Michael Hewson

Michael Hewson dabbles in large format landscape photography while the family grows around him and work at the University of Queensland progresses. Home is Ferny Grove (a suburb of Brisbane) Australia. I remember being transfixed by the large format photographs of Peter Dombrovskis - a Tasmanian wilderness photographer and an icon of Australian photographic art. Since then I have learnt large format photography in Australia is very much alive.

I am pleased to have been a semi-finalist at the Australian, New Zealand, Antarctic and New Guinea (ANZANG) Nature and Landscape Photographer of the Year Competition this year (2007) - a finalist in 2006 and there is always 2008! One day I'll crack it.

The kit includes a Wista 4*5 and a Nikkor 90, Rodenstock 150, Fujinon 240 and a Nikkor 300 lens. I currently use Quickload Velvia.

I you visit Brisbane give me a call 0408 379 373.