The Wehman 8x10 field camera: a quick review

by Paul Stimac 2001, for the Large Format Page.

It's a oddity of the camera world. Everything that Bruce Wehman claims his camera is/does is true. I was a skeptic. Now I'm a believer. Can I get a Witness?

For a long time I searched in vein for a field camera that could do everything

I was looking for a field camera that:

A Kodak Master almost fit the bill - I bought one and found it to be too unstable for long lenses - probably because it was old and worn a bit - so I returned it. So nothing existed, even on paper, until I found Bruce's Wehman's site from the commercial link section of this site. He claimed his camera to do everything I was looking for. I didn't believe it for a second and I didn't want to spend $1400 to find out. I emailed Bruce Wehman and he assured me that he was honest and that the camera really did what he said. I still didn't believe him and did'nt buy it. As time past, my calumet C-1 got heavier, just like myself, and I had to do something about it, I couldn't afford a Wisner (new or used) so I called Bruce up again and again he re-assured me that his camera did what he said it did. This time he said that he had a demo he would sell me and that if the camera wasn't up to my spec's he'd refund the $$. I bit, I bought, and now am I happy to report that the camera performes better than I hopped for ~ Praise the Lord. (Hands up in the air)

Really, this camera does do the job. I'm glad I didn't have the money for a Wisner. For pratical purposes, I would not trade this for anything on the market. The only thing I don't like about it is that the front standard doesnt have a zero up and down mark. Bruce told me that I have an early version and that the next batch will have some minor changes. I guessing that this will be one of them. He also said that the next batch will cost more (after I had bought mine, it wasn't a sales pitch) and not have as good of bellows as his current batch. The current batch of bellows are made of neoprene (sp?), making the camera water proof - but remember, lenses aren't, so it's not a good idea to leave it in the rain unless you have the lens off.

If you're looking for a field camera to use and not to show off with, you really should consider the Wehman 8x10. The price is still $1400 and includes two lensboards and an extra ground glass made of plexi-glass plus a lifetime warranty. Knowing what I know, even if this camera was as much as a Wisner, Toyo, etc., I'd still buy it. Of couse every person's taste is different and you may not feel the same way about it - but I'm more than happy with mine.

You can see the specs and pictures of it on his site. I'm too lazy to re-type them here. The best quote on his site "Use and abuse of this camera is not only expect, it is encouraged"

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