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Thread: Hi from Richmond Virginia

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    Hi from Richmond Virginia


    First I'd like to thank everybody for their posts. It gave be the confidence to go ahead and place an order from KEH. I'm new to LF, if you don't count my shoe box pinhole camera. I have a 4X5 TOYO ViewG on the way, and I cant wait to delve into LF with all y'all. I'm mainly interested in portrait, landscape and after my feet get wet I'd like to explore alternative processing.

    Thanks again

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    Re: Hi from Richmond Virginia

    Enjoy the process!
    When I grow up, I want to be a photographer.

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    Re: Hi from Richmond Virginia

    I think you're off to a very good start with the Toyo. I recently converted to monorail from field, but haven't really had time to use it yet. I almost bought a Toyo myself, but ended up with a Sinar instead. From what more experienced users tell me, there's not really so much difference between the two. I'm most interested in portraits, but maybe some architecture, too. Welcome, and enjoy!

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    Re: Hi from Richmond Virginia

    Kyle: welcome to the LF forum. Hope to see you around the state some day (I live near Roanoke)

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    Re: Hi from Richmond Virginia

    Hi Kyle,

    I live in Mechanicsville. How is the Toyo working for you?

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    Re: Hi from Richmond Virginia

    HI Group members,
    Looking for LF photographers who would like to form a local group to meet on a regular basis.
    Let me know,
    Andy 804.252.3193

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    Re: Hi from Richmond Virginia

    Welcome! I'm also fairly new to it and looking to do the alternate processes, mainly with glass plate. And I'm not too far off (Williamsburg/NN).

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    Re: Hi from Richmond Virginia

    Hi Kyle,

    Welcome aboard. You live in a great location for LF. I could spend days in your Hollywood Cemetary alone.

    Best wishes,
    Bill McMannis

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