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Thread: personal safety / security while photographing

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    Re: personal safety / security while photographing

    Don't presume that you will have cellphone towers nearby -- there is a lot of open space, even along major highways (including interstate), that has no cellphone signal for any carrier.

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    Re: personal safety / security while photographing

    Heck ... I can't get cell coverage on the beaches around here, just minutes out of the city.
    And in the high Sierra, it's rare to get coverage. Maybe way up on some peak where you
    can see the view in a 200 mile radius, if your batteries are still good. Depends on the carrier. Spotty at best. Out in the desert West, esp in the canyons, no good. If you get
    lost, just ask a rattler for directions. But carry a rattle to English dictionary, or perhaps
    rattle to Spanish in some parts of the Southwest.

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    Re: personal safety / security while photographing

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Miller View Post
    I'm glad that you did not shoot the bear. When black bears stand on their hind legs they are mostly just checking you out - it is not an aggressive move other than wanting to appear bigger and prevent you from attacking. It is rare that black bears will attack a person. [... snip excellent information ...]
    It is heartening to find a person who truly knows black bears. The difference between the black bear and, for example, the grizzly bear is profound. Sometimes a black bear can be approached so that you can feed him (but do not do that!), and sometimes a person can feed a grizzly - but it was the intention!

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