  146. How Do I Create the Most Specular Light Possible?
  147. Projection of a LF Transparency
  148. Spot Meter Calibration
  149. New to LF - dumb questions? but I don't know
  150. Focus on ground glass?
  151. Focussing (again!!!!!)
  152. Newbie Q: rear tilt vs. front tilt
  153. Minolta Autometre IVF
  154. how much is enough
  155. Metering with EOS5/85mm, good enough?
  156. Exposure Q for LF without f-stop
  157. Need advice on how to trigger Canon 540EZ
  158. Confused. Did I load backwards ?
  159. farge format techniques
  160. Calculating the height of"J" in Scheimpflug
  161. LF camera techniques
  162. Tent material
  163. Unusual Yet General Technique Question
  164. How to use light meter of 35mm camera to determine exposure for LF camera
  165. How to make sharp photographs with long lenses?
  166. determining point focused on from bellows extension
  167. Photographing bottles
  168. Linhof Practice-1959, a good book?
  169. Exposure in low light.
  170. Perspective Manipulations with View Cameras
  171. large format Camera movements
  172. Ground glass focusing with fresnal screens
  173. LF resolution compared to smaller formats?
  174. heat waves and image quality
  175. Stouffer Step Wedge, How do I use this for Zone System
  176. Using a canvas press
  177. Options for triggering the flash in studio LF work?
  178. cleaning old glass plates
  179. Checking for vignetting
  180. Shutter time vs. spot meter time
  181. Does LF handle as much enlargement factor as we all think?
  182. Horseman Exposure Meter 45
  183. Zone System: Zone 7 or Zone 8 for Highlight Testing
  184. 5x7 tech III focusing
  185. checking for vignetting with frount rise
  186. Good source of information for photgraphing moving objects?
  187. Class on large format
  188. Post trip blues
  189. Changing depth of field
  190. Snow
  191. Soligor Spot Sensor vs Spot Sensor II
  192. Dry mounting press
  193. zone dial or zone system wheel
  194. Large Format Weather Control
  195. maine photo workshop
  196. Stability of 8 X 10 with loooooooong lenses
  197. portraits & shadows---technique
  198. Macro-photography...CHEAP!
  199. Focusing in the dark with a laser
  200. Flash - how to factor fl of lens into equation
  201. Spot Meter for Low Light Situations
  202. Please tell me how easy it is to shoot with a 4 x 5
  203. Modified Pentax Spotmeter
  204. Portraiture Without a Shutter!?!
  205. Large format - first impressions
  206. portraits
  207. OOPS!!Dropped my spotmeter
  208. GoodTable Top Photography Book
  209. Help with Soligor spot meter
  210. Pre-exposure
  211. fluorescent light
  212. zone chart descriptions
  213. Geometry involved in photography?
  214. Checking for vignetting. Aperture ?
  215. Tilt/Swing?
  216. Pentax Digital Zone VI Spotmeter
  217. Review Request before submission: Making a dof calculator for your geared focus knob
  218. Photographing endangered species
  219. Mixing Tungsten and flash
  220. Heresy
  221. Hollywood LIghting
  222. Shooting all the time at f64
  223. Photographing"the lean"
  224. Focusing On Close Objects
  225. Lens Choice for Close-ups
  226. scheimpflug on linhof
  227. Scheimpflug - do I need it?
  228. How useful are lateral shifts for landscape photography?
  229. multi frame panorama
  230. Are asymertrical center tilts and swings useful for focusing or just a gimmick?
  231. Where did our magnification go to?
  232. photographing a landscape for a hologram
  233. A bad day (sort of)
  234. Tungsten lights
  235. Is this shot possible
  236. Metering when using a polarizer
  237. Scheimpflug effect
  238. Too many Zones?
  239. DOF and range finders
  240. Choice of meter/metering method for landscape/scenic work
  241. LF is it really better?
  242. Black Subjects
  243. Merklinger book and Toyo field
  244. Exercises for begginers?
  245. View Camera TTL Meters
  246. what lighting set up does Nicholas Nixon use?
  247. How in the H LL do YOU shoot sharp large format portraits?
  248. Optics Involved in Forward Tilt and Front Rise
  249. Confused by circle of confusion
  250. Gossen SBC