Rafal Lukawiecki

I live in Co Wicklow, Ireland, and I travel extensively. Most of my images have been photographed away from Ireland. I have been photographing, and printing, since I was a child, having started as a 9-year old in 1970s, however I feel I have only started developing my photographic skills when I moved into LF, in year 2000. I am still using my first, and only, 4x5 camera, an Ebony SV45Te, and a small selection of lenses, as my primary photographic tools. I think I will stay with this camera for much longer, unless 8x10 manages to cast its spell one day... When I cannot travel with LF, I use a trusty 6x6 Hasselblad 503CW. 

I love photographing landscapes, and I have an interest in portraiture. I develop my photographs by hand, in my darkroom, as traditional silver-gelatin prints.  

I am always happy to meet other photographers. I would be happy to assist with film requirements, if you are travelling to Ireland.

Contact me: photo@rafal.net
See my work: http://rafal.net
Hear my thoughts: http://rafal.net/articles/