Gary Meader

My name is Gary Meader and I've been using LF since 1984. I use all formats from 35 to 8x10. I'm rather new to 8x10 and am still getting used to it. I'm in NW WA state, a stone's throw from Canada, in a small town called Everson. Just right. My subject matter varies from landscapes to interiors of old structures. I teach photography at the local Community College in the continuing ed dept., as well as a newly formed darkroom class. I do a lot of volunteer work for the local schools, feeling that it's important to try to keep the energy alive in the face of the digital onslaught. I try to instill the importance of hard-copy photos, reminding my students that photos are the things people will risk running into a burning building to recover. My darkroom at home sees me printing for my wife, who shoots weddings in B&W, and when I'm not printing for other shooters, I'm doing my own work.