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    I don't know about fees, but personally, I'm for giving the boot to anyone who doesn't know how, or just simply refuses, to use their shift key. :-)

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    Dear Dave...

    I am not rude. I just call them as I see them. I have not spent a penny on, and I doubt I ever will. The privlege of having some dorky little icon next to my name never seemed to be worth the money. I have not been asked to leave there, so why should I believe your claim? If it's not a lie, just show us the information that backs up your assertion. If they told you that there are restrictions in the number of photos you may upload, that's their perogative. But nowhere does it say that you cannot post on Prove me wrong, have Brian send me an email telling me I am mistaken.

    Damn, ME defending What is this world coming to?

    tim in san jose

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    I wouldn't beat the guy up over anything he says about PN. Let it slide and let's talk about photography?

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