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Thread: Supplier of bulk matte board?

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    Supplier of bulk matte board?

    I have recently printed several large panoramic shots in the 12" x 72" range, and am attempting to tackle the presentation and framing myself. I intend to use archival quality matte board, but have been unable to find suppliers of sizes larger than 32"x40". I have read that 4'x8' sheets of matte board are available, but have not found any distributors. Anyone know where I might find this?

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    Supplier of bulk matte board?

    Try Carter Little and Co. Excellent selection, great prices and service. It's either or


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    Supplier of bulk matte board?

    AFAIK, suppliers make just two sizes available in the USA. Those are 32x40, and 40x60. I've never seen a reference to 48x96 sheets, although I did find a supplier of OP-3 acrylic in that size sheet.

    Bruce Watson

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