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Thread: LF lens repairs-polish & recoat

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    LF lens repairs-polish & recoat

    I have located acouple of nice older lenses that are in very good shape, but cou ld benefit from polishing and recoating, I think. Is this a prctical idea (cost), and who can do this work?? Many thanks, Dick

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    LF lens repairs-polish & recoat

    Depends on the cost of the lens. There is a place in Devener (sorry, forgot the name) that will do it for about $125 (one element).

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    LF lens repairs-polish & recoat

    Polishing usually changes the physical characteristics of the element (thickness or shape) and this can materially effect the performance of the lens compared to its' original design specifications. Make sure you ask anyone who does this if and how the element's physical shape is or is not changed by this procedure.

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    LF lens repairs-polish & recoat

    You're looking for these two guys: John van Stelten and Steve Grimes. Their information is below (John also has a website, but I don't have the URL at my fingertips).

    John van Stelten Focal Point Inc. 1017 South Boulder Road Suite E-1 Louisville, Co. 80027 Phone 303-665-6640 Fax 303-665-3803 E-mail:

    Steve Grimes Phone: 508-384-7107 Fax: 508-384-6122 E-mail: Website:

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    LF lens repairs-polish & recoat

    I've now relocated John van Stelten's web address:

    Good luck. Both Steve and John would be happy to talk to you or correspond by e-mail about your questions.

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