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Thread: Reciprocity failure

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    Re: Reciprocity failure

    If this is how you get off, you're in deep kimchi.

    - Leigh
    If you believe you can, or you believe you can't... you're right.

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    Re: Reciprocity failure

    Never tried it...but I recognize the smell of bs just fine. Big pharma must be making a mint out of old guys like you.

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    Re: Reciprocity failure

    i have a 10 stop ND, but never use it on 45.. but i have use my red filter on 45 and exposure of several minutes.. all bw films (Ilford)... i look at the chart for my film and do a rough estimate, so far so good.

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    Re: Reciprocity failure

    I've been shooting long exposures on TriX and Shanghai 100 for about a year, paired up with a ND110 in the day and just stopping down at night, I've been taking 20min to 1 hour long exposures.

    I followed Kodak's suggestions for TriX, and for Shanghai I based it off TriX but realized it was much slower and now compensate accordingly.

    Now moving onto Velvia, longest so far was 10 minutes!

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    Re: Reciprocity failure

    I like reciprocity failure -- approached properly, it gives one such a nice boost in contrast (B&W). My exposure times are usually in the minutes under the redwoods. I give just a little more exposure, then develop the heck out the negative for wonderful contrast and feeling of light for my carbon prints and platinum prints.

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