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Thread: 7x17 film holder

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    7x17 film holder

    I am looking for a broken and unusable 7x17 film holder. I have e-mailed quite a few places and called others. No one keeps anything like that around. Would one of you folks have one available.

    I want to make a 7x17 camera and need a template. Any help would be great and if you know of a place that might have something like this I would appreciate knowing about it.


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    7x17 film holder

    There is no standard for 7X17 holders so even if you are able to located a used 7X17 film holder to use as a template this would not ensure that any future film holders you might buy would fit the camera. So unless you plan to make your own holders you should really plan to obtain your holders first and build the camera to fit.
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