I am modifying a Baby (6x9) Crown Graphic to take a 47/8 Angulon and a 6x9 back. Does anyone know if the Crown's back can take other backs such as the Linhof? I'd think the Linhof Super Rollex backs might be better than the old Graflex lever backs (I know to avoid the knob wind backs).

While we're at it, has anybody here ever used a 47 on a Baby Crown? Any issues? I think the focal length flange distance should work OK, and it looks like it should allow the camera to fold up with the lens. But I haven't gotten the lens yet and would like to double check.

Finally, any tips for a good viewfinder? A Russian 21mm? I need to find a screw on shoe mount bracket too.

I grew frustrated with my flakey Veriwides - I think this camera might be more reliable, cheaper, and even uglier!