If you haven't worked with T grain films before, the T-Max and Delta families are both tabular grained films, be advised that they require a bit more care in processing than you might be used to. They all have very little tolerance for processing variables such as time, temperature, dilution, and, as far as I know, water quality (PH). For example, temperature should be within plus/minus 1/2 degree F. Not the plus/minus 2 degrees F that most B&W darkroom folks recommend. I also mix my developer(s) with distilled water just to eliminate one more variable.

If I remember correctly there is an excellent article by John Sexton on T-Max films in the archives. A lot of the information should apply to Delta films as well.

Just standardize your processing and you should be fine. I use Rodinol with T-Max films, but with Kodak's issues of late, I'm going to do some testing on Delta films just in case.