I'm still searching for a better photo website solution. I started off building my own sites, but it's a time consuming process to stay on top of trends, such as optimizing for browser/device compatibility etc, plus each time you add an image it's a lot of work compared to using the SAAS CMSs out there. The problem with the SAAS CMSs I've tried (BigFolio, Viewbook, CarbonMade) is their software never honors your color spaces when doing their auto-resizing, even if they're not Flash sites. I'd prefer a solution that allows me to manage creating the different size myself, ideally hosted on my own box, but I'd be satisfied for finding a SAAS solution that at least honors the sRGB profiles when resizing. Anyone working with something that fits the bill?

Other Requirements -

- NO FLASH. HTML5 preferred.
- Multi-device support, including iOS and Anroid