Michael Mironov

Name: Michael Mironov
Location: St. Petersburs, Russia
Website: http://www.michaelmironov.com
Contact: website mailform
Tel.: +7921-9428692
Camera: Canham MQC57 (5x7")

Black and white landscape photography. Limited edition prints.

Artist Statement

Black and white landscape photography isn't about the direct copy of
nature. Instead, a black and white photograph contains a mystery,
something enigmatic, which makes it more interesting. This is why I shoot
in black and white.

Water and stones attract my attention. Rather, it is the combination of
these two contrasting elements that really pulls me in. Water is forever
moving, never still, and what I want to capture, with the stones as a
counterpoint, is the movement of water. Through varying the exposure time,
it is possible to show the character, perhaps even 'mood' of the water.

A large-format camera is also instrumental in showing this 'mood', but the
main reason for my choosing large format photography is that it allows for
the highest possible definition of detail. The second most important
reason for my preference is that only large format photography displays
the full scale of shades between darkest black and most pristine snow
white. Lastly, it is the combination of these features that gives the
impression that the picture will allow you to step into it, into another
black and white and more beautiful world.