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Thread: View Camera magazine problems

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    View Camera magazine problems

    For the second time within a year (2012) I failed to receive my View Camera magazine. I missed the March/April issue and now the September/October issue. Upon contacting Steve Simmons about the March/April issue he didn't have any back issues available. I had to buy a used copy from the forum. I e-mailed him about a week ago regarding the September/October issue and tried calling him on both Monday and Tuesday. No answer in either case and I couldn't leave a message as his recorder was full. I'm not pointing any fingers at anyone, not just yet, as someone else might be responsible but not sure how to proceed. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Re: View Camera magazine problems

    Moved to Resources at request of OP.

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    Re: View Camera magazine problems

    I missed the last two issues due to a renewal mix up. I missed the renewal notice. My initial contact was by e-mail to verify subscription dates, etc. I did phone in my credit card number and Steve sent both issues. I have excellent response from View Camera magazine.

    Keep in mind it is a small business with irregular hours. Email works best
    Bill Kumpf

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    Re: View Camera magazine problems

    With so many complaints about this publisher, one has to question whether it is management who can't handle a proper "list" issue to issue, or (and perhaps more likely), the company has reduced the print run to save costs, increase profit, and thereby short a few random subscribers.

    You have to weigh the value of the product to you vs the risk of not receiving a copy. Having invested in magazines during the 80s and 90s, the print run being by far the largest direct cost by percent, small publishers became notorious for reducing the print run with not all subscribers receiving copies. Perhaps opt for the on-line version and know that there is no real incremental cost to the publisher to your accessing that product.

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    Re: View Camera magazine problems

    For how often this comes up, the title of this thread should be it's own forum!

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    Re: View Camera magazine problems

    It may be my fault: I recently subscribed and if history going back to the 1970's is any guide, my subscribing to a magazine is often the kiss of death. Vertex science fiction, Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Adventure Magazine, Omni -- there are lots of examples. One of the few who didn't succumb to the curse is Lenswork, so possibly there is hope for View Camera. If not, I'm very very sorry. Very very very sorry.

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    Re: View Camera magazine problems

    I thought it was my fault. I forgot to renew my subscription several years ago and haven't yet re-subscribed. I thought the editorial team may have lost hope and all incentive after I left the fold.

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    View Camera magazine problems

    Quote Originally Posted by pdmoylan View Post
    Perhaps opt for the on-line version and know that there is no real incremental cost to the publisher to your accessing that product.
    I wish I could opt for there digital only option but they only offer that to p expel out side the United States. I live in the US and you can only get the digital version as an add on to the print subscription.

    That's incredibly messed up. They refuse to take money for a digital product they already make so it costs them nothing.

    I have heard so many stories about how messed up those people are.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Kumpf View Post
    Keep in mind it is a small business with irregular hours.
    Being a small business is no excuse there are millions of well run well managed small business. View camera magazine is simply not well managed and not well run.
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    Re: View Camera magazine problems

    at risk of being called a " troll who follows the publisher around from board to board badmouthing his magazine " (as he has done in the past)
    i would suggest sending him a letter, return receipt requested with a bill for the magazines you had to purchase yourself, or
    with the suggestion of adding however many issues were never delivered and you had to purchase them yourself, to the tail end of your subscription.
    and if he agrees to adding x-many issues to the end of your subscription, get it in writing, sometimes people forget things when they are
    in the middle of running a 2 person magazine ..

    good luck !

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    Re: View Camera magazine problems

    Steve Simmons may be called a lot of bad names, accurately, but not on this forum

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