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Thread: Vac-U-Mount Properties

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    Vac-U-Mount Properties

    Does anyone have any experience with the archival properties of 3M Vac-U-Mount adhesive? I want to employ the services of a framer who uses this product and swears by it, but I remain a little skeptical about its suitability for long-term photographic print mounting. I would welcome hearing anyone's experiences.


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    Vac-U-Mount Properties

    William, I am in the same boat and sinking fast. No one I ask can give me an answer. Lets assume that 3M will say their stuff is just great as does your framer and mine. But anything that goes on as a spray is bound to give off gasses as it dries...

    I am going to look for someone that does good 'ol drymount press work. At least there are posted pros and cons for that.


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