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Thread: Designing an effective personal photo website?

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    Re: Designing an effective personal photo website?

    Wordpress for me. For my website and my blog. Before that it was Flash based and not much use for iphones/ipads etc.
    I looked at indexhibit but could/t get my head around it for some reason.

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    Check out square space. It is super easy. They have a 30 day free trial.
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    Re: Designing an effective personal photo website?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jay DeFehr View Post
    I like your site, Greg.
    Thanks, Jay. I tried several designs over the past few years, and I finally settled on this design from Indexhibit. I like the simplicity of visual elements. Web designers do not like the horizontal scrolling, but with the ease of swiping on a tablet or smartphone, it really isn't a problem anymore. The side to side images are more like a gallery wall or book.

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    Re: Designing an effective personal photo website?

    I like straight html although there are other good ways to do it. Avoid Flash. My site hasn't changed very much for the last probably 7 years or so, at least in the design and layout. It is as simple as I can make it without cutting too much. I use CSS and also recently started using Google fonts to maintain consistency among the many different browsers and operating systems people use. I think it works really well but it's my site so I would think that way. I have received good feedback on it though over the years. Again, it is not too flashy, just keeps the images prominent.

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    Re: Designing an effective personal photo website?

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    Re: Designing an effective personal photo website?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Anderson View Post
    I think building on Wordpress would give you the most bang for the least work. (Wordpress isn't just for blogs anymore.) Search for WordPress for portfolios.

    The hot buzzword right now is "responsive", that is the pages rearrange their layout and adjust to various display sizes so it looks good in a browser on a desktop with a large display as well as a phone and everything in between. Most of these WordPress themes claim they're "responsive" now. You can test this out by bringing up a demo page and resizing your browser to phone width and see how the page looks.

    I've yet to find a portfolio WP theme I really like, so you're probably going to have to compromise to get the leverage they provide.

    wordpress is good. not just for blog but for personal site also.. your personal photo site would be a good fit. lots of themes can be selected but can use your own photos like being a background of your site. you can also buy your domain in a low price.

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