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Thread: Beseler 8x10 drum

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    Beseler 8x10 drum

    I got a Beseler 8x10 processing drum with a bunch of dark room equipment. It came with the motorized roller unit.

    Any experience with this kind of drum?

    Both end come off the drum and one lid has a half moon shaped protrusion the length of the drum about 1/2 in from the drum side.

    I'd be interested in any experience with this kind of drum, if it works well, and any tips on how to properly load it.


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    Re: Beseler 8x10 drum

    Yes, Vinny, I've done that and found a lot of information including a photo of 4 4x5 film sheets loaded in this drum. Results are varied, and it seems this drum is not the best for film.

    Curiously I did not find any info on its use for PRINT processing, which apparently is what it was designed for.

    I am still interested in hearing about experience with this drum from LFF members.


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    Re: Beseler 8x10 drum

    Hey Vinny, I checked out your website.... nice work!!

    So I gather you process in Jobo drums. From the demand I've seen here on the sales forum, I gather that's the ticket for drums.

    Just looking at that Beseler drum the whole process seems rather sketchy, if not risky to put a fine negative in there. I suppose since it is purely mechanical process, it would be possible to get a high degree of consistency. It would seem hard to keep the temperature constant during the process though..... with the drum on a simple in-the-air roller. I guess you preheat the loaded drum to development temperature before you start processing the negative?

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    Re: Beseler 8x10 drum

    I routinely use it for 8x10 b&w processing with decent results. Make sure you have good ambient temperature control at 68-70F, the drum is level and you pour in solutions quickly. For D-76 1:1, reduce development time by about 12% over what is recommended. The only uneven development issues I encountered were when the development time was below 5 mins. Hope this helps.

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