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Thread: Sun Angle Calculator

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    Sun Angle Calculator

    Does anyone know of an on-line, or computer program which will generate a sun an gle chart given a Lat and Long and date?

    This would be a useful reference for architectural work.

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    Sun Angle Calculator

    Try these:

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    Sun Angle Calculator

    Poking around the web a bit, I also found the follow site which has PC and Mac programs to provide this information:

    The software which can be downloaded from this site is shareware. It appears to provide a less precise set of information vs. the reference Ben posted above (only accounts for Lat - no consideration of Long or elevation). It still seems useful.

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    Sun Angle Calculator

    For those who would prefer a hard copy, see the appendix of Michael Harris' Architectural Photography (1st ed.) or Professional Architectural Photography (2nd ed.), available at It has charts for various latitudes (0, 10, 20 degrees, etc.) so some interpolation may be necessary, and it shows how to correct for longitude, depending on where you are in your time zone. Very useful indeed.

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