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Thread: 2 1/2 weeks

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    2 1/2 weeks

    I have a trip planned to go to thru Idaho , Wyoming , Montana, , driving so that I can haul all my stuff. There will be fly fishing involved and lots of photography . It will start in probably Reno going there to Owyhee river in Idaho, Greys river in Wyoming , Craig Montana. So If you have been to this area please let me know some areas that are photogenic along the way. If this is to liberal of a description I can add more detail . Just post and lets see what happens . Thank you all in advance Craig

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    Re: 2 1/2 weeks

    Theres lots to photograph up there, but biting fish and good light tend to happen at the exact same time though.
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    Re: 2 1/2 weeks

    I just got back from a week on the Middle Fork of the Salmon (all GoPro and digi snap) and a week in Glacier, where I was apparently some kind of a star with my 5X7, exposing all of my limited 20 sheets. There are a lot of fires (thus smoke) in central Idaho right now. The Sawtooth Range is very compact, easily day explorable, and rises dramatically from Stanley. We drove 287 south from East Glacier Saturday morning, just missing Craig. Very pretty country merging on ranchland. Personally, I wouldn't bother with the Owyhee (mispronounced Hawaii by early settlers) area at this time. It, as well as the Jarbidge-Bruneau, barely run (naturally anyway) save a brief period in the spring, and the whole region is very dry. There were a lot of fisherman everywhere so it must be good?!?

    P.S. Somehow, it never occurs to me to ask others what is "photogenic", before exploring an area. I just get a map and look for a good light. A tin can on the highway can be photogenic, given good light and an aesthetic eye.

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