Li Jun

Location: Tianjin, China
Mobile: 13752360346

Formats used: 4x5(Ebony), 8x10( Ebony & Charmnox) lense: Rodenstock apo 55mm,Schnerder super 90mm XL,apo symmar 240mm, Rodenstock apo ronar 360mm, caltar N II 360mm/6.7, Ronnar 480mm, Fuji C600mm, T600mm. Rodenstock 165mm for wideangle.

Areas of interest: nature senic, mountains, travel, people etc...

yes, like to meet other LF photographers in person. if come to China like for guiding to west.

yes, I would be wiling to act as a film drop/bank for travelling photographers.

also have a Jeep for traveling to Tibet. etc.