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Thread: Linhof shutter magnetic release

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    Jean-Louis Llech
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    Linhof shutter magnetic release

    In the seventies, the Linhof catalog featured a shutter magnetic release. It was used to reduce risks of camera shake when depressing the classic cable shutter release.
    The complete release unit i.e. the release button, switching elements and two 15 volts batteries were inserted into the Linhof anatomical grip.
    A magnet had to be screwed on each lens panel, and it was then connected to the grip by means of an electric cable.
    By releasing the button, the shutter was tripped with less or no vibrations.

    Like many old accessories, this has disappeared from Linhof catalog, maybe because of 15 volts batteries availability ?

    On e-B** I have never seen auctions for this accessory.

    Who knows more about it ? Where could it be possible to find a used one and several magnets ?

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    Linhof shutter magnetic release

    It was discontinued because it was complicated to attache to various lenses and it did not work reliably on either the Technika or the Technar.

    However it did work reliably on the Aero Technikaa and remained part of the Areo Technika EL untirl it was discontinued a few years ago.

    Basically the battery holder and release mechanism fit into the left hand grip from the bottom and a retaining ring with the release button was screwed on from the top. This, of course, replaced the cable release. The coiled cord from the unit then plugged into the solenoid on the lens. On top of the solenoid was a threded nipple where one could still mount a cable release in case of solenoid or battery failure.

    We still have a demo Technar with the 72mm which has the solenoid mounted.

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    Linhof shutter magnetic release

    How much for the Technar Bob?

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    Linhof shutter magnetic release

    Solenoid shutter releases of various other makes show up on eBay fairly often. They were intended to work off power from flashgun batteries. They were very common as long as flashbulbs were in use.

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    Linhof shutter magnetic release

    You can contact me by email or phone(800) 735-4373) regarding the Technar. It is the body with the 75 ( not the 72) and the finder.

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