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Thread: Just bought another 4x5 Camera

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    Re: Just bought another 4x5 Camera

    Hi Ed,
    I've just bought a Sinar Norma. I've done a bit of research and info on Sinar shutters is available on the net. If you've got problems let me know your e-mail and I'll send it on to you. I've also ordered a generic Sinar adapter plate from a company in China so that, with a bit of luck, I can use the lenses that I've got mounted on Wista sized lens boards on the Sinar. Once I have that and the rain stops I'll be out testing it.

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    Re: Just bought another 4x5 Camera

    The shutter fits behind the front standard. You remove the front of the bellow from this standard, fit the shutter in (using the sliding plates to hold it in place), and then attach the bellow to the shutter with the same sliding plate (on the shutter this time).

    As Pete suggests, have a look for it on the 'net. It worked well with the Horseman LS I used to have, so should be fine with the LX.

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    Re: Just bought another 4x5 Camera

    Thanks for the info Gents, looks like I'll be doing some research, the idea of an adapter looks good, you will have to let me know how well it works and how much it cost Pete, if I am going to keep the Toyo and the LX I may need to sort something like that out.

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