Jeff Goggin

I'm located in Scottsdale, Arizona and am presently employed as a paralegal. After a lapse of nearly 20 years, I resurrected my moribund photo hobby in 1997-98. This time around, though, I shoot color exclusively and use a darkroom of the digital (Polaroid 45U and Minolta Scan-Multi scanners, Epson 1280 printer, Photoshop 6.0, Genuine Fractals 2.0, Irfanview, etc) rather than wet chemical variety.

While I like to think of myself as a "view camera" photographer -- at present, I own 2x3, 4x5, and 8x10 Toyo G-series cameras, as well as a small handful of lenses -- the truth is that most of my favorite photos were taken with a vintage Minolta Autocord TLR. The Tessar lens on these cameras is razor-sharp and nicely contrasty, and imbues images with an aesthetic quality that I've yet to duplicate with any other camera/lens combo.

Anyway, while I get lucky with a photo every now and then, and have even sold many prints through a local gallery, I'm fundamentally just a hack who shoots a variety of subjects for pleasure, not profit. My current project is a series about visual oxymorons; i.e., images where a subject's appearance is at odds with its message.

Image © Jeff Goggin