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Thread: large format workshops

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    large format workshops

    I've started using a 4x5 Graflex Crown Graphic and would really like to know of any workshops geared specifically for outdoor shots using these cameras. I'd li ke smaller groups so I can get individual instruction as to which lenses, film e tc I should be using. Any suggestions?

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    large format workshops

    Get a copy of View Camera magazine. You can find various adds for workshops. They are on the net, but I dont remember the URL. As for lenses and film, I would think this is a personal decision.

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    large format workshops

    Kelly, I went to OSU few years ago and am in Okc right now, If I can be of any service just e-mail me. I don't know much about the inner workings of press cams, but can help you with lenses. Hawkeye in Okc is a pawn shop turned used camera broker so check out for specials in your area. Good luck on the smaller groups. Okc has a camera club but I've never been ...Uco offers large format classes at night usually alternating with day spots yearly so grab one of their catalogs. You aren't gonna shoot cattle with window-bellies are ya? I shoot technikas so I could assist you with some cheats for press cam landscapes. Good luck

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    large format workshops

    I'm organizing a workshop in central Virginia for LF for June, with a variety of field trips and classroom sessions. There will be no single "expert" but I will be drawing on a number of experienced LF photographers to cover a variety of topics. Email me for details. There will be no registration fee, only $20 for refreshments. David

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    large format workshops

    I don't know if Joe Englander is still offering large format workshops, but if he is I heartily recommend them. I took a view camera workshop that he gave a few years ago, and wished that I had taken it earlier, since it would have helped with the learning curve. Most of the large format books that I've seen are geared to the tabletop still-life shooter; Joe's workshop focussed (no pun intended) on the practical issues posed by using LF for landscape work.

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