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Thread: Camera fresnels?

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    Re: Camera fresnels?

    I'm using a Maxwell on my Chamonix and like it quite a bit, but it cost almost $400 IIRC. The big advantage is being able to see in the dark corners with wide angle lenses, and the differences in those areas is dramatic. I have a Beattie that came on a 2D 8x10 that's lovely, and a couple of other ones on other cameras, one being a cheapie Edmund Scientific. The cheaper lenses are coarse and thinner and the images don't look as sharp in the magnifier, but they do let you see in the corners in beneficial ways.

    My Maxwell was a difficult expenditure, but my rationale was that this was going to be the most frequently used part of the system, and would likely make contributions to my compositions or at least help me to avoid painful mistakes. Its kind of like cleaning the windshield...
    John Youngblood

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    Re: Camera fresnels?

    Quote Originally Posted by Arne Croell View Post
    Rick, that wax layer one was the Bosscreen, made by a Dutch company, not Satin Snow (which was really a "ground" glass).
    I had a feeling I was misremembering that, hence the qualifier.

    Rick "thanks for the correction" Denney

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    Re: Camera fresnels?

    Quote Originally Posted by rdenney View Post
    No argument--but I think that Graflex was the only commonly available large-format manufacturer to put the Fresnel in front of the focus screen. At least I haven't seen it that way on the other cameras I've owned or handled. I'm also not sure that's the relevant issue for Kirk, or what drove him to pose the question he did.

    Rick "focus surface positioning is critical no matter what" Denney
    My LInhof Technika IV has a factory FS in front of the GG.
    Wilhelm (Sarasota)

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