General books about Large Format photography

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cover The Kodak book of Large-Format Photography (Kodak Publication, No. O-18E. Covers all the basics, clearly and concisely, but without much detail. A OK starting point.
Using the View Camera, by Steve Simmons The basics are well covered, and the writing clear. In addition, there is a discussion on selecting equipment with details on some specific lenses. However, what distinguishes this book from others is a section which gives examples of large format images with comments on how they were made. This is also a good starting point. To be complete, there are also two books at the same level of detail, one by Harvey Shaman (The View Camera) and the other by Jim Stone (A User's Guide to the View Camera) - there is a rule that only people whose names begin with S can write about view camera technique-, but I didn't think they were as useful.
View Camera Technique, by Leslie Stroebel This is by far the most detailed and comprehensive book, and contains everything you need to know, including topics which are not specific to large format cameras. A bible for LF photographers. Being more academically oriented (it is a sort of text), this is a tough read, especially if you haven't used a LF camera before. The style is dry. You will want to keep it as a reference and to go through it in small doses rather than trying to absorb everything, however it will answer questions that no other book does. It has a fairly comprehensive comparison of cameras and lenses specs. The last edition has material on digital imaging.
The Camera (Ansel Adams Photography, Book 1) The book by the Master, written in an engaging and readable way. Lots of topics and tips covered at a fairly general level. There is a specific section on camera movements, but a lot of the material is not specific to large format.
The Negative (Ansel Adams Photography, Book 2) The sequel of the previous book, this one is mostly about exposure and development of B&W films. It contains a clear exposition of the Zone System by the person who developped it.
The Art of Photography : An Approach to Personal Expression by Bruce Barnbaum This book evolved from Barnbaum's workshop notes, and is very well written. It shares not only his technical (Zone system and darkroom techniques) and artistic (composition,visualization) tricks, but also his philosophy (the importance of communicating a message to the viewer).

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