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Thread: Display calibration in OS 10.2

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    Display calibration in OS 10.2

    I just got some Velvia so I could play with colour, so I'm trying to calibrate my Apple HD display in OS 10.2 (Power Mac G4). The problem is that when I run the calibrate utility in system preferences, even in Expert mode, I am unable to adjust in "Set Up" and "Native Gamma". It jumps right from "Introduction" to "Target Gamma". The calibrate utility works perfectly in 10.3 and my Power Mac G5 and the same monitor.

    Anyone found a way around this problem?

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    Display calibration in OS 10.2

    I cannot exactly duplicate your problem since I am running a LaCie Electron Blue w/ a G4 dual processor 1Ghz machine but I do not remember ever having the problem when using )S 10.2.x. Meanwhile, why are you still running 10.2.x on the G4? Why notinstall 10.3 and be done with it?

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    Display calibration in OS 10.2

    A fast, and very accurate way of callibrating monitors is useing the ColorVision Spyder, a hardware/software setup which creates unique profiles for each of your monitors. The low-end model isn't terribly expensive (~$100), and has been, in my experience, more than worth its cost. Very good support also.

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    Display calibration in OS 10.2

    You should look into using SuperCal to create your colorsync profiles since it seems to work better than the standard apple profiling method. Of course, it still relies on you staring at the screen so it might not be as good as an acutall photometric measurement (or it might be better).

    Supercal is shareware at

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    Display calibration in OS 10.2

    Thanks for the input. I tried SuperCal and it seems to work pretty well. At $19, its pretty cheap and it seems to work pretty well with a combination of Wheeler profiles and my Epson 2200. if i decide to do some serious colour work, maybe I'll spring for one of the ColorVision programs.

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