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Thread: Please help - old tripod

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    Please help - old tripod


    I bought cheaply an old camera tripod/stand. I think it was made in 1850s. Can somebody help me with dating it? The similar construction tripod I saw in Robert Hunt A manual of photography book from 1854.

    I am adding some pictures: the tripod; page from the book

    So how old is it?
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    Re: Please help - old tripod

    Impossible to date from the outline alone. This was the generic studio tripod type for almost a century.

    Bought where? Any markings, manufacturers or dealer plates? Hand or machine made? Not that the latter is that good for dating, unless you can identify the origin - in India or China, all-manual woodwork often was cheaper than employing machinery up into the late 20th century...

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    Re: Please help - old tripod

    I bought it in Poland. It is very well crafted and all mechanics works perfectly. It was repainted. It looks like the whole in wood for the rack ( mechanics) was made by hand. The metal parts are very bright, white not yellow like brass

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