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Thread: CARLTON / ROC 11x14 view in need of lens board

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    CARLTON / ROC 11x14 view in need of lens board

    I have a lovely 11x14 CARLTON / Rochester optical view in need of a 4.5 x 4.5 lens board (square corner) I have attached a photo showing an 8x10 Carlton to show the lens board style. Would like the lens board to match the camera. Any info / leads appreciated. THANKS / THOM
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    Re: CARLTON / ROC 11x14 view in need of lens board

    It should be an easy item to fabricate from plywood with basic woodworking tools such as a table saw and router. One doesn't really need the router. The original lensboard was probably made of three pieces of wood, not plywood, but the difference in appearance will be slight. If exact ourward appearance is necessary, plywood can be faced with veneer in the appropriate pattern and wood. There should be instructions on making lensboards on this and other sites, or google for making lensboards.

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    Re: CARLTON / ROC 11x14 view in need of lens board

    If you don't want to make your own Richard Ritter can make them for you.

    If you do make your own, three piece really aren't that hard to make. It is helpful to have access to a thickness planner to get the solid stock to the right thickness. You can cut the tongue and grove on a table saw.


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    Re: CARLTON / ROC 11x14 view in need of lens board

    There's a guy who makes beautiful lens boards and sells them on eBay at quite reasonable prices. He's a cabinetmaker by trade and does very fine work; he can probably make whatever you need.

    I've bought several Kodak 2D style boards for my Deardorff military V8.

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